Is it time for Maddon to go back batting the pitcher 8th?

The Cubs are back to their streaky selves when it comes to offense. I’m not going to throw a lot of numbers at you but over the last 9 games or so, they have scored under 3 runs in each contest. Not surprisingly, they have lost the last 3 games. Joe loves to tinker with his lineup, perhaps it’s time to break out batting the pitcher in the 8th spot. Here’s why:

If he is going to keep Bryant in the 2-hole, more often than not, he will only have 1 runner on at any given time–the lead-off hitter, or maybe the 8th batter, with at least one out. That’s not really optimal. Bryant is a slugger. He hits a lot of doubles, and a lot of homers. That’s wasted potential if you ask me. Either moving him up, or moving the pitcher down would allow him to have more runners on when he comes to bat.

Currently, Bryant is sitting on 12 runs batted in, while Baez, who for a long time was batting 8th, has 26 RBIs. Jason Heyward has 14 RBI’s, and Kyle Schwarber has 17. In fairness, Bryant missed 4 games after he was hit in the head by Colorado. I think the change is simple, even elementary. The more batters in front of you, the greater chance to hit those runners in. Right now, if Maddon keeps Bryant batting second, he’s just not going to have those opportunities–unless he moves the pitcher down.

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