Bears remain winless in NFC North with loss to Lions

The Bears plunged to 4-10 overall, and 0-5 in the NFC north with a decisive loss to the Detroit Lions on Saturday afternoon.

One step up, two steps back: As good as the offense looked vs the Cincinnati Bengals, they looked equally as bad vs the Lions. For the first quarter, many will probably wonder what the plan was. It seemed like another episode of “hold the rookie down”. By the time they opened up the passing game in the second half, Mitchell Trubisky was on his way to his first 3 interception game of his young career. The Bears also failed to run the ball effectively against a defense that wasn’t exactly stopping the run.

Loss for words: Like I said after the 49ers game, I really don’t know what to say anymore. Fox put another nail in his coffin this week, and Loggains didn’t help much. They did manage to get the ball to wide receiver Marcus Wheaton, and Josh Bellamy had a few nice grabs. Dontrelle Inman played his best ghost imitation. Tight end Adam Shaheen was ruled out with a chest/shoulder injury from last week.

Hard on me: The lack of a running game, consistent receiver play, and probably consistent coaching has made it hard on the rookie QB to progress. If you haven’t already, it’s a good time to focus on next year. I will record the next game, and probably watch it on Christmas day. I might even sneak peeks at it on Christmas eve. I’ll be watching the bowl games for potential recruits. Dreaming of players that could fall to the Bears (but won’t). That might be for the better. Cade McKnown, Anthony Thomas, and David Terrell were all players I had wished for.

If you don’t like the outcome, wait a week: Next Sunday the Browns come to Chicago for a showdown on Christmas Eve. Maybe they will come bearing gifts? At this point, a gift would be handing the Bears another loss, which would hold their position in the 2018 draft. Right now the Bears are sitting at #6. Like last year, I hope the Bears trade down, but that would break precedent. (last 2 drafts Ryan Pace has traded up for “his player”)

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