Brawl of the Week: Duel of the Death Knights

This week’s Tavern Brawl was a new one that was centered around the Frozen Throne celebration that is going on. Not sure why they are doing it now, but it’s still cool. Duel of the Death Knights pits all the “Death Knight” versions of heroes. You start out with that particular hero, and a deck full of random cards, featuring the Frozen Throne, and other classic cards as well.

I went with Frost Lich Jaina, not even realizing I would start the match as her “dead” version. If you have ever played the card, (or against it) you know how tough that can be. It was pretty fun to start out like that, and I’m not going to lie, I got many “concedes” because people didn’t want to invest a good chunk of time seeing if they could beat me.

I will say that after my first match, the win percentage went way down. It’s still heavily dependent on RNG, and if you don’t get some good cards, even Frost Lich Jaina won’t save you. In fact, Bloodreaver Gul’dan is pretty tough as well.

I got my free pack in my first match, and I was pretty happy. I did use this brawl to do a bunch of quests, and it’s been fun, though frustrating when you need a Tavern Brawl win (or 5). So get in there and grab your free pack. You also should get a chunk of gold (300g) for completing other Frozen Throne quests. Have fun! I will see you next week.

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