Brawl of the Week: Top – 2 Standard

This week’s Tavern Brawl is one we have had a few times, in one variation or another. I think it started out with a 3-card deck, then two. It’s usually a “Wild” match, but this time it’s standard rules. Which might be a good thing, because the other way could get nasty.

So, I picked the mage. I didn’t think a whole lot on it. I went with the Mana Wyrm, and Frostbolt. I think ran into probably the best possible combo for my deck: A druid trying to “mill” me. If you don’t know what milling is, it is simply running you out of cards. It’s a slow and painful death, but in the current scheme of things, I am not sure it can be done. Some of the best “mill” cards have been retired.

Anyways, my opponent got out quick. I got my free pack, and here I am talking to you! So get on in there, and have some fun. See what kind of wacky creations you can come up with. I’m sure by early evening there will be some wicked decks being played. See you next week!

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