Enter the minion deck

The minion deck was made after I got the quest to play 30 minions that cost 2 or less. I figured, why not make a deck full of mostly minions to get this done ASAP. I did not expect for it to be as fun as effective as it turned out to be. Couple that with the fact that I didn’t care if I won or lost, it was even more fun!


As you can see the overwhelming majority of my cards cost 1 or 2 mana to play. I tried to include as many cards with other abilities as I could.

One simple goal: Get out as many minions as possible. Since they are low cost to play, they don’t have high health and will generally be killed quick. If I want to be extra nasty, I wait a couple rounds, so I can spring 2-3 minions on my opponent at once. Using the hunter deck gives me a lot of Crowd Control spells and the 2 damage to the enemy hero is nice.

Every card counts: As a bonus, I put in cards that have “perks” to them such as the Elvin Archer (1 damage to anyone) and Voodoo Doctor (2 heal to anyone). Like many perks, these are Battlecries, which only can be used when a card is placed on the board, so play it wisely. I also threw in a couple Houndmasters, which cost a little more to play but can give a friendly beast a +2/2 and taunt.

You don’t have to use a Hunter deck, you could use any deck you like! I plan on making other minion decks with different classes. I like to see what odd combos I can come up with. You should too!

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What do you want your team to draft?

If you have paid any amount of attention to your team’s General Manager over the years, I’m sure you have heard the phrase, “best player available”. If not, welcome to Draft Cliches 101! In a perfect world, your team would do that with every pick. This is reality. They don’t. GMs love to gamble. They might get enamored with someone who runs a sub 4.4 or can bench 225 lbs 30+ times or can throw the ball on a line 60 yards down field. But as a fan, what do you want in this years NFL draft?

Ah, Mick Jagger said it best. You just might find, you get what you need. Whether your team finished last place or won the Superbowl, they have needs. Some teams have more needs than others. My team, the Chicago Bears need a lot of help on defense. Mainly a playmaker who can rush and disrupt the Quarterback. Secondly, a player that can help stop the run. Last year the Bears gave up a record 2,583 rushing yards. By week 5 or 6, I was picking my Fantasy Football running backs by who they were facing each week. It hurt to do, but there was money on the line. I also had to let them go as a D/ST after they gave me some good points just a week or two before.

At the top of my list is Defensive End, Dee Ford out of Auburn. He was dominant vs Florida State and dominant at the Senior Bowl. I am still surprised there isn’t more of a buzz for him. This is actually a good thing, because he probably should be taken inside the top 10. The other player that intrigues me is Defensive Tackle Aaron Donald from Pittsburgh. I will admit, prior to the NFL Combine, I did not know who he was. I watched the Senior Bowl and a couple of practices but didn’t remember him standing out. I did read he was hard to block down there, and that bodes well as an indicator for possible NFL success.

I would also be happy with one of the top Cornerbacks or Safeties in this years draft. I think both top corners, Gilbert and Dennard will be gone before the Bears pick at #14. They may have a shot at one of the safeties, either Ha’Sean Clinton-Dix or Calvin Pryor.

There are a handful of teams who are in a good position to draft the best player available. New England, Denver, Seattle and San Francisco are all in a pretty good spot. The Bears actually did a nice job, especially landing DE Jared Allen after cutting Julius Peppers.

So what are you hoping your team gets in this years NFL draft?

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If every mount was hard to get, would we appreciate them more?

A question I was thinking as I was soaring in the sky on my Cenarion Hippogryph. I have ground out some really hard to get mounts, and got some really easy ones, like the Hearthsteed and Tyrael’s Charger. Basically given to people for “just showing up”. I like to think I appreciate all my mounts but there are some I like a little more.

Oddly, it’s one of the tougher mounts for me to obtain, I care little about. My Paladin charger. That was no little task. Even though I got it during Wrath, it still took a party of 5, including 2 80s. Me and my paladin friend, were of little help, admittedly. Best I could do was toss a few heals out and res someone. I would probably never have even got it, had it not been for my friend and two guild members. As a male draenei though, they don’t look so great on horses. All upper-body and all. The chargers were then taken away in Cataclysm and replaced with Elekks, so perhaps the point is moot.


Cloud serpents took a little to “unlock”. Do you still ride yours?

I do cherish very much the Violet Proto Drake, which took me a year (and a bit of cursing) to obtain. Even though they took the 310% flying bonus out, I do urge anyone who has not gotten it to do so. It’s a Long Strange Trip indeed.


A year of hard work and hard knocks!

I also highly value my Blue Proto Drake, which Toxxic, my Deathknight so valiantly obtained from Skadi in Heroic Utgarde Pinnacle. As well as many others.


Shakakhan poses for a quick photo in Darnassus.

So I put the question to you, dear reader: If every mount was hard to obtain, would you appreciate them more? Feel free to place a comment down under!

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NFL mock draft: Fantasy edition

So, I did an NFL mock draft back in March and I think it’s pretty solid. Now I am going to do one that is completely with my mercenary Fantasy Football heart and desires in mind. So without further snafu, let’s whip it!

1. Houston Texans: Jadeveon Clowney. I would put the Texans D/ST #1 on my list and probably take them too early. I did that with the Bears D/ST last year even though my #1 and #2 D/ST were still on the board. I know. I still came in 2nd though!

2. St. Louis Rams: Jake Matthews. Or any OT. I would say Sammy Watkins, but keeping Bradford vertical is #1 priority. They have a speedy WR and 2 good RBs.

3. Jacksonville Jaguars: Johnny Manziel, QB- Manziel has the most playmaking ability out of all the top QBs. The Jaguars have lots of needs though. Still, I think this one makes them Fantasy relevant quicker than anything else would.

