Brawl of the week: Heroic Tavern Brawl (again)

*Sigh*. I really wish this was in addition to the Tavern Brawl and not instead of one. That said, this is the Brawl of the week. I don’t like it, but hope some people do!

If you are interested in partaking in the Heroic Tavern Brawl, you will need a) $10 cash or b) 1000g in Hearthstone currency. You will also need to make a Standard deck.

Will you risk real money or 1000g for a shot at glory, and rewards? If so, good luck! See you next week!

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Walking Dead Weekly: Spoiler edition

I had to do one of these after seeing the preview for this week’s upcoming episode 13: Bury me Here. Even though this is clearly marked as a “spoiler edition” I will give you a chance to step away, step away now!

*****Spoilers Incoming*****

Ok, not that this is even that big of a spoiler, I mean it’s on the preview after Say Yes. There were 2 huge things that seem to be going on here.

Carol not only picked up arms again, she made her way to The Kingdom and asked for Morgan. There’s a lot going on there in and of itself. The fact that she willingly went back to The Kingdom, is seeking out Morgan, and maybe more importantly: Is in the running for Zombie kill of the week! She is looking for more info on her friends in Alexandria. She probably didn’t buy Daryl’s story about everyone being fine. It’s kind of interesting they teased Carol coming back, this could mean there is going to be even more stuff going on. So excited, Carol is coming back!!!

The next huge thing is Ezekiel and his crew look like they are about to have another confrontation with the Saviors. Now, this is not particularly big on it’s own, and it’s not the first time they drew weapons on each other. However, after the last meeting, it seemed to be escalating. Ezekiel even told his guys to knock it off. Even Henry who was quick to defend Morgan and Richard. What does all this mean? Could be the start of the war with the Saviors. I was not expecting it to go down until the season finale.

With Rosita and Sasha possibly going rogue, this could be good or bad. Then there is the fact that Rick or someone else might be going to Oceanside to recruit one more community to join the fight. I have mixed feelings on that. It’s a risk they might not need to take. If anyone gets captured, detained, or killed, it would really slow things down.

What do you guys think will happen? What are you excited to see? Feel free to let me know what you think in the comments down under!

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Walking Dead Weekly

Las night’s episode, Say Yes, was pretty interesting. I thought the Rick and Michonne thing got a little too syrupy for my taste, but a lot of good came out of their scavenging mission. Before we dive into that,

*****Spoiler Alert*****

Smells like sex and…guns: Rick and Michonne go out scavenging and find a couple guns, then they run up on two Saviors. They end up raiding their truck which had batteries, pretzels, and beer. I’m assuming they killed the Saviors, but it happens off screen. They also appear to be having lots of sex all over the place.

In a hurry to die: Rosita has worked my last nerve a while back. Now I just want her to die. She goes off alone to look for guns.

“Guns like that, that’s why we’re out here”: Rick and Michonne stumble upon a school. There appears to be walkers, and a carnival in the background. The pair go up on the roof to get a better look. The roof however is flooded. You immediately know one or both will be falling through it. At least half the walkers are military, many of them are carrying guns on their back, or in their holsters. Rick and Michonne have just hit the jackpot. Then they fall through the roof. The camera pans around and you can see stacks of canned goods and “RTEs”. (Meals Ready to Eat) They probably changed the name (from MREs) just to make it easier for people to know what they are.

Toy gun: Rosita’s big haul turns out to be a toy gun. I can’t help but notice she struggles with the one walker she runs upon. She’s totally trying to get herself killed.

Triple layer Crunch Wrap and Fear the Walking Dead: It was after midnight, and I was 3-4 beers in. Can’t help to notice how much the new shorts for Fear the Walking Dead are boring, and even annoying. Still looking forward to the next season. Flight #462 on the other hand, was pretty good.

“Because I listened to you”: Rosita goes to the church and starts to berate Gabriel because she didn’t find any real guns. She blames the deaths of Spencer and Oliva, and the kidnapping of Eugene on him. She says it’s because he told her not to do it. Seems like she is living in an alternate universe. He told her to wait. She didn’t wait. Spencer got his own dumbass killed. Rosita is responsible for Olivia’s death, and Eugene being taken. At least she is feeling some guilt about it, which I guess was a little surprising. The padre handles it well. I never thought I would ever like Gabriel more than Rosita.

