You fooled me twice

You fooled me twice


The writing was on the wall

I failed to notice, ignored my instincts

Something seemed wrong from the beginning

It hit me hard when I found out, again

All the times you said you loved me

All the times you said you cared

All the times you said you were lucky

Just words you breathed into the air

Now I don’t know how I should feel

Should I ball my hand into a fist?

Should I drink myself to ruin?

I might just visit the abyss

You fooled me once and I said never again

I never turn my back upon a friend

You fooled me twice and now I’m stunned

I swear it now, this is the end

If you somehow think of calling

Don’t bother wasting your sweet time

I got nothing to say to you, love

There’s nothing here for you to find

I guess we’re both better off this way

You can lead your double life

You may never have needed me

Now you’ll know what it’s like

The people closest to you are always capable of the easiest of deception. You ignore signs, don’t believe others when they might provide information. In the end, you have to trust your gut, your instincts. They will generally not steer you wrong. Good luck to you LMC. I really do wish you the best. Enjoy what you have made for yourself. This life is all you have.

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