4. Cleveland Browns: Blake Bortles, QB- Either Bortles or Teddy Bridgewater are probably the most “NFL ready” QBs. Cleveland already has a solid WR1 and a TE. They can snag a RB with pick #26.

5. Oakland Raiders: Sammy Watkins, WR- They already have a couple nice WRs, but adding Watkins would give QB Matt Schaub a target who can score from anywhere on the field.

6. Atlanta Falcons: Greg Robinson, OT- Atlanta has 2 nice WRs, they could use a TE or a young/speedy RB but it’s a little early for that. They need to keep Matty Ice cool in the pocket.

7. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Mike Evans, WR- I would say a QB but I don’t think any of them would really be an improvement over Mike Glennon. Lovie will probably push to draft a defensive player like Khalil Mack or Aaron Donald, if I know him.

8. Minnesota Vikings: Teddy Bridgewater, QB- He and Bortles are just about even. They could use another WR or a playmaker on Defense. Especially after losing DE Jared Allen.

9. Buffalo Bills: Khalil Mack, OLB- They could use a WR or speedy TE. If not, Mack is their man.

10. Detroit Lions: Justin Gilbert, CB- I think this is the best move for their Defense. Not sure if it would put them in the top 10, but it would help. Just switching coaches might have done more for that ;) Zing!

11. Tennessee Titans: Taylor Lewan, OT- Chris Johnson got a lot of blame for their offense/running game but another solid lineman should help.

Well, so far this looks a lot like my other mock draft. I’m not sure how I feel about that. Stay tuned for picks 12-22!


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What is your gaming genealogy?

It all started out like many from my generation with the Atari 2600. One of my friends had an Odyssey 2000 (I think). He always kicked my ass at baseball. I never did get a Nintendo system. My cousins did, and so did my friend who had the Odyssey.

So as I said, I started out with the Atari 2600. My Aunt bought it for me for my birthday one year. She kind of held it over my head (threatening to take it away from me when I was bad!). I showed her, though. I bought the Intellivision 2 system a couple years later. I seemed to get most systems after they have been around for a few years and their games became cheaper.

I got my first PC, the Commodore 64, when I was in 8th grade. Pretty much everyone I knew had one. Copying games became a thing. Yeah, it was “pirating”, but we were kids and weren’t making money off it. Ultima IV and V were among my favorite games there. Later on the Dungeons and Dragons gold box edition games came out. I would then upgrade to a Tandy computer, which was both cool and a huge waste of money. I was young though, and dumb. I did get to play Ultima VI on it and a couple more gold box D&D games on it.

I went for a couple years of no gaming before I purchased a Sega Genesis. Sonic the Hedgehog, John Madden’s football and Toejam & Earl where among my favorites. Never found a good RPG on that system. It would be many years before I went back to those. My brother in law eventually got me into the Playstation, after showing me a few games on it. Madden was still a favorite as well as the first few Resident Evil games.

When the Playstation 2 came out, I was one of the hundreds of people that went and camped out for it. Drove by to check out the scene at my local Target and found there was only a dozen or so people in line. I grabbed an empty cooler out of my car and plopped down. Thankfully, I only had to wait for about 6 hours. I finally would get back to RPG games with Baldur’s Gate Dark Alliance 1&2 and Champions: Return to Arms.

A good friend of mine got me back into PC gaming. Baldur’s Gate on the PC was a whole new level of awesomeness. I still played most of my games on the PS2, but loved playing RPGs on the PC.

My last console would be the Xbox 360, which I got from my cousin’s boyfriend for $25. I eventually got tired of the gimmicky-quick twitch sports games and concentrated on games like Oblivion and Fallout. I had played an earlier version of Fallout: Brotherhood of steel on the PS2 and that was really cool. My buddy who got me back into PC games would eventually get me into Warcraft, which promptly ruined all other games for me.

So that is my path, my gaming history. It was a long and glorious journey, filled with many shenanigans, late nights, and going to work/school on a couple hours of sleep. Where did your journey begin and where did it take you? Feel free to list your comments down under!

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Stars burn

Stars burn


Tonight the stars burn and fall from the sky

War has come, it takes the young and old alike

Angry gods, blood soaked streets

Unanswered prayers and broken dreams

Is there a savior?

Someone among the crowd

Is there a priest?

Who can comfort us now?

I pray for light

I pray for strength

This darkest night

Heal the weak

Fix the wounded

Light keep us strong

Save our souls

Please hear this song

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One card can make a difference

So, you have been playing Hearthstone for a day or a week or maybe longer. You may or may not have stumbled onto a player who whipped out a card and it totally blew your mind. Sometimes these cards seem innocent. Sometimes they seem so overpowered it makes you cry out to the gods or goddesses!


The Lightwell!

The Lightwell- I was lucky enough to open this in a recent pack I earned with gold. It seems OK on the surface. A 0/5 card that heals that heals a damaged character for +3 at the beginning of your next turn. “Meh, 0 attack” you say? Well in a priest deck that’s pretty dangerous. Especially coupled with a Divine Spirit and Inner Fire. Quickly you haveĀ  10/10 beast that will heal you every round. It only costs 2 mana to play and those buffs are cheap as well. If you see one of those cards come out on the table, kill it as soon as possible!


Pump up the power with the Questing Adventurer!

Questing Adventurer- This little guy starts out at 2/2 and buffs up +1/1 every card you play. Smart players will let him sit in their deck until they can buff him up and protect him from being instantly killed. My new favorite thing is to play it with a card that can stealth him so he can buff up and not be directly attacked. It is still vulnerable to area attacks like Arcane Explosion and Flamestrike.

So have you uncovered that one card that totally makes a difference in a class deck or a neutral card? Feel free to let me know in the comments below!


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