Bears 2019 Draft recap

If you follow the Bears daily, or even weekly, you know the NFL draft is a huge part of the NFL season. The draft wrapped up on Saturday leaving the Bears with a handful of new players. The Bears were a bit limited, not having a first, or second round pick. Here are the new Bears:

3rd round, pick 73 (from Patriots): David Montgomery, RB: Iowa State- The Bears snagged one of the top running backs in this year’s draft. They had to trade up to 73 to get him. They may have “overpaid”, but that will be for the critics to assess, and if Montgomery plays big, no one will remember what they gave up to get him. H: 5’10” W: 222 40YD: 4.63 BP: 15.

4th round, pick 126: Riley Ridley, WR: Georgia- Ridley is the younger brother of the Atlanta Falcons WR, Calvin Ridley. Calvin had a great rookie season as a Falcon. Riley, is not as fast as his big brother, but has the same agility, route running, and toughness. He will no doubt come in and compete hard to make the roster. H: 6’1″ W: 199, 40YD: 4.58, BP: 13.

6th round, pick 205: Duke Shelley, CB: Kansas State- Duke put a good highlight film together. He shows competitiveness, toughness, speed, and tenacity. It seems like he plays well above his 5’9″ frame. I see him competing for a nickle spot, and should contribute on special teams. H: 5’9″ W: 173

7th round, pick 222: Kerrith Whyte JR, RB: Florida Atlantic- Just going by his highlights, you can see Kerrith brings speed to the table (ran a 4.36 at his pro day). I see a little Devin Hester in him. He also runs tough, and breaks tackles. He’s going to make it awful tough for Mike Davis to get much playing time, and maybe even a roster spot. H: 5’10” W: 197

7th round, pick 238: Stephen Denmark, CB: Voldasto State- Stephen will no doubt try to put his mark on the 2019 Bears. He is raw, but his 6’4″ frame stands out. This guy makes a lot of plays around the line of scrimmage, and could be a Safety, or maybe even a nickel linebacker. His measurables are impressive, but he has a lot to learn. If he makes the teams, he will have to play some special teams. H: 6’4 W: 216

At a glance, the Bears got a bit faster at RB, and in the defensive backfield. It will be interesting to see how things play out. If these kids all make the team, there will be opportunities on special teams, and potentially in the starting offense. David Montgomery should have every opportunity to share carries with Tarik Cohen.

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Fantasy Impact: 2019 NFL Mock Draft (17-32)

The NFL Mock Draft (17-32) continues! Same deal as (1-16), grab a drink, and/or a snack, and lets return to the draft!

17. Giants: Daniel Jones, QB: Duke- I really like Daniel Jones, but I haven’t watched him other than the Combine and Senior Bowl. I’m kind of rooting for a kid from Duke to make it in the NFL. They could take their highest rated WR too.

18. Vikings: Jonah Williams, G: Alabama- Everyone thought Dalvin Cook was going to make a great comeback, and Kirk Cousins was going to lead the Vikings deep into the playoffs. Then reality kicked in. Both lines disappointed, and Cousins really only connected with one receiver for most of 2018. Williams should help them rebuild their line on offense. More work is needed on both sides of the ball.

19. Titans: Irv Smith Jr, TE: Alabama- Delanie Walker is old. The Titans need more talent downfield. Smith is another big target to open things up, and create mismatches between the hashes, and probably deep.

20. Steelers: Rock Ya-Sin, CB: Temple- This is totally going to break Mike Mayock’s heart. Ya-Sin fits the Raiders “need for speed”, and would seem like a Gruden “guy”. Ya-Sin is fast, and long, and has the raw talent to bail himself out. Steelers have a lot of needs, and even though they lost Bell, and Brown, those guys were drafted in the later rounds. They are adept at finding RBs and WRs in the middle rounds, so look for that to continue.

21. Seahawks: Eric McCoy, OL: Texas A&M- Whether it is McCoy, or any other offensive lineman, the Seahawks badly need to add some help to protect their newly extended franchise QB in Russell Wilson. Imagine what he can do when he actually doesn’t have to run 7-8 yards back before he passes. It would also help their running game.

22. Ravens: Clelin Ferrell, EDGE: Clemson- Flacco is out, and the Ravens could use a WR. They could also use to replace Terell Suggs. Their hall of fame GM is also gone, so who know what direction they will go.

23. Texans: Greedy Williams, CB: LSU- Greedy is a very talented DB, probably one of the best in this year’s draft. He balled out at the Senior Bowl. The Texans could probably add another offensive lineman to block for their young QB, and Lamar Miller.

