Trubisky putting pressure on Glennon after debut

I never even let the thought enter my brain, but after just one preseason game, rookie Mitchell Trubisky put a whole lot of pressure on the Bears starting quarterback, Mike Glennon.

I know what you are saying, ‘hold up’. The reality is, Trubisky is a the second pick overall in the draft, and Mike Glennon’s contract is basically a 1 year deal. Mike Glennon could become one of the highest paid backups in recent history.

I have been hard on the Bears for drafting Trubisky, so I am not a “fanboy” at all here. I watched with an open mind (if not slightly skeptical) as Trubisky took the field for his first NFL series. He was close to flawless. He was decisive and accurate with his throws. His best, might have been a fastball to Deon Thompson near the sidelines. Another great throw might have been an incomplete to tight end Dan Brown in the endzone. Trubisky threw it to the perfect location, low and outside, where only his receiver would catch it. Perhaps it was a little too low, but I’d rather have it low than high.

Then there was his ability to run the ball–even spinning out of a “ghost” tackle. I’m sure that got the guys in the film room laughing. At one point, the rookie QB was 8 for 8. He ended up 18-25 with a TD and no turnovers, for a QB rating of 107.3. I was probably most impressed with his throws on the run. Trubisky led the team to 17 points on his first three series, which is also impressive.

The situation reminds me a lot of what Russell Wilson went through in Seattle. Wilson, was a 3rd round pick, but free agent Matt Flynn had a $30+ million dollar contract. In the end, Wilson won out, and eventually paid off in 2 Superbowl appearances. Two different teams though. Seattle had a championship defense in place. The Bears might be close though. It will be interesting to see how this plays out. Will Trubisky continue to dazzle? Mike Glennon should be better than what he was last night. If he doesn’t, that will open the door for Mr. Biscuit (Tubisky’s college nickname) to scramble through.

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