Brawl of the Week: Boss Battle Royale 2

This week’s brawl is, I guess, the 2nd iteration of another brawl: Boss Battle Royal 2. I do remember the original. Fairly annoying, as these RNG battles go. BBR2, added some new bosses. My biggest peeve with these kind of random brawls is that there are lots of cards that shouldn’t be in there.

So I started out with the mage, and it translated into the Curator. The passive hero ability is Taunt. Amazing right? Even more amazing? My opponent kept on drawing minions to put down, and have counters for every minion I had. Wah, wah. I know.

I felt I had a good shot, but no. I had no shot. I should have conceded, but my suffering did not last long.

It only took me 2 brawls to get a win. I might check out the rest of the classes just for giggles. I wont be playing this one too much.

So get in there, have some fun, and grab your free pack. I will see you next week!

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