Ay caramba!

Ay caramba!


It’s whatcha don’t say. It’s whatcha don’t do. I’m shaking my head. I’m banging it too!

You’re not making any sense. You’re all on the defense. Words are spinning out like a landlocked trout.

You are mad at the world and it’s pretty absurd, firing off shots at shadows and what not.

I got my head down now, don’t dare make a sound. Desperately looking for some higher ground.

Tried to make my case, I lost that race. Here you come again, all back in my face.

Is this reality? Feels like brutality. Lost rationality. Don’t want to be a casualty!

Ay caramba! Gonna get me some tequila!

I need a chica who doesn’t beat me like a pinata

I’ll leave tomorrow and see what I can borrow

No time for broken hearts or sorrow

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Bears fans need to be patient

I know it’s hard. We all thought the Bears were ready to win this year. They seemed like they were built to win. We had a good offense last year. Phil Emery seemed to have brought in enough talent on the other side of the ball to “fix” last years record setting bad defense. This year has been a series of ups and downs, culmniating in last Sunday’s blowout up in New England. Tom Brady looked like the Hall of Famer he certainly will be.

Even though the Bears unraveled, I am clinging to the faith and a little hope here. It’s only Cutler’s 2nd year in this offense. He should be showing improvement (he actually is statistically) He’s not showing enough though. I have lost a little faith in him and head coach Marc Trestman. I’m giving them one more game before I go on “draft watch”. The time where I start paying more attention to the college game and the prospects coming out.

My faith and hope comes from Drew Brees. As good as a QB as he is, it took him 4 years to get to a Super Bowl with the Saints. It takes time people. I’m done apologizing and making excuses for Jay, but I am clinging to logic and the knowledge that Jay is here for 2 more years. Whether we like it or not. The Bears best chance at winning¬† the next two years is with the Cutler/Trestman combo.

This is it for Jay. There is no bringing in another head coach or offensive coordinator for him to work with. He has already had more than his share. Trestman was his last chance. This is kind of why I was surprised they signed Cutler after a mediocre performance last year. They could have given him a 2 year extension, if he didn’t want that–the franchise tag. Instead, they rolled the dice on Jay suddenly becoming a different QB after 8 years in the league. Right now it’s looking like a very bad decision. This year is one loss away from a “throw away season”.

There is a little light coming though. As the Bears enter the bye week, a time to reevaluate, heal up, and prepare for the second half. It will start out with a tough task. Go up to Green Bay and beat the Packers, who are also coming off a loss, and also have an extra week to heal and prepare. The Bears should get back some key players though. Lance Briggs on defense. CB Kyle Fuller will be able to heal up his hip. Second year WR Marquees Wilson should be returning from a fractured collarbone.

I know it’s a lot to ask, especially after the 51-23 smoking in New England. Be patient. It’s all we can do.


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1st and 5

Week 9 is upon us. For a few teams, this is the true halfway point, 8 games in the books for the 2014 season. Injuries are piling up as well as losses. I mentioned most of these players before. You should have listened, but no. You didn’t!

QB: Kyle Orton, Bills- I have said it a couple times now. He’s got 1,128 yards, 9 TDs to 3 INTs in 4 games. Go get him. In my league Carson Palmer, Cardinals- is out there too. Only 13.4% owned in ESPN leagues. Michael Vick perhaps with the Jets? Kind of risky. Could be a matchup play.

RB: Lorenzo Taliaferro, Ravens- The RB situation there continues to be a cluster. We know Forsett is going to get his share of touches as the speed back. Taliaferro might have jump ahead as the power back. Keep an eye on: Theo Riddick, Lions- Came in for Bush and was the receiving back. Detroit is on a bye this week, so Bush might sneak back into the lineup. Denard Robinson, Jaguars- posted his 2nd week of 100 yards rushing or better.