Captive audience: In a little foreshadowing, Tara has a “conversation” with Judith in which she makes her case about not telling Rick about Oceanside. You get the feeling she will.

Carnival games: Rick and Michonne decide to take on the walkers to get the guns. They even have a great plan to block a gap in the fence with an abandoned car. The plan unravels when the brakes don’t work and Rick sails into a field populated with walkers. Michonne jumps into the opened trunk and closes it. Shenanigans ensue. Eventually they get the guns and the supplies.

“Say yes”: Rick and friends bring the guns to Jadis and the Scavengers, where she tells him it’s not enough. A negotiation ensues, and Rick goes from 10 guns to 20 guns, and keeping the cat. He tells Jadis to “Say yes”, and she does with a wicked grin. I’m not sure I am the first to say it, but I think these two hook up at some point. There’s just a chemistry there that is undeniable.

I have something to tell you: Tara approaches Rick who was about to knock on her door. She reluctantly tells him, she has something to tell him. It appears she will spill the beans on Oceanside. Not sure how that is going to play out, but they spent a whole episode on the community that Tara narrowly escaped. Should be some good TV.

One condition: Rosita makes her way to Hilltop and approaches Sasha who is tending to Abraham’s grave. Rosita recruits Sasha to go on a suicide mission to kill Negan. Sasha agrees on one condition: She gets to take the shot. Rosita agrees and pulls out a very nice sniper rifle.

Quatro homage: If you missed it, there were at least four “callbacks” (Easter eggs?) to things that have happened in earlier episodes. I’ll break it down for you: Falling through the roof, walker falling apart, piece by piece, Michonne thinks Rick is being eaten by walkers, and Rick being trapped in a vehicle surrounded by walkers. Some things actually happened more than once. Could this be symbolic of their world about to “reset”?

I have a feeling I will be even more pissed at Rosita if she gets Sasha killed.

This episode sets the stage for a bunch of things to happen. I would love to talk about some things revealed in next week’s trailer, but that’s not what this post is about. I might have to write up a spoiler edition.

Questions: Will Jadis honor her deal with Rick? She already kind of changed the terms when Rick showed up with 63 guns, and told him that’s not enough. Kind of Neganesque. She did yield to Rick’s very convincing counter offer. I can’t tell if she is playing them or just really into messing with Rick. I also get the feeling she wants to have a fling with the leader of Alexandria. Things are getting steamy.

Will Tara tell Rick about Oceanside? It seems that’s how it will play out. With it being so obvious, maybe she won’t. If she does, how many of them will go with? They are outgunned tremendously.

Who’s going to die? It seems like Rick, Michonne, Sasha, and Rosita are all being set up. Rick’s speech to Michonne, and their whole “honeymoon” trip is kind of putting a bow on that relationship. He said he could “lose her” and she could “lose him” and still keep going. Then there is the impending suicide mission that Rosita wants to take Sasha on. One or both of them will die. I am 100% sure on that. I don’t think Rick will die this season. We already saw Michonne drop her sword when she thought Rick died. If that was in the fight vs the Saviors, she would have been a goner.

Zombie kill of the week: Oh, there were many. Haven’t had this many walker kills since Rick and crew took back Alexandria. Michonne gets the top two though: Either her skewering 2 walkers or her slicing 2 heads off (could have been three), she was in top form.




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Fantasy Impact: Where should Adrian Peterson land?

The news came down Tuesday that Minnesota running back Adrian Peterson was heading to free agency. Not really a major shock considering the 32-year old running back was coming of his 2nd major knee injury in 3-4 years. He’s well into the “30” year old running back zone, which usually spells retirement for most mortals. Adrian Peterson is no mortal though.

This brings us to the juicy topic of the day: Where should he go? Right off the top of my head, I can think of a half dozen places I’d like him to go.

Seattle Seahawks: Not unlike Marshawn Lynch, Peterson is a thumper. A pure runner. Power and speed is his game. That fits right in with Seattle. Thomas Rawls is still getting back into form from his broken ankle in 2015. Plug Peterson in and run to the playoffs in 2017.

New York Giants: The Giants used to be a run-first team. The last couple years they have leaned heavily on Eli Manning with mixed results. Adrian Peterson would immediately take pressure off Eli.

