My Sunday Night Football lineup

I was just having a conversation on Twitter about how tired I am of the Sunday Night Song that plays before every SNF broadcast on NBC. It’s so tired and sterile. Hank Williams did it justice but Carrie Underwood pretty much goes through the motions, and the “jingle” is stale. What they need is some fresh music. Songs that get fans fired up, gets the blood pumping and gives you goosebumps.

What I would do? My #1 idea is to have the band at the stadium live. They could do an opening song, and play at halftime. How cool would that be? I wouldn’t set the stage up in the stadium. I’d have the stage outside, maybe the band could do a post-game concert.

I understand the pitfalls that might come with that, so option #2 would be a video they could record in the offseason at the stadium. They could use game footage of the year before (2019 when they had fans). This would keep it fresh, exciting. They could have companies sponsor it. It’s a total win for everyone. I’ll even throw out my lineup. (NBC, feel free to compensate me for this awesome idea!)

Cypress Hill. Cypress Hill would be the perfect band to kick this off. “Rock Superstar” the perfect song.

The Weekend– He is a dynamic artist. I have listened to “Blinding Lights” on repeat for hours. I love this damn song.

Taylor Swift– I have to admit she grew on me. When she released her last album, I actually stayed up and listened to all the tracks.

Of Monsters and Men– This would be a huge get for this international superband. “Crystals” is such awesome and inspiring song.

Lorde– “Team” is my favorite song by her, and that totally fits in with football, right?

Foster The People– I heard them in a grocery store. Then on the radio. I was lucky enough to find them on the internet. Of course, they are kind of popular.

Nico and Vinz– I loved this song from the first time I heard it. It’s got so much energy and emotion.

M.I.A.– NBC might have some issues with the drug references and violent sound effects, but she did a heck of a job on “Paper Planes”. She could always do something else. Or they could put in a drum/gong in place of the gunshots? That could be cool.

AWOLNATION– I stumbled on this song, I don’t even know where. High energy.

Icona Pop– I love it! Not much more to say.

Empire of the Sun– This might be a tough get. I remember hearing one of the band members saying he doesn’t get out of bed for less than a million dollars. Probably an exaggeration 😉

Yeah Yeah Yeahs– I actually saw them for the first time when music videos were still being played on TV. I don’t remember the station (I don’t think it was on MTV) but it was early in the morning.

CharliXCX– Two words: Boom Clap

Florence + The Machine– Saw her play at Lalapalooza when I had Comcast, steaming live. If you ask me, that is the best way to enjoy a concert. Especially in the middle of July in Chicago. Either way, she’s pretty awesome.

Outkast– I don’t know if they are still making music, but I don’t think that has stopped band in the past. One gig. Live or recorded. “Hey Ya” always gets me going.

MGMT– I literally just stumbled on this as I was putting this list together. I like them!

Silversun Pickups– Same with this band. Reminds me a little of the Smashing Pumpkins.

The Smashing Pumpkins– I have no idea if they are still together or performing. I’d beg them to do a show. Maybe in Chicago at Soldier Stadium. How cool would that be?

So I have 18 bands for 17 weeks of football. If they can land the Pumpkins, they would have a tough decision to make. Or an easy one. I dunno. Here is my list. Make Sunday Night Football great again!