Your Sports “What If”

The question came up on AM 1000 (ESPN Radio) here in Chicago about Derrick Rose; specifically, what do you think about him/would you want him back? My first reaction was ‘hell no’. Then I started thinking about all the moves I would like to take back. Then I thought, this would make a great blog post.

So, ‘what if’ you could go back in time and take one move back for your favorite team? I have a bunch, but I will go with the most recent move: The Blackhawks trading Artemi Panarin for former Hawk, Brandon Saad. I wasn’t the hugest Saad fan to begin with. Panarin is everything you want in a forward, maybe lacking size, but he made it up in tenacity.

Panarin had one of the better back to back seasons in recent Blackhawks history. The thing that impressed me more than his scoring, was his toughness with or without the puck. If he lost it, he would fight to get it back. If you knocked him down, he’d get up and give it right back to you. He and Patrick Kane formed an epic duo on the ice that you dream about. Imagine if they managed to keep him along with DeBrincat, and the current team? They would probably have the best two lines; the best 4 forwards in the NHL. Alas, there is the salary cap, and Stan Bowman, who hasn’t done real well with either lately.

So what is your sports, “What If”? Feel free to post it in the comments below!

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