Call to action

Call to arms

Newly freed now

Time to march

One direction

One charge

Strength of thousands

We embark

Fight by your side, never leaving, never doubting

Fueled by a freedom that few get to feel

Here by your side, no surrender, no retreat

Growing in numbers they will taste our steel


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1st and 5

Week 5 is here and things are starting to settle down finally. There is also an interesting move at the QB position and one lurking in the bushes. I’ll explain.

QB: Kyle Orton, Bills- This could be a really good move if Orton has grasped enough of the offense. He has a couple young WRs to throw to and two veteran RBs. If you had EJ Manuel or another injured/crappy QB or need one for your bye week, snag him up. Keep an eye on: Michael Vick, Jets- rumors are surfacing that Rex might bail on Geno. If this happens, Vick should be pretty decent as long as he can stay healthy.

RB: Andre Williams, Giants- You might have had him and dropped him–with good reason. This is more of a “stash” pick or a handcuff to Rashad Jennings, who is still thriving as the primary back in New York. Not much happened last week in the RB world. Keep your eye on: Jerik McKinnon, Vikings- who partnered up with Matt Asiata to run all over the Falcons.

WR: Eddie Royal, Chargers- Royal did this last year too. This year it might be legit. Scored 4 TDs the last two weeks. Grab him up if someone doesn’t have him in your league.

WR: Brandon LaFell, Patriots- He looked really good on his TD run vs the Chiefs. Big body receiver with good hands and speed. Problem is, in the New England offense, you never know who is getting the ball. Could be a good bye week sub and a match up flex play going forward.

TE: Travis Kelce, Chiefs- I might be a little late to the party on this dude. More because KC looked so awful in the preseason and early on. If he’s on the waiver wire, go get him.

TE: Heath Miller, Steelers- Big Ben found his old buddy in grand fashion. He should be a decent back up or bye week replacement at the very least.

D/ST: Cowboys- Don’t look now but Dallas held New Orleans to 17 points and made Drew Brees look human for most of the game. If your D/ST is broke or off this week, you could do worse. Cowboys D/ST scored 8 or better the last 3 weeks in my league.

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Where do you want Warcraft to go next?

Patch 6.0 should be going live in the next 2 weeks or so. Warlords of Draenor is going to launch on November the 13th here in the States. There have been some cool things coming out such as Lords of War series and the cinematic spoilers, but where do you want Warcraft to go next?

warlords rainbow

Warlords of Draenor will be all rainbows and orcs!

Me? I long for the ethereals to be a playable race. So I wouldn’t mind a face-off against the Burning Legion on Argus or some such planet. That would be really cool. I guess I wouldn’t mind a battle on our home turf of Azeroth either. I even wrote a little about it last December in a Community Blog Topic on WoW Insider.

If we don’t go to another planet, I think there are some ways to use Azeroth in more ways then we previously have. Especially with the new “real-time” phasing like they use during Hallow’s End.

Another interesting idea is the Kul Tiras expansion people talk about from time to time. I like the whole pirate thing, so that would be all good with me. I’m not sure how they would go about suddenly finding the island that supposedly was wiped off the planet by a huge tidal wave after the Cataclysm hit, but that’s their problem!

So where would you like Warcraft to go next? Have any ideas? Feel free to comment in the space down under!

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10 movies you never heard of

Back when I worked at Blockbuster video I was exposed to many films I had never heard of. I had a buddy who would always search those movies out, but like many people in your life who come and go, he moved on. Those were my two biggest sources. Now, I have to rely on going to IMDB and seeing what my favorite actors are working on. So, I thought I would share a few with you.

View from the top- Gwyneth Paltrow, Christina Applegate and Mark Ruffalo star in this comedy about the airline industry. Mike Myers makes an awesome cameo!

Bend it like Beckham- You probably heard of this one, you might have even seen it. It was one of those movies that I would never have rented, had I not worked at a movie store. I watched it, loved it, and ended up buying a used copy (another perk of the job).