24. Cardinals: (from Raiders) AJ Brown, WR: Mississippi- The Cardinals make their second selection in the first round and grab a weapon for Josh Rosen. Novel idea to add players for your first round QB, instead of trying to peddle him. I don’t know what’s going on in the Arizona camp, but I think it was a huge bluff to trade down. They need a lot of talent if they want to compete in their division.

25. Eagles: Cody Ford, OL- Oklahoma- It seems like the Eagles could always use more help on the O-line. Ford projects to be a good one.

26. Colts: Johnathan Abram, Safety: Mississippi State- I could see the Colts going for a WR, or a RB. With the depth at both, they could take one later. They could take the best defender, then switch to offense for a couple rounds.

27. Raiders: Garrett Bradbury, OL: NC State- The Raiders probably want/need a CB, or maybe a safety, but other teams maybe took guys they coveted. They could always use to bolster their offensive line, or maybe draft a more dynamic RB. They can get all those in the later rounds. I wouldn’t be surprised if they trade down to a team who wants to take a QB in the later portion of round one to get the extra year of control.

28. Chargers: Deandre Baker, CB: Georgia- The Chargers could go in several directions, despite being a playoff team. Philip Rivers made up for a lot of their deficiencies on the O-line, and helped the D out by scoring lots of points. CB, DL, OL, and WR could all be positions they go for.

29: Seahawks: (from Chiefs) Brian Burns, EDGE FSU- The Seahawks just got this pick for trading Frank Clark to KC. Which might mean they want to get another pass rusher. Or, they may want to take a defensive back. They could move down into the early 2nd round.

30. Packers: Devin Bush, LB: Michigan- The Packers keep adding to the defense. All the teams from about 25 or so down, should have opportunities to move down if they like the offer.

31. Rams: Dexter Lawrence, DT: Clemson- Rams might be looking to bolster their D-line after losing Suh. Dexter is a big kid who might eat up some blockers for their pass rushers to get through.

32. Patriots: Chase Winovich, EDGE: Michigan- Like most, I am usually wrong when it comes to the Patriots. I don’t know the tight end crop coming out well enough to say if they would take one here. I do strongly feel that New England moves out of this pick. More likely down, than up. They could use another DB, WR, and obviously Gronk’s replacement.

Picks (1-16)

Thanks for reading! As always, it was fun. Hope your team does well in the draft! (Even Green Bay)

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Fantasy Impact: 2019 NFL Mock Draft (1-16)

I was not feeling this year’s draft until I watched NFL Network’s mock draft. I usually watch the combine more than once, and the same with the Senior Bowl. Having “cut the cord” on satellite TV, I did not have those available. At any rate, I am in “2 minute offense” as I try to scrape together a decent mock. As you know, my mock is from a Fantasy Football perspective, not necessarily a prediction. Grab a drink or a snack, and let’s boogie!

1. Raiders: (from Cardinals) Kyler Murray, QB: Oklahoma- I remember a sound byte of Gruden saying his theory on player stereotypes is totally blown. Does that necessarily mean they move up to get one of the most dynamic offensive players? We shall see. I think the Raiders, and new GM Mike Mayock will be fluid in this draft.

2. 49ers: Nick Bosa, DE: OSU- To me this is an easy choice. The 49ers are still a long way off, and they need to stack talent. They don’t have to rush Bosa, and can let him get into the NFL workout program, and make sure he is healthy.

3. Jets: Ed Oliver, DT: Houston- They Jets are in a fantastic spot in the 2019 draft. They will have their pick of one of the top defensive or non-QB offensive picks. They could easily trade down and still get a great player. I think they go with a DT, or EDGE rusher.

4. Cardinals: (from Raiders) Josh Allen, EDGE: Kentucky- The Cardinals need more than 1 player, and still have Josh Rosen if they want to trade him for a pick. They would probably get one of the Raiders remaining first rounders, and a second round pick in compensation. This allows them a lot of mobility, while picking up a top defensive player.

5. Buccaneers: Dwayne Haskins, QB: OSU- It’s a quarterback driven league. Haskins has the kind of dynamics you would like to see at the top end of the draft. He could easily go at #4 to the Raiders if they don’t trade up, or even the Cardinals if my trade comes through (it likely will not). It could also go to another team moving up.

6. Giants: Devin White, LB: LSU- I could see the Giants make a move for one of the top QBs, or even move down if they think one will slip a little further. Other than that, it’s best player available. I like White as the QB of their defense.

