Brawl of the Week: Blessing of the Raven

This week’s Tavern Brawl is a totally new one to mark the coming Year of the Raven. At first blush, it looks very cool. Blessing of the Raven: Pick a class, and get a deck with the “Ravens Blessing”.

It’s a deck with totally random cards. When you play a minion, it gets a “blessing” of one of five things: Stealth, Charge, Lifesteal, Poisonous, or Windfury. This is one of the times where I wished you got to make your own deck. The RNG is extreme with this brawl. So extreme I had to come up with my own acronym: TFR (too f*cking random). Yeah.

So I started with the priest, mainly because I needed 1 more win for a quest. It looked good early, but I was easily over run. The frustrating part is when you get a bunch of spells that do you no real good in a brawl like this. I tapped out, and suggest you do the same when you see the writing on the wall. Like most RNG-heavy brawls, they get one sided quick.

You can see here my minions got Stealth, and Poisonous, respectively. It didn’t help. My opponent had lots of little minions he could flood the board with, and keep control.

Then I went with the hunter. Again, I seemed to have an early edge. The Raven blessed my opponent a little more than me.

Full disclosure: It took another hunter, and a paladin run to get to my first victory with this brawl. In total, it was 5-6 tries. This brawl would have been better if we were able to make a partial, or full deck on our own. The randomness is tremendous.

So get in there and get that free pack. Hope RNG is on your side. See you next week!


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