Baltimore Ravens: Really haven’t had a solid running back since before xx clocked his wife. Put Peterson on that team, with that defense, and you have something special.

Carolina Panthers: They failed to make the playoffs after a Super Bowl visit in 2015. Cam Newton had a tough year. They did still rush the ball a little, but I think Jonathan Stewart’s best years are behind him. They might not want to shell out big money on a RB, but Peterson would be a great addition. They could easily spend their #8 overall pick on Leonard Fournette.

Detroit Lions: I really don’t want him to stay in the division (NFC North) but he would fit right in with the team that has struggled to run the ball over the last few years. Peterson would take pressure off Matthew Stafford. He’d also get to play against his former team.

New York Jets: The Jets are a bit of a wild card. They have Matt Forte, and Bilal Powell, but don’t mind throwing money at big name players who are closer to retirement than the prime of their career. The Jets draft 6th overall this year, and that is probably a little too high for a running back. They also just released Brandon Marshall and cornerback Darrelle Revis.

Indianapolis Colts: They have another former great RB in Frank Gore. Could you imagine a tandem of Gore and Peterson? Even at the later stages of their careers, I wouldn’t want to have to face them both in the same game. They would be a challenge for all but the best defenses. It would allow them to draft a couple more offensive lineman to maybe keep Andrew Luck off his backside!

That’s what I got. There is the Packers, but they don’t normally sign a lot of free agents. This year’s draft is stocked with capable running backs too. Free Agency is coming up on March 9th, so we won’t have to wait too long to see where AP plays in 2017!



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What should the Bears do at Quarterback?

There has been a lot of talk about what the Bears should do at quarterback, from getting rid of Jay Cutler, to trading for Jimmy Garoppolo, and everything in between. My idea is simple, and it’s not really original or unprecedented: Draft two.

That’s right. The last 3 general managers who have been given charge of the Bears operations have all preached the QB was the most important position. I give some credit to former GM Jerry Angelo, he did bring in a few QBs, draft a couple, and ultimately, traded for Jay Cutler, who at the moment, is still on the roster. Now you can definitely say the quality of those QBs were sub par at best. From Craig Krenzel, to Henry Burris, to a washed up Kordell Stewart. He at least made an effort. Marc Trestman simply kept who he had, and he had some success with both Jay Cutler and Josh McCown. He ultimately chose to go with Cutler, and Phil Emery signed him to a horrible (first 3 years) 7 year contract. The move to make (and I said it at the time) was to franchise Jay, and see what he did in year 2.

Ryan Pace has talked a lot about the QB and how important it was, yet he did not draft one in his first two years as GM. He did sign Tim Shaw and Brian Hoyer, who both looked good at times. He then went out and got Matt Barkley from Arizona when Jay went down yet again. Barkley looked pretty good in his first 4+ games, but then either reality set in, or teams simply game planned a little. Which brings us to their current situation.

Rumors are Jay Cutler was being “shopped”, and most likely will be cut. His contract however has no guaranteed money left in it, and is pretty team friendly for current standards. This could make it a little more attractive to deal to a team who is interested. Cutler is all but done with his tenure as a Chicago Bear. Now what do you do?

As I said at the top, Garoppolo is the talk of the town. Most fans and sports enthusiasts want the Bears to trade for the Patriots backup QB. Historically, this is a bad move. I’m not sure you can fill up one hand with the times this has actually worked out. For every Brett Favre, there are 5 Scott Mitchell’s. For every Matt Hasslebeck there are a half-dozen Matt Flynn’s (who cashed in with 2 teams!). Trading coveted draft picks, then having to sign Garoppolo to a long term deal is just not where the Bears are. They need every pick, and then some. If the only piece to the puzzle left was the QB, I would say roll the dice. That’s just not the case.

My philosophy is easy: Keep drafting QBs until you get it right. I would start with drafting 2 this year, and bringing back 2 of the three QBs you have on the roster right now. Conner Shaw, Brian Hoyer or Matt Barkley. Hoyer is probably the most stable, although his durability is in serious question. Shaw has probably the most upside. I don’t want to hear this year’s QB crop is not great. So what? How great was it when Alex Smith and Aaron Rodgers were drafted? So good that Rodgers fell to 25 where Green Bay snatched him up. Even the experts are wrong more than 50% of the time. That’s another article.