Buffalo Soldiers- Another film from my Blockbuster days. This one stars Joaquin Phoenix, Ana Paquin, Ed Harris and Scott Glen. It is set in 1989 on an American Army base in Germany. Phoenix is an Army man with a shady side job.

The Indian Runner- This drama directed by Sean Penn is about two brothers struggling to cope in a small town after one comes back from Viet Nam. David Morse and Viggo Mortensen star as the two brothers who each have their demons to battle.

The Crossing guard- Jack Nicholson and David Morse star in another drama directed by Sean Penn. I think my buddy was on a Sean Penn kick. The movie is about a man who seeks revenge against the drunk who killed his daughter. It’s dark but very well written and directed. Plus Jack Nicholson.

Sleepy Hollow- Johnny Depp stars as his quirky version of Ichabod Crane, set in 18th century New York. The film is visually stunning, funny and witty. Depp does an outstanding job of a forensic investigator who is quite ahead of his time. Tim Burton directs.

Basic- This is also one of my “5 best endings” for a movie. I made all my friends watch this and kept asking them if they knew what was going on. They usually got lost by the 3rd time I asked. John Travolta, Samuel L. Jackson and Connie Nielsen star in this military thriller about a DEA agent who may or may not be corrupt sent to investigate the disappearance of a highly decorated drill sergeant. Surprises aplenty!

Kangaroo Jack- Ok, this is no masterpiece, but it is a warm/fuzzy fun little comedy, if you have kids in the 7-10 range, they might enjoy it. I liked it. It stars Jerry O’Connell, Anthony Anderson and Estella Warren. A buddy film about two life long friends who have to go to Australia to get out of trouble with the mob.

Lone Star state of mind- An eclectic comedy starring Joshua Jackson, Jaime King and DJ Qualls. Jackson plays the all American boyfriend who tries to keep his girlfriend’s wayward brother from getting himself killed. He gets himself mixed up with some drug dealers and it all kind of unravels from there. Many hijinks and shenanigans ensue. Nice, but small cameo of John “Cougar” Mellencamp.

Boat Trip- Cuba Gooding Jr. and Horatio Sanz are buddies looking to go on a singles cruise. They have a little tiff with the travel agent’s boyfriend who proceeds to send them on a singles cruise–for homosexuals. It takes another turn when Gooding Jr. falls for the ship’s dance instructor (Roselyn Sanchez) who thinks he’s gay. A little raunchy at times, but overall a fun watch!


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My Game of Thrones naming convention

I wrote a while back about some of my naming conventions for Battle Pets. It’s something I like to do. It makes me think fondly of all the money I spent on DVDs and time on shows I have watched over the years. Having just got into the whole Game of Thrones thing this year, it’s kind of fresh in my head. Plus, there are were so many great characters from the show.

Eddard “Ned” Stark- He is strong and noble, perhaps a little naive. The house sigil is a wolf, but I think he is more of a bear. A Darkshore Cub named Ned.

Jaime Lannister- The Kingslayer. Is 90% a jerk. A real self serving PoS. He will murder a child to protect his “secret”. The house sigil is a lion, but he doesn’t really represent that, save for his beautiful golden mane. If I had a lion cub, I would name it after him. Since I don’t, Jaime the Feral Vermling. Kind of fitting.

Robert Baratheon- Boisterous, temperamental, always drunk. Killed by a boar. Baratheon house sigil is a stag. I think a boar is more fitting, don’t you? Live by the boar, die by the boar. “Baratheon the boar”. There is no boar pet so, Baratheon the Summmit Kid? Ugh. They need to make a boar pet soon™.

Hodor- The gentle giant that protects the Stark children. Most notably Bran. Hodor the Direhorn Runt.

Tyrion Lannister- Fun loving, clever, sharp tongued. Could he be anything but a sly fox? Always a step ahead of his enemies. Almost always. Tyri, the Fox Kit.

