Your noobiest move in Hearthstone

Was playing a rogue the other night and in the heat of battle he…buffed the Sunwalkerstole copied with Faceless Manipulator with a +4 Cold Blood. Was awful sweet of him. He then did what most of us who have made such noob mistakes would do, conceded. I don’t blame him. I even feel a little sorry for him. I have been there. Plenty of times.

Like the time I had a lethal with a Pyroblast and managed to…blast one of my own minions. Yeah. I forgot you had to target something and just flicked it out there. HAHA! *POOF*. I lost the very next turn. Yeah.

Or the time when I used the card the rogue was going to play (Eviscerate) on my own minion and killed it, thinking I was going to buff him +4. Don’t remember the outcome of that game. I probably lost though. You seldom recover from a mistake like that.


One mistake, oh who am I kidding, I’m sure I made a few to get into this situation!

I’ve also had the occasional mis-click and either put the wrong card out or blow up my own minion. Bottom line, take your time. Don’t be in such a hurry. I try to play fast, more because I don’t want to inconvenience my opponent. I need to take my own advice.

So how about you? Have you played flawlessly or do you have a few tales of noobishness to share? Feel free to leave your stories in the comments down under!

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Imagine: Stromgarde Keep as a PvP area

Welcome back to Imagine! This week we shall discus making Stromgarde Keep a world PvP area!

**Too bad this was not an actual Scenario. It does show that they might have been giving the idea some thought. Maybe they will see my post and make it happen?**

There could be a month long campaign in which both sides quest to build resources as we move closer to the epic battle for control. A scenario for the PvE folks, then a portal would open to the new Stromgarde Keep PvP area. It could be similar to Tol Barad. One thing I would do, I would open it up to players from level 35 on. It would be an instanced BG from 35 to 90. The Max level bracket would be the Tol Barad-esque area: Open-World PvP.

Obviously this would require a lot of resources and would not be a part of the direct expansion story, but could come at the end of an expac when there would be less to do for a period of time. It would also keep us engaged on our beloved Azeroth, which I think is important to keep us focused and grounded.

What do you think? Would it work? Would you be interested? Could this make you think about PvPing? Feel free to let me know in the comments below!

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Are we too critical when it comes to WoW?

Matthew Rossi brought up a good point on last Fridays “The Queue” over at WoW Insider about us as a community taking out our frustrations at the wrong people. I fully agree with this. It makes me wonder if we are simply being too critical of Blizzard when it comes to Warcraft.

I myself have been in kind of a downward spiral when it comes to Warlords of Draenor. Everything from no flying until 6.1 to the $10 price hike for the expansion, to how the information was being slowly put out. I have been very critical of these things. Then, something changed. I got a simple tweet back from @muffinus that brought me back to reality. I wrote about it last week. Something small like a fun holiday getting an update or a new model in beta is all that it took. Maybe it was because I started my Friday early with a cold beverage? I don’t know. I am quite glad it happened though.

worgen snow leopard

Perhaps a new druid form will take you to your “happy place”?

Many people have noticed even in places that have been overwhelmingly positive, (WoW Insider and Twitter) contempt and negativity have been taking over. I will admit, Blizzard is a little guilty here. What I don’t like to see is that the CM’s and developers are taking the brunt of the criticism. I’m pretty sure they are working as hard as they can to get out a quality product. Just like in sports, sometimes the harder you press, the harder you try, the harder it is to produce. We may never know what the delay has been, obviously something has gone awry.

So hopefully, you can find something in the beta or some cool news that has come across Twitter or your favorite fan site, to soften your stance. I am thankful that I did. I feel like myself again. The dude abides!

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Forgotten Tracks: Featuring Stone Temple Pilots

This week’s edition of Forgotten Tracks spotlights one of the most successful bands of the 90s. Whether you classify them as: grunge, alternative rock, classic rock or simply rock, they made some great music in the 90s and were all over your radio dial. Top 40, classic rock, pop, alt-rock. They were also all over MTV. I have lots of good memories of STP. Let’s share some!

Plush- Like most people, this was the first song I heard by them. I don’t remember if I loved it at first, but if not, it quickly grew on me. It stands up today, even after listening to it probably 1,000 times.

Sex type thing- Lot’s of “tongue and groove” here, pardon the pun!

Big Empty- STP got all up into the Crow soundtrack. This song would go on their forthcoming album, Purple.

Lady picture show- Kind of slower, sweeter but still undoubtedly STP.

Wicked garden- Another good one. Nissan used this song in an ad for their Frontier, which was pretty cool.

Vasoline- I love how this song almost has a “hypnotic” quality to it. Kind of a buzz or a hum. I dig it.

Creep- This one was all over the radio and MTV. In fact it was featured on “Un-plugged”. I rather like this version too.

Trippin’ on a hole in paper heart- An upbeat song, even though Lead Singer Scott Weiland was probably in the middle of his battle with drug addiction at the time he wrote this one. You can kind of hear the richness he once had in his voice is fading, which is sad.

Interstate love song- Starts out almost country and western then turns into a solid STP song.

Down- A very different direction for the band. from their 4th album, “No. 4″. Harder and lot edgier but very much STP. Almost sounds like an Alice in Chains song.

Crackerman- One of my favorite STP songs. This one didn’t get as much airplay as some of the others. Perhaps too similar to “Sex type thing”?

Sour Girl- My favorite track from their 4th studio album. If you think the girl in the video looks familiar, she does. She is Sarah Michelle Gellar.