WR: Donte Montcrief, Colts- I have no idea where this dude came from. Usually I stay away from one hit wonders, but–Luck is his QB, so go snag him if you need one. Just don’t expect 100 yards and a TD every week! Keep an eye on: Brandon Cooks, Saints- I drafted this dude because I thought he would be a nice compliment to Jimmy Graham and Marques Colston. For whatever reason, the Saints couldn’t figure out how to get him going. Until Sunday night. Pick him up, but know he is a rookie and can easily be hit or miss.

TE: Heath Miller, Steelers- Look, it’s week 9. If you don’t have a TE by now, you are looking at the very bottom of the barrel. Unless you are in a league where no one pays attention to their roster. Miller looks like the best option out there and is only on 19% of ESPN rosters. He’s your man.

D/ST: Vikings- The Vikings defense has been eating the last three weeks. I expect it to continue this week vs Colt McCoy and a Redskins team that had 2 turnovers that the referees decided to let go. Steelers D/ST might be out there too. They have a tough matchup with the Ravens this week but then play the Jets and Titans back to back.

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Walking Dead Weekly

Welcome back to Walking Dead Weekly! Last night we got another strong episode. Greg Nicotero and Scott Gimple were not kidding when they said it would be non-stop. Let’s take a look and discuss what went down.

***** Spoilers Incoming *****

It all starts out with Bob being eaten beside a nice campfire. We learn more about the creepy cannibals. The twist: Bob tells them they are eating “tainted meat” and shows them a wound on his neck. I thought he was bluffing for a second but then I remembered when they took him: He was outside by himself, crying, when he should be happy inside, celebrating. Damn. I didn’t like Bob at first. During the 2nd half of last season though, he grew on me. I liked how he became a source of strength and positivity for Sasha. I have a feeling she is going to become a little more like Michonne.

It quickly escalates from there. Abraham wants to pack up and go. Rick wants to stay and wait for Daryl and Carol (I can’t help that it rhymes) to come back. Compromise is reached and they prepare for a showdown with the cannibals. I’m kind of surprised, but glad they didn’t stretch it out all season.

I have to say it plays out a little more epic (and shocking) than I thought it would. There is definitely some symbolism in the way it goes down. It’s interesting to see who partakes in it and who does not. Michonne is reunited with her Samurai sword, and it feels so good.

For the most part, questions are answered. Like all good episodes though, a big one pops up at the end. Beth: Where is she, how is she? At the end of the episode Daryl comes out of the woods. Michonne asks, “Carol?”. Daryl turns to the woods and says, “Come on out”, which is really odd if it’s just Carol. It could be he ran into Morgan, who we know is out and about.

In the trailer for next week’s episode we learned there will be some answers for Beth. Daryl reveals he was with her. He says she is “alive” but then says she is, “gone”. Does this mean she mentally checked out? We know she is capable of doing that, even though she got through it. It could also mean she is being brainwashed or drugged.

I can’t wait. This season is shaping up to be the best one yet! Hope you enjoyed this installment of Walking Dead Weekly. See you next week!

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The Raiders don’t need a savior

The Raiders don’t need a savior. They need an exorcist. Someone to throw down some holy water and cleanse the place. What they don’t need are false profits. Ex-coaches who won a Super Bowl and since have faded (or proved they can only fail). Jon Gruden might be great, but if he wanted to return to coaching, wouldn’t he have done it already?

I hate to say it, but they might need new ownership. That or Mark Davis to turn all football operations over to a capable NFL person. It doesn’t have to be someone with a huge name. It doesn’t have to be one person. They need to strip it all down and rebuild. Mike Holmgren is the latest name to surface in the Oakland situation.

With all due respect, Holmgren’s track record in Seattle and Cleveland speaks for itself. He’s more of a false profit than a savior anyways. He’s got the big name and accolades from two decades ago in Green Bay.

No. They need someone much younger, plugged into the college game. Young scouts. A young coach, not too young. The Raiders are not totally devoid of talent. They have a young QB who might have more answers than questions by season’s end. They have some WRs who have speed, size and decent hands.