Daenerys Targaryen- The mother of dragons. Her strength is growing, her wisdom is well beyond her years but she is still young. She commands and army and wins over her subjects with beauty, charm and strength. Daenerys, the Wild Golden Hatchling.

Cersei Lannister- She will do anything to “protect” her children. Lie, kill, murder, plot against. She says she does it for the “family name” but you can see she enjoys it. She is a bitter, evil woman. Cercei, the King Snake.

Jon Snow- Strong yet naive like his father, Ned Stark. Still, he represents his house well. Noble and honorable. He saved the orphan wolves and reluctantly had to care for them. I normally don’t like to rename pets with a distinct name but the white wolf model suits Jon Snow to a “T”. Snow (formerly Moon Moon).

Tywin Lannister- The patriarch of the family. The master schemer. The mastermind of the “Red Wedding”. Treacherous letch. If there is a “king of snakes” it might be the cobra. Tywin the Cobra Hatchling it is!

Arya Stark- The firecracker. The child who has seen so much death, mostly her own family. She is clever for her young age, doesn’t quite yet have the strength to seek her revenge. She does have the ferocity. Arya, the Snow Cub.

That’s all for now. I may have to edit this list and add more names or pets. Hope you enjoyed this list. Feel free to add your own Game of Thrones naming conventions for your pets in the comments below!

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3 players every fan should know: AFC edition

Think of this as like cramming for that big test, only it’s not a test. It’s just football. Everybody loves football right? Nod you head and smile (it’s part of the test!). It’s not like this is army training. So “lighten up Francis!”

Nobody wants to be “that guy” (or gal) who puts their foot in their mouth and asks about a player that has been retired or traded to another team. So let me take you around the league and let you know about your teams stars, so you have a starting point at least. I’ll give you at least 3, and sometimes a couple extra, for those eager students!

Baltimore Ravens- Joe Flacco is your Super Bowl winning QB. Steve Smith is your feisty free agent Wide Receiver. Your sackmaster is Outside Linebacker Terrell Suggs. Your first round draft choice is Linebacker CJ Mosley.

Buffalo Bills- 2nd year QB EJ Manuel runs the offense. Former first round pick Mario Williams is your stellar Defensive End. Cornerback Leodis McKelvin is “Lovin’ it” when he returns a pick for a Touchdown!. See what I–never mind. Speedy Sammy Watkins was the draft pick your GM traded up to secure. Watkins was the consensus #1 WR in a draft class that was deep at the position.

Cleveland Browns- Starting Quarterback is Brian Hoyer, shutdown Cornerback is Joe Hayden and your excellent pass catcher is Tight End Cameron Jordan–because Josh Morgan is a little too smokey/drinky. Backup QB Johnny Manziel was not your first draft pick, that would be CB Justin Gilbert. Manziel tends to steal headlines.

Cincinnati Bengals- Andy Dalton is your newly signed QB. AJ Green is one of the best Wide Receivers not named Calvin Johnson. Giovani Bernard is your steady, second year Running Back. Your first round pick is CB Darqueze Dennard.

Denver Broncos- Peyton Manning? Even if you don’t know football, you probably know he’s a QB. Since you are in Denver, you probably know he is your team’s QB. If not, you do now! Demaryius Thomas is your freak of nature WR. DeMarcus Ware is your free-agent Defensive End. Since you were in the Super Bowl last year, your team picked 31st and took CB Bradley Roby.

