Brawl of the Week: Cloneball! (again)

This week’s Tavern Brawl is one we have had a couple times: Cloneball! Your deck is filled with random Legendaries, which have 4 copies of them. Kind of. I am no math expert, but 4 x 7 = 28, and there are 30 cards in a deck, so…anyways.

I picked the mage because I need some instant gratification in my life. Of course that means I will lose horribly.

Even though my opponent ridiculously had Patches (which is cruel and unusual), I had no real counter for it, save using my hero power. I got pummeled early on, as my deck betrayed me a little. It didn’t get much better. In fact it got worse.

Round 2 was much better. So much better that my opponent opted out fairly early. I probably would have too. This is how this brawl goes though. Terribly one-sided. Fun to be able to play a bunch of legendaries. Especially when you don’t have a large library to draw from.

So get on in there and have a blast! Pick up that free pack. See you back here next week!

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