What class has the best minons?

I ask myself this question, because I am thinking about making an all-minion deck. “Best” will be a little subjective, for certain. Perhaps we can quantify this by looking at what kind of diversity or support they can bring to other cards.


The Starving Buzzard works nicely with Unleash the Hounds or Snake Trap, along with every other beast card in the hunter deck! Haha!

Hunter- Has a great synergy with Beasts. There are a lot of beasts in the pool of neutral cards as well. I have a deck made for the “play 30 minions that cost 2 or less” quest. It’s a really fun deck that catches people by surprise but can easily be thwarted if the cards come out wrong.

Druid- They don’t have a lot of minions in their deck, but the ones they have are very powerful. Druid of the Claw is a good example. A 4/4 minion for 5 mana that can either have charge or 4 extra health and Taunt. Not too shabby!

Priest- Might have the most annoying minions. Everyone loves it when a priest pulls out a Northshire Cleric right? I have had some opponents fireball them! A little overkill in my opinion but to each their own.


You can never fully prepare for the SI:7 Agent!

Rogue- Has one of my favorites in the SI:7 Agent, a 3/3 minion for 3 mana that has a 2 point damage combo that can be use on a minion or player. That’s a solid and versatile card. Shame I only have one of them, but I try to put a couple Youthful Brewmasters in my deck to use it more than once ;) I am a tricksy rogue!

Shaman- A nice balance between versatility and power. I’m missing a couple cards from really being able to take full advantage.

Warlock- Has a lot of minions which are all demons, fittingly, which works with the spells in their deck. However, a lot of them have negative side effects. If just playing a strict minion deck, I’m not sure it would have the flexibility to counter those effects.


Bam! You just got jumped by a Kor’kron Elite. Chances are your opponent has another one on the way!

Warriors- Might have some of the most fun minions. One of my favorites is the Kor’kron Elite, which leaps into battle with a charge. A 4/3 minion that only costs 4 mana to play. Quite powerful.

I think my choices will come down to hunter, priest and shaman. I might just have to try all three. What class do you feel has “the best” minions? Feel free to let me know in the comments down below!

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The pride of Tallahassee

Unless you are a fan of NCAA college football, you might not know who Jameis Winston is. He is the star Quarterback of the Florida State Seminoles. He has also been arrested for shoplifting, accused of sexual assault and suspended for a half of this week’s game because he felt the need to stand on a table and shout vulgarities. As if he wasn’t getting quite enough attention. He is a class A jackass and the pride of Tallahassee. There is no way he should still be allowed to go to FSU, I mean, if they had any scruples or shame at all.

I’m not going to go over the ins and outs of his past transgressions, but seriously, he is under investigation for his part in a sexual assault that basically got swept under the rug. How he is escaping the scrutiny Roger Goodell and the NFL players are under, I will never know. Where is the pressure on the NCAA? Where is the pressure on Florida State University? A 2 quarter suspension for this clown is a little appalling. If I was the president, I’d have him booted so fast. I’d make sure he never played football in the state of Florida.

Of course the NCAA won’t do anything further about it because they are one of the most corrupt organizations in the United States (and probably Canada). If you need a whipping boy in light of everything that is going down in sports these days, I give you Jameis Winston–pride of Tallahassee!

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What alignment are you?

I started RPGs back in the day with Dungeons & Dragons, like a lot of kids. I also played some of the early ones on the Atari 2600 (Raiders of the Lost Ark and ET) and eventually moved on to Ultima series and the Gold Box D&D games. As games got more complex, they tried to incorporate the effect your actions had on the world. One of the first games to do this was Ultima IV.

If you stole from people, your virtue would diminish. If it got too low, it would affect things from NPC actions towards you, to guards chasing you (especially if you killed someone in town). You would have to go to the shrines of that virtue and meditate to bring it back up. In essence it was a form of alignment.

This brings me to my question: What alignment are you? Do you even consider it when you play Warcraft? I don’t Role-play in WoW in the traditional sense, but I have my headcannon and all of my characters have a personality and story. I tend to play most of my characters lawful good, but some are neutral good, true neutral or chaotic good.

Do you think of alignment in real life? I actually had to go refresh my memory one day and came to the conclusion I am chaotic good in real life. If you have never checked out the alignment tables or need a refresher, you should do so.

I actually tested into neutral good, but the test was kind of wonky…results here!