Another way to go (in addition to drafting at least 1 QB) is to sign a free agent QB. I believe Tampa Bay QB Mike Glennon is about to be a free agent. Glennon isn’t as sexy a prospect as a Jimmy Garoppolo, but he has played 21 games in the NFL (18 starts) and was decent (30 TDs, 15 INT, 59% completion %). He won’t cost you anywhere near Garoppolo though. He’s 27 years old, and still probably coachable. He reminds me of a young Brad Johnson.

Call me crazy, but I am really excited/intrigued at the Bears drafting a QB (or two). I still have faith in Ryan Pace. He was with the Saints and saw what Drew Brees can do. Is there a Drew Brees in this years draft class? I don’t know. Nobody does. That’s why you increase your odds by drafting more than one. You also use other picks on building around the QB. My best case scenario is that they trade down from #3 overall and at least pick up 1 extra pick. I’m also hoping they can sign a free agent wide receiver such as Cleveland free agent Terrelle Pryor Sr. What do you think the Bears should do? Feel free to leave a comment in the space down under!

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Brawl of the week: Gadgetzan Throw-Down

This week’s Tavern Brawl is: Gadgetzan Throw-Down. Not to be confused with the Battle for Gadgetzan. You face off as one of Gadgetzan’s powerful crime bosses vs one of the others. Your deck will be filled with Mean Streets of Gadgetzan cards. This is probably a battle that was better suited for the release of the last expansion (and very well could have been in the works) than coming weeks before the new expansion. At any rate, here it is!


Gadgetzan Throw-Down.

My first match I drew Aya Blackpaw, a druid. She has shaman cards as well as druid ones. Her hero power is: Summon a 1/1 Jade idol for 4 mana. It increases every time you use it or summon a Jade Idol. Han’Cho is a paladin. He seemed very minion-centric. Not sure what his other class cards are. His hero power: Give a random minion in your hand +2/+2 for 2 mana. I think my opponent was too into buffing his players.


Aya Blackpaw vs Han’Cho.

I was getting beat pretty thoroughly for most of the match, but eventually got a couple minions on the board. The match went quickly from me being down 9 health to 27ish, to my opponent conceding. Hang in there. You never know in this brawl.


Hang in there. You never know when this brawl will turn in your favor!

I played one more match so I could check out the 3rd boss: Kazakus. He is a mage. His hero power is: Add a random potion to your hand, for 2 mana.


Kazakus, the mage.

If you haven’t played Hearthstone in a while, this is a good match for you. It’s a change up from the “create your deck” type brawls. It’s heavily random, but hang in there. It might look like you are down and out; a turn or two later you might be poised for the win. It happened in both my matches.

So get in there and have some fun, and get your free pack! See you next week!

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Walking Dead Weekly

Last night’s episode, was a bit of a departure from the main story. Much like early in season 7, we got another look at life at the Sanctuary. This time it was focused on Eugene and his assimilation with the Saviors. Before I go any further,

*****Spoiler Alert*****

Hostiles and Calamities starts out with Dwight finding out Daryl is gone, and Sherry is probably the one who sprung him. At the same time Negan was coming back from Alexandria. This is a minor annoyance for me, just because it took place sometime between Negan killing Spencer (after he drove Carl back to Alexandria) and Daryl escaping, which happened in the season finale. It’s just awkward since we heard Negan yelling about it last episode (on the radio) when it happened a few more episodes back.

Keep them on their feet: Much like when Carl arrives at the Sanctuary Negan is very pleased with his latest “guest”. Eugene lays down some of the same schtick he did early on with Rick and company: PHD, Dr., working in the human genome dept. Yadda, yadda, Negan sucks it down like warm orange soda. Negan then proposes his problem to Eugene, who should be able to solve it easily since he is a “smarty pants. Eugene does not disappoint and quickly tells him he has the tools to fix his problem. He then walks away with a huge cat-ate-the-canary grin on his face. Eugene is writing checks his body might not be able to cash, but I like his tact.

