2021 Bears Schedule/Prediction

It’s finally here! It came out around 6:45pm central time, Wednesday night. We now know when every game will be played. So pull up a chair, grab a drink, and let’s go!

Week 1: At Rams- The Bears fly out to California to kick off the Sunday Night Football schedule. All eyes will be on them as they take on a playoff team. I don’t see how they win this game, but I will be rooting for a victory. I think LA just has too much talent. (Loss)

Week 2: vs Bengals- This is one of the two games I think the Bears will win. QB Joe Burrows is coming off a knee injury. Andy Dalton will probably be the QB for the Bears. It depends on if Allen Robinson either signs his franchise tag or gets an extension. If he’s not playing, the Bears shot of winning goes down dramatically. (Win)

Week 3: At Browns- I have this as a loss. Cleveland is just too tough. I’m not sure the Bears have the offense or defense to beat many playoff teams. (Loss)

Week4: vs Lions- There is probably a small chance the Bears take care of the Lions at home. Not sure how Jason Goff will be. He’s been very average. (Win)

Week 5: At Raiders- Raiders are a bit ahead of the Bears, and the last time the two teams played, the Raiders took care of business. I give Oakland the advantage at home. (Loss)

Week 6: Packers- The Bears are at home. This one comes down to who the QB is. If it’s Rodgers, it’s a loss. If it’s Love, it’s 50-50. (Loss)

Week 7: At Tampa Bay- I still don’t know how the Bears beat Brady last year. I don’t see how they beat them this year. Maybe if Fields is starting. Maybe. (Loss)

Week 8: vs 49ers- It’s at home, but San Fran will be a tough contest. Kind of depends who is at QB for the Bears. I’m giving the nod to the 9ers. (Loss)

Week 9: At Steelers- Pittsburgh had a bit of a down year in 2020, but I look for them to be back in the mix for the AFC North. This will be a tough game. The Bears could have a shot to surprise them if Dalton is playing well. (Loss)

Week 10: BYE

Week 11: vs Ravens- Baltimore is tough, and Jackson might be more than the Bears can Handle. It would be kind of epic if Fields was starting at this point. (Loss)

Week 12: At Lions- Detroit is always a tough matchup, especially at home on Thanksgiving. (Loss)

Week 13: Cardinals- Arizona comes calling. Another tough match for the beloved. (Loss)

Week 14: At Packers- Green Bay is always tough, especially up north. This depends on the QB. If Rodgers returns, it likely won’t go the Bears way. (Loss)

Week 15: vs Vikings- Will the Bears be able to take advantage of their home field advantage? I have my doubts. (Loss)

Week 16: at Seahawks- Seattle is always tough, especially with Russell Wilson. They have more firepower, do they have the defense? (Loss)

Week 17: vs Giants- Saquon Barkley will be fully healed from his knee injury. The only thing that would save the Bears is if they are headed to the playoffs, and want to rest him. I was originally thinking this might be a Bears win, but now I am not so sure. Will Fields be playing? Lots of factors to consider. I give the Giants a slight edge. (Win)

Week 18: at Vikings- Bears close out the season up in the frozen North. Of course the Vikings are in a dome, but they should be more than the Bears can handle. (Loss)

So there we have it. I have the Bears finishing the season with only 3 wins, and 14 losses. Now, this is as the team is constructed now, with Andy Dalton the starting QB. Things can change with Justin Fields starting, and if the Bears are able to bring back Robinson*, and Akiem Hicks.

*Allen Robinson has currently signed his franchise tender, but can negotiate an extension, or Bears can remove the tag/trade him. July 15th is the deadline to do work out a deal, or Robinson will play 2021 under the terms of the franchise tag.

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