Houston Texans- Arian Foster is your often injured, but otherwise pretty slick RB. Andre Johnson is your veteran WR. JJ (swat) Watt is your all world sackmaster, Defensive End. Jadeveon Clowney was the #1 pick in this year’s 2014 NFL Draft, which means your team was really bad last year. You might have known that. He rushes the passer, kind of like JJ Watt, only less.*

Indianapolis Colts- Andrew Luck is your young stud QB. Reggie Wayne is your surgically repaired, veteran WR. Trent Richardson is your under-performing but over-paid running back. You don’t have a 1st round pick this year because you GM is crazy and traded it away for Richardson! Hey, many people thought it was a good deal at the time. <crickets>

Jacksonville Jaguars- I’m not sure how to break this to you but, yeah, I’ll just start with your #1 draft pick (who your GM traded up for) in QB Blake Bortles. He could prove to be one of the best QBs in the draft, and a heck of a nice player. Luke Joeckel is your 2nd year starting Left Tackle, who will hopefully stay healthy and keep Bortles healthy as well. Your star WR has been suspended. <sigh> Again. Fear not, you got a solid WR in the 2nd round named Marquise Lee. The future is pointing up guys, I promise!

Kansas City Chiefs- Alex Smith is your steady QB. Your double threat RB is Jamal Charles. Eric Berry is your All Pro Safety. Your #1 draft pick is DE Dee Ford, who I think is going to be a good one!

Miami Dolphins- Ryan Tannehill is your 3rd year QB. He throws to speedy wide-out Mike Wallace. Free agent RB Knowshon Moreno comes over from Denver. If you don’t know about the locker room scandal from last year, I won’t bring it up. I just did, didn’t I? Strike that from the record.  Ja’Wuan James is your first round selection in this years draft, because you really needed offensive lineman.

New England Patriots- Tom Brady is your ageless QB. Rob “Gronk” Gronkowski is your freak of nature TE. Darrelle Revis is your free agent, shutdown CB. Defensive Tackle Dominque Easly is your team’s first round selection.

New York Jets- Geno Smith is your dual threat QB. Never mind that those two threats are more likely to be turnovers than touchdowns (Zing!). Eric Decker is your free-agent and tall WR. Your head coach is Rex Ryan who loves feet and did a heck of a job keeping his job last year (Zing!). You also have former league leading rusher in Charles “CJ 2K” Johnson. He could do it again. You don’t know!

Oakland Raiders- When Matt Schaub is your starting QB, well, that’s kind of like a DirecTV commercial. You know, when all the bad stuff happens? Hey, the good news is you are in the same division as Peyton Manning! Ouch. James Jones is a solid WR and a former Green Bay Packer. Often injured Darren McFadden has some moves at RB, sometimes. When he plays. The good news is OLB Khalil Mack and QB Derek Carr should be big pieces of the future football puzzle for years to come. Hey, I am a Cubs fan, so I know your pain. I really do.

Pittsburgh Steelers- “Big” Ben Roethlisberger is your All-Pro QB. Antonio Brown is your speedy WR. Troy Palamalu is still your game changing, but aging Safety. Outside Linebacker Ryan Shazier is your number one draft pick.

San Diego Chargers- Veteran QB Philip Rivers leads the way. Venerable TE Antoni Gates ages like fine wine (he really does!). Stellar safety Eric Weddle patrols the defensive backfield. CB Jason Verrett is your first round drat pick.

Tennessee Titans- Steady, but maybe injury prone Jake Locker is your veteran QB. 2nd year WR Kendall Wright is your playmaker. Veteran Nate Washington is a pro at WR and makes some plays now and then. Let’s face it, there is no Eddie George or Jevon Kearse on the 2014 team. Things should be looking up though with first round pick Offensive Tackle Taylor Lewan helping protect Locker.


NFC fan? Check out the NFC edition!

*He was injured in week 1.

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Holier than you

Holier than you


I’ve got a little secret

I’m stacking all my stones

Sharpening my pitchfork

Burying the bones

I’ve got my own agenda

I keep it to myself

I pet it when it’s lonely

For me and no one else

I’m fat with all my power

Still I lust for more

I wield it now and then

When things become a bore

I tell you tales, I spin the truth, I publicize, I’m making up the rules

Posturing, controlling, telling you how to feel

Oh so holy, holier than you.


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