7. Jaguars: Jawaan Taylor, T: Florida- The Jags have been drafting in the top 10 for what seems like the better part of this decade. Their run game sputtered a little, as did the passing game. I’d like to see them bolster the line.

8. Lions: Montez Sweat, EDGE: Mississippi State- They really could use a running back, or a wide receiver, but I don’t think there is one worthy of a high end first round pick this year. Sweat might be a little raw, but has a dynamic upside. The kind of athletic hybrid that fits their defense. Being in the Bears division, I hope they pick a different player.

9. Bills: TJ Hockenson, TE: Iowa- Josh Allen needs playmakers. Whether it is a TE, or a big WR. They could probably trade down to a team that might want to move up to take a QB ahead of the Broncos, or Bengals.

10. Broncos: DK Metcalf, WR: Mississippi- The Broncos have a nice young receiver in Courtland Sutton. Adding Metcalf would be a great compliment for Flacco, who would probably have the best receiving corps of his recent career. Some think Denver will try and draft another QB. I think they will wait until round 2 or 3 if they do go for the future signal caller.

11: Bengals: Drew Lock, QB: Missouri- The Bengals are pretty astute when it comes to replacing starters. Dalton is still the starting QB, but he hasn’t been getting it done lately. I could also see them trading down to a team who might want to take Lock, or a different QB here.

12. Packers: Rashan Gary, EDGE: Michigan State- Green Bay has a lot of holes on defense, and need to find capable pass rushers. They lost Clay Mathews, who’s best years are probably behind them. They could probably use a DT as well. On offense, they might have solved their RB problem, but could use an offensive lineman, and a WR. I could also see them moving down a slot or two.

13. Dolphins: Quinnen Williams, DT: Alabama- The Dolphins are a mess on both sides of the ball. They might be a little further along on offense, but are leaning on journeyman QB, Ryan Fitzpatrick, who both flashed, and flamed out in Tampa Bay. I think 13 is probably a little early to take a flier on one of the remaining QBs, and I’m not sure any QB is worthy of moving up for this year, outside of Murray, who will be a top 1-2 pick. The Dolphins would be better suited to move down, and maybe pick up a high second round pick.

14. Falcons: Noah Fant, TE: Iowa- I think Matt Ryan would love to finally get a playmaker in the mold of one of the top TEs in the league. If for some reason Hockenson drops down, expect the Falcons to run to the podium. Julio Jones isn’t getting any younger. This would open up the field for him, and Calvin Ridley.

15. Redskins: Marquise Brown, WR: Oklahoma- I badly want to project a trade with Arizona for Josh Rosen, but I have little faith the Redskins would pull the trigger. This is the same organization who currently has Colt McCoy, and Case Keenum on their roster. The Redskins are a mess, and have been more often than not during Daniel Snyder’s ownership. HTTR!

16. Panthers: Andre Dillard, T: Washington State- I know tackles are not flashy, but the Panthers badly need to protect Cam Newton, who did his best Andrew Luck impersonation last season. Hopefully Cam’s shoulder, and the rest of him is healed up for 2019. If not Dillard, perhaps a Guard, or different tackle. I could see them adding Greg Olson’s replacement at Tight End too.

Well, that is it for 1-16, look for 17-32 real soon!


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Brawl of the Week: Dr. Boom’s Ignoblegarden!

This week’s Tavern Brawl is a new one! Dr. Boom’s Ignoblegarden! OK, it may be a spin on a couple different brawls, but the new twist is cool. Pick a hero, and you will get a deck full of random stuff. You will also start with a special egg that hatches into something.

I went with a mage, because that’s kind of what I do. It seems like there are a lot of similarities between minions, but your spells are class specific.

I got the “luck” coin or whatever you want to call it. A Ragnaros popped up from a minon that had “summon a random legendary and give it Rush”. My opponent didn’t like it and conceded before I had a chance for the killing blow, but that’s what people do nowadays.

Get in there, get your free pack, and has you some funs! I will try my best to see you next week!

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Lonely Street

Lonely Street


Your stomach’s full but there’s still something empty. Deep down twisting inside. A lack of pain, a lack of anything. The whole world has become a shade of gray. Food and drink do little to sustain you. All your friends seem to have changed. All caught up in their own agendas. Socializing has become a chore. Music that used to console you. Now just seems like noise. The sunlight makes you angry. Darkness cloaks a once loud voice.