It will be interesting to see how things work out across the Bay in San Francisco. If the 49ers completely lose their mind and decide Harbaugh is not the man for the job, he would be the hottest coach on the market. In my opinion, he could be a perfect fit in Oakland. He is hungry and he knows what it takes to get to a Super Bowl. He would need a strong personality to work with him as the GM. It’s time. Raiders Nation has been starving since 2002, when Gruden beat them in the Super Bowl.

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Forgotten Tracks: Featuring Peter Gabriel

Welcome back to Forgotten tracks. This week we are taking a look at mega star, singer-songwriter: Peter Gabriel. Gabriel was in the British super-group known as Genesis along side Phil Collins, Mike Rutherford (Mike and the Mechanics) and Tony Banks. Gabriel was on the air a lot in the late 70s, 80s and a good portion of the 90s. Let’s check out some of his tunes!

Big time- (pictured above) Another innovative video, following Sledgehammer.

Biko- A lot of Gabriel’s music is politically charged and very emotional. This song I remember from being featured on Miami Vice. It wasn’t until years later, I actually found out what the lyrics were truly about.

Red Rain- Like “In your eyes”, you couldn’t go an hour without hearing this on the radio unless you were not into rock or pop music.

Games without frontiers- Lyrically innovative, and great use of whistling! A classic song from a master songwriter.

Solsbury hill- A big song for Gabriel, his first as a solo artist. Talks about how he felt trapped in the “machinery” and monotony of his former band, Genesis. Sometimes you have to follow your heart and your instincts no matter how illogical that may seem to those around you.

Don’t give up- Another classic Gabriel song that was on Miami Vice. Kate Bush brings such a haunting beauty to this song. One of my favorites.

Shock the monkey- I loved it even before it was used in the Matthew Broderick movie, Project X.

I don’t remember- I will admit, I didn’t hear this song until I got his greatest hits CD in the early 90s.

Intruder- A dark foreboding song. Kind of makes you feel uncomfortable to listen to it. If you listen to the drumline closely it kind of sounds like, “Like China” Which Phil Collins would later record. Which makes sense considering Phil played drums on this track.

In your eyes- You couldn’t turn on the radio for an hour in 1986-1987 without hearing this song. As many times as I’ve heard this tune, it never gets old for me.

Mercy Street- Another song I didn’t know until I got, Shaking the Tree.

Sledgehammer- This video won a few awards for it’s innovation. Pretty good song too.

I have the touch- A great and classic Peter Gabriel song. Was also covered by Heather Nova for the movie, The Craft.

I love doing these write ups, because it reminds me of how fortunate we all are to have artists like these to draw from. Whether it be inspiration, enjoyment or to help us through a rough patch. I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did writing it!


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Who would your alliance band consist of?

“Red” posted a nice little youtube video in Saturday’s, The Queue over at WoW Insider. It was in reference to what dance you would want if you could choose one. It was perfect: A male worgen doing the forsaken male dance to Metallica’s “For whom the bell tolls”. So perfect, I decided to put in down there.

But that just opened up an idea that is kind of long overdue: We need an alliance band dammit. This can’t stand. This agression can’t stand, man. The horde has their band. It’s time for an alliance band. So I am going to help Blizzard out. That’s right. I am doing them a ‘solid’. My first reaction is to make it an all worgen band. That might not go over so well.

Here is the lineup:

Drums- Johan Bonhammer,  male dwarf.

Bassist- Dar’cee female draenei (what? You thought this was gonna be a sausage fest didn’t you?

Rhythm guitar/vocals- Haimes Jetfield, male worgen.

Lead guitar- “Teldrassil” Teddy Von Nailen, male night elf.

Piano/keyboards- Joella Billibox, female gnome.

Saxophone- K’lem Klairons male draenei.

Lead vocals/harmonica- Bryce Streetsting, human male.

I might have gotten carried away a little. Big band. We waited so long for an alliance band I suppose it’s fitting it should be bigger, better and badder than the horde one. So how would you make up your alliance band? Have fun with it and feel free to tell me in the comments down under!

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