Not easy street: Dwighty boy gets pummeled by Negan’s brute squad, then chucked in the same cell Daryl was kept in. I’m thinking this is is a bad move on Negan’s part. We’ll see how it plays out. Negan basically blamed Dwight for Daryl’s escape and wanted to make sure “his head was on straight”. Negan then sends Dwight after Sherry.

A favor: Negan sent 3 of his wives to “platonically” entertain Eugene as a reward for his great idea. The next day 2 of them knock on Eugene’s door and ask a favor of him. Make a “suicide pill” for Amber because she can’t take it anymore. Eugene says he will do it and goes around with Laura collecting the materials.

A note for honey: Dwight goes out to the place he and Sherry lived at last. He finds a note from her that explains why she let Daryl go. Dwight is not happy, but he leaves pretzels and beer for her, should she return. When Dwight gets back to the Sanctuary, he visits Dr. Carson and they discuss Sherry and Daryl. Dwight says he killed her, but we know he didn’t.

If you can’t stand the heat: Negan has Dwight start up the furnace for Dr. Carson. Apparently Dwight sold out the good Dr. and placed the note Sherry wrote for Daryl “Go now” in his office. Not sure why Dwight would do this. Not sure why Negan believes Dwight so easily. Just when it looks like the Dr. will be burnt by the iron, Negan drops it and tosses the Dr. into the furnace–head first. Eugene will now be the new Dr. Too bad for Negan and the Sanctuary, Eugene is not a medical Dr.

I can see this backfiring for Negan two ways: 1) Eugene has more power and will be able to get closer to Negan, and will be trusted to dole out medication (the pills he just made?). 2) Eugene is not a medical doctor. He can do basic stuff, patch people up. Negan is going to quickly find out. This could fast-forward the timeline a bit.

You don’t need to be scared anymore: Negan comes to visit Eugene after killing Dr. Carson. He tells him he doesn’t often extend this kind of opportunity to people. “You don’t need to be scared anymore,” Negan promises. This reminded me so much of the scene from Fright Night (the original not the crappy remake) when the Dandrige extends his hand to Evil Ed and tells him basically the same thing. “All I need to know is one thing,” Negan continued, but before he could get the question out, Eugene answered, “I am Negan!”. It’s very clear Eugene has figured one thing out: kiss Negan’s ass early and often. He is an egomaniac and eats it up. Eugene says he was Negan even before he met the man. He just needed a proper introduction. Color me skeptical.

Questions: Lots of questions popped up, mostly centering on Eugene. Is he really “Negan”? Is he the scared bumbling coward we have come to know and love? At times I thought it was an act, but at other times I thought it was real. He seemed to be trembling after Laura showed him to his room, he went to lock the door and his hand was shaking. Why would he do that if no one was present? Will he use the pills on Negan? I kind of hinted he would be in a position to do that, and it looks like he will get the shot. He’s bluffed his way into a nice position, but Negan will quickly learn he’s not a doctor. Will Eugene live long enough to be a factor in taking down the big-bad?

What’s going on with Dwight? Now that Sherry is gone, he has no real reason to stick around Sanctuary. He can’t be happy with Negan throwing him into the cell for a day. Sherry mentioned in her letter that Dwight has a “shitty memory”, but something like that might stick in your mind. Will Dwight go looking for his wife? Will he revolt against Negan?

Is this a test? Negan sent his wives up to Eugene pretty quickly. He was comfortable that a) Eugene wouldn’t do anything with them and b) they probably wouldn’t do anything with him. Did he underestimate their intelligence or is he testing Eugene? When Eugene refused to give the wives the suicide pills, they were pretty mad at him. Negan said they all spoke “glowingly” of him. Did they really? Was Negan visiting Eugene to size him up? I have a hard time believing Negan trusts so easily. Especially a dude he just met. Hell, he showed he didn’t trust Dwighty boy when he put him in “the cell” for a day.

Does Negan really think Dwight killed Sherry? Again, Negan is more of a “show me” kind of guy. He would have wanted proof she was dead. Would Negan so easily believe she ran into a pack of walkers, and that Dr. Carson freed Daryl? Wouldn’t he want more proof that a note that said “Go now”?

Zombie kill of the week: Not much action in this department. There was a semi-epic human kill though when Negan tossed the good Dr. into the furnace. Nothing to compete with, so Negan is on the board.




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