Brawl of the Week: Everybunny Get In Here!

This week’s Tavern Brawl is a clever play on words: Everybunny get in here! It’s a new brawl just in time for…Nobel Garden? Not sure if this is a glitch or what, but I got 2 free cards for logging in. I can’t remember if we had a Noble Garden brawl this year, but I’ll take it.

You get a deck full of random class cards, and every turn a “Noble Garden Egg” appears on your board. The egg has stealth and next round “hatches” into something cool. You also get “Dye” cards that have various buffs on them. I kept 1 dye card then swapped out my other two starting cards. Ended up getting a secret, so that was cool.

My opponent ignored some of my early minions which puzzled me, and also led me to dominate the board throughout the contest. I thank you dear opponent for that.

It seemed like it was pretty even midway through, then I locked them down pretty good. They ran out of cards to play, and conceded. Ah well. That’s how it goes sometimes.

This brawl seems kind of fun. It’s random, but there are the “Dye” cards that let you mix things up. So get on in there and have a blast. Make sure to pick up that free pack on your first win. I will see you next week!

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