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Your Sports “What If”

The question came up on AM 1000 (ESPN Radio) here in Chicago about Derrick Rose; specifically, what do you think about him/would you want him back? My first reaction was ‘hell no’. Then I started thinking about all the moves … Continue reading

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What was your first musical record?

My first actual record was the soundtrack for Raiders of the Lost Ark. Pretty interesting, it’s basically the movie on a record. Full dialog and everything. This is what happens when a 10-11 year old has some Christmas money and … Continue reading

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How would you fix the Bears?

I know. Last week I was telling Bears fans to be patient. This week. I don’t know what to say. I still think the Bears best option for winning over the next 2 years is the Trestman-Cutler combo. Mainly because … Continue reading

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