Brawl of the Week: Showdown at Blackrock Mountain (again)

This week’s Tavern Brawl is: Showdown at Blackrock Mountain. It is one we have had a couple times before. It’s another one of those brawls with premade decks, that can be unpredictable and a little one-sided.

Play as either Ragnaros the Firelord, or Nefarian. Each have their own hero powers, special cards, and armor/health bonuses.

While it can be fun at times, it is also frustrating to keep losing and get the same hero each time (got Nef 4 times in a row). In my opinion, Ragnaros is the clear favorite. He starts out with a 2/5 weapon, which after it’s done, leaves you with a hero power that does 8 damage to a random enemy for 2 mana. He also starts out with 60 health, and a hero power that summons a 5/1 magma thing for 2 mana.

Nefarian starts out with 30 health, and 30 armor. His/her hero power is: add a random spell to your hand that costs (0) to play, for 2 mana.

It took a couple brawls and a couple “concedes”, but I finally got down to brass taxes, and got my win for the week. I am not opening any packs (because of the soon to be “no doubles” for legendaries mechanic that is coming with the launch of the new expansion.

Also, we got another free pass for arena this week. Upon playing 3 games, you get a free pack for the newest Hearthstone expansion. Don’t forget to do that as well. So, get on in there and get your free stuff. See you next week!

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