Still remains- Kind of a power ballad. A very pretty song with deep lyrics. Kicks a little ass too. Like Crackerman, one that wasn’t on the radio as much, but one of my favorites.

Adhesive- This song reminds me a little of Big Empty but is slower and more melodic in it’s delivery. Still had the STP edge to it though.

Days of the week- Kind of a comeback song for the band, in many ways. I think they recapture some of the spirit that made them so popular to start with. Good way to end this list on a light-hearted and fun note.

Listening to all of these excellent songs brought back a lot of memories for me. I hope it did for you as well, or perhaps you discovered some new music!

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Imagine: Dungeon Creator™

Welcome back to Imagine! This week we are going to explore the possibility of Blizzard letting us take an existing dungeon and populate it with our own mobs! That’s right! Let’s see how this plays out.

This is an idea that is not new, it’s not even new to RPGs/MMOs. It’s basically “User generated content”. Now I am not asking for the power to create quests and stories or dialogue. Just set up a dungeon and be able to go populate it with stuff. Mobs, loot, maybe a world boss. Maybe make it 1 per day (so 24 hour CD). There could be set levels or have the characters scale up or down to fit the content.

It would be nice to plan guild events, invite friends and maybe challenge other players on your server. It could be a great feature to fill those gaps in content that we know will happen during the expansion cycle. If it works out, maybe even have some kind of tournament/contest or holiday built around it.

So what do you think? Is this something that would interest you or, “Na, leave the dungeons to Blizzard”. Feel free to let me know in the comments down under!

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What the Darwin Barney designation could mean

Tuesday night, the Cubs designated  infielder, Darwin Barney for assignment. Which means the veteran has 10 days to be traded, released, or waived. Barney, a nifty infielder who has been struggling at the plate, will hopefully find a home with a team ready to win. So what does this mean for the current roster?

First of all, I wish Darwin nothing but the best. Like most Cubs fans, he is a favorite of mine. I will not forget the stellar gold glove season he has in 2012, one of the bright spots in this rebuilding period. Barney will likely catch on with a team that needs some solid defense and is poised to make a playoff run. Which is good for him, but what does this mean for the 2014 Cubs? What does it mean going forward?

Immediately, it makes room for recent call up, Arismendy Alcantara who has been a bit of a spark-plug for the Cubs offense and seems to be able to play 2B and CF with a decent proficiency. He had a nice little Home Run on Tuesday that nearly left the park. It also clears the way for potential call-up, Javy Baez who has been playing 2B in AAA ball. Baez has been in the Cubs system for 4 seasons now and looks like he could be called up as soon as September 1 when rosters expand.

It also may signify the end of the Cubs “tanking” to get more draft picks. The Cubs have been collecting prospects for the last 3 seasons, it’s time to start playing them. Anthony Rizzo and Starlin Castro are both showing they are solid, if not All-Star capable players. The future is now and it looks to be a bright one. We may even see the Cubs go after David Price which has made his interest known playing for the Cubs and winning here would be, “The coolest”. The “price could be right”, the time could be now. We should find out as it gets closer to the MLB trade deadline.

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This week in Naxxramas

Hey folks! Welcome to This week in Naxxramas! Let’s take a look at the new Hearthstone expansion and what will be waiting for you!

First of all you need to download the patch, after that, you simply click on “Solo Adventures” right in the middle of the main menu.

Solo Adventures

Solo Adventures, opens up Naxxramas or Practice mode.

Then you want to select “Normal” to do battle in the Arachnid Quarter with one of the new bosses.

Welcome to naxx

Welcome to Naxx!

Now you are ready for your first boss, Anub’Rekhan.


Hopefully you don’t have a fear of spiders!

You then get to select which deck you wish to use against them. Don’t worry if you don’t win your first time out. It takes a little bit to figure out what you are up against. The Naxx UI is a little different than practice UI, which will always take down any minion you have on the board. All three bosses are fairly minion dependent too. That is all I will say on that, in case you want to figure it out on your own!

choose your hero

Choose which hero you will face each boss of Naxxramas with!

Mild spoilers ahead–defeating Anub’Rekhan unlocks your first 2 Naxx cards,

Haunted creeper unlocked

The Haunted Creeper, which went right into my Hunter deck, thank you. It’s a 1/2 beast that when killed, spawns two little 1/1 spiders. So much fun! You are now ready to take on boss #2, good luck!

Faerlina Reward

After defeating the Grand Widow Faerlina, you get your next two cards, Nerub’ar Weblord. A 1/4 minion that makes playing a minion with Battlecry (2) more mana. Now you get to face the “big boss” Maexxna,

Maexxna Defeated

Defeating Maexxna unlocks the Nerubian Egg, and 0/2 minion that has a nifty Deathrattle–summon a 4/4 Nerubian. You also get the legendary card, Maexxna for unlocking the Arachnid Quarter. Pretty good haul if you ask me. Maexxna is a 2/8 beast that destroys any card it damages. You also unlock Class Challenges, which give you the opportunity to earn a new class card for the class you complete it with!

Class challenges unlocked

Druid and Rogue class challenges unlocked!

They give you a pre-made druid deck and you must defeat one of the Naxx bosses to complete this challenge. Easier said than done! Doing so, unlocks the Poison Seeds class card. A 4 mana spell that destroys all minions and replaces them with a 2/2 treant.

Druid challenge completed

Defeating the Rogue challenge gives you the Anub’ar Ambusher, a 5/5 minion with Deathrattle. Upon death, it sends a friendly minion back into your hand.

Dey go boom!

So head on over to Naxxramas and go unlock the new cards and challenges!

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