You’re crying out for help, so desperate. No one seems to care at all. You’re hurting from the inside out. Threatened from these prison walls.

Life has dealt you a bitter blow. Too young to make this choice. You’re dying to live, living to die. It gets better child, I know. I cannot tell you which path to take. I cannot tell you which friend to trust. Please hang on for those who love you. Hang on for those you haven’t met. You feel inside it’s just not worth it. Someday it will, I promise that.

You’re crying out for help, so desperate. To young to call it quits. Start trying to live, living to try. See one more sunrise, please. Reach out. Hep someone else going down the same road. Together, down this lonely street.

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Walking Dead Weekly

Welcome back to Walking Dead Weekly. It’s been a few seasons (except for my recent post) since I rambled on about my favorite show. So much has happened. The last 4 episodes of the first half of season 9 have been amazing. Episode 9, did not disappoint. Let’s go!

****Spoiler Alert****

We start off seeing the group haul Jesus back to Hilltop. It was surreal. I was hoping big J only suffered a bad wound, but it proved to be fatal. The “good” that came out of it is the new 5 characters that were introduced at the end of the first half, are some seriously cool adds. I feel a lot better about Jesus’ story arc than I did about Abraham, or even Rick, and Carl.

“Keep it, you will need it to find your way”: Sage advice from the littlest badass. I was mad at Judith for letting Negan scale the wall and leave Alexandria. I was also excited. I’m not going to lie. Negan back out in the world being Negan is a great thing. Especially since his story was pretty much done. He was supposed so have some moments with Carl, but Carl’s not exactly vertical these days. No reason why he can’t carry one with Judith, and who knows what.

More Whispers: The group that came back with Jesus ran into another small group of Whisperers, and one managed to surrender in fear. They spared her, and took her back to Hilltop for interrogation. This is huge. Sadly, Carl was to be in the cell with the prisoner, so Henry looks like he will be taking that part of Carl’s story. Daryl eventually gets her to admit there were “about 10” more of them, but you can kind of see she’s lying. He also hears her and Henry talking, as he is right outside the jail window.

“Two-hand” Luke: Luke, one of the newest members of Hilltop invites himself to a recon party. While out surveying the land, he and Aldon come across a couple expended arrows. Luke recognizes them to be Yumiko’s, and pick up the trail. They eventually run into some Whisperer’s, and surrenders as a female pulls out a rifle.

You can’t go home again: Negan finds the Sanctuary to be desolate, save a few stray walkers. After a pretty lonely night, he heads back to Alexandria. Judith greets him with a shot from her revolver, and reminds him “she would shoot him” the next time she saw him. He tells her that she is right, there is nothing left for him outside. It will be interesting when she brings him back to Alexandria.

Questions: Well, the biggest question is probably, What’s going to happen with Aldon and the party who were out looking for Whisperers? It would suck if some of the new people died already. I kind of dig Aldon, but I’m not sure he was ever in the story. Neither was Enid, so who knows.

How will the residents of Alexandria react when Negan comes waltzing back into the place? They will not understand that he left, and came back on his own, and what that could mean. Most of them will probably at the minimum, not want him back, and/or want him dead.

Zombie Kill of the Week: ZKotW has kind of ran it’s course. It was great for the first few seasons, but by now, we have pretty much seen every way to kill a walker. I might bring it up if something fantastic happens, but for the most part, it’s being ‘retired’.

Hopefully I will get this post out by Tuesday, going forward. Thanks for reading!

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Brawl of the Week: Brawl of Champions – Round One

This week’s Tavern Brawl is totally new: Brawl of Champions – Round One. I have no idea what this means, or when we will get other rounds. Looks like this is some kind of Troll celebration. Guess there is not going to be a “Love is in the air” thing. At any rate, pick one of 9 troll “champions”, and get their deck full of random cards. It looks very exciting until you start to play…

It’s very random. I had almost the same 3-4 cards as my opponent. You also get a “shrine” with each hero. It has a random mechanic. The mage one: Your hero power costs (0), if you kill a minion with it, refresh it. Seems pretty cool.

I was eventually overwhelmed and the brawl was one sided. So were the next few.

It took me 4 brawls to get a win. I also had a nifty quest (I’m guessing you will too) to play 3 Tavern Brawls, and you get a current pack. You also get the standard pack for your first win. Which could take a while.

I may or may not play through all the heroes. The randomness is thick with this one. The shrines are cool though. So get in there and have some fun. Keep plugging to get your free pack. I will see you next week!

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