So what alignment are you? Feel free to tell me in the comments down below!

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1st and 5

Week two came and went, we saw a record* number of injuries to key stars across the NFL. This will have an impact on the waiver wire for this week, and possibly the season.

QB: Kirk Cousins, Redskins- I can’t believe how much this resembles the Vick/Schaub situation. Cousins had no problems running Washington’s offense and could be the better fit. He certainly won’t have the rushing yards, but he could be good replacement for your injured or under-performing QB.

QB: Joe Flacco, Ravens- If you league is like mine (10 player league) Flacco is probably sitting on the waiver wire. He’s not a flashy QB, but with Steve Smith running around and making plays, his outlook is a little brighter. He also is rejuvenating the career of Owen Daniels, who caught a pair of TD catches last Thursday.

RB: Nile Davis, Chiefs- If you didn’t handcuff this RB or a person in your league did not, you might want to snag him up while Jamaal Charles nurses his ankle. Then again, Kansas City has looked really bad on offense so far.

RB: Danny Woodhead, Chargers- If no one in your league has Woodhead, he should get a lot more work with Ryan Matthews going down. Donald Brown could be an option in deeper leagues. Keep your eye on the situation.

WR: Mohamed Sanu, Bengals- AJ Green has a foot injury, leaving the door open for Sanu to shine. Sanu had a decent preseason and looks poised to fill in nicely, however without AJ to take two defenders, teams might send the extra defender his way. Look for TE Jermaine Gresham to pick up some of the slack too.

WR: James Jones, Raiders- With rookie QB Derek Carr running the show, it looks as if Jones will get a steady flow of passes headed his way. Jones is a veteran receiver and knows what to do with them. Temper your expectations, because as I said, Carr is a rookie QB.

TE: Niles Paul, Redskins- I will be honest, I have no idea where this dude came from. With Jordan Reed out, Paul was the beneficiary of a QB who knows to get the ball to his Tight End. He ate at the big table: 8 catches for 99 yards and a TD. Even with a healthy D-Jax and Garcon, there should be enough for Paul–as long as Reed is not starting.

TE: Larry Donnell, Giants- I’m kind of skeptical with anyone on the Giants right now, but Donnell is off to a consistent start for the G-men. It’s the Giants, so it’s kind of a dice roll.

D/ST: Buffalo Bills- It seems like every year (okay this and the last) I am saying to pick this D/ST up at some point. They held the Bears to 20 and Miami to 10. They are getting after the QB and forcing turnovers. Pick them up, especially if you were hoping the Chiefs or 49ers would be your bread winner.

 *I have no idea if it’s a record, but it sounded good, right?

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Your favorite Warcraft ‘mob’

I was leveling my little (yes he’s a gnome) protection warrior in Borean Tundra the other day and I kind of stopped and took a look around. The Kvaldir are kind of a cool mob, all Viking-ish and everything. I think their style and design make them fun to go against. And by that I mean run around in circles and farm them because I am tired of being in the Outland. It also got me thinking, what is my favorite mob?


“Friendly” Murlocs in Borean Tundra. Nothing boring about that.

I like murlocs. Of course, I used to hate them. I mean, who didn’t. You beat one, he runs off and aggros 2-3 more. Before you know it you are corpse-running back. By this point the one you killed respawned. Ugh. I do love how dramatically they die though.

The defias bandits in Westfal used to be about the same. There was nothing dramatic in their death, but they used to run when they were almost dead and aggro more mobs. Usually a damn mage, who would stand well out of melee range of course and pew-pew your ass. That always used to be an early “coming of age” test. If you could survive Moonbrook, you knew your had your class down pretty good. Heirlooms and the Cataclysm redesign kind of ended that fun though.

Naga Protection War

A Naga protection warrior.

I hate the naga, mostly because half of them are ranged, which makes it really hard to gather them up and burn them down. I have since appreciated some of the newer models (like in Vashj’ir). Warcraft could use some proper lizard-men. Maybe if they ever do a Kul’tiras expansion.

The south sea pirate mobs are some of my favorite to kill. Partially because they look cool and partially because Booty Bay rep was like my first reputation I got outside of the main factions. I remember how happy I was when they turned from neutral yellow to friendly green ;)


Ethereal NPCs in the Outland.

Ethereal are probably my favorite mobs. I love their style and animations and funky techno-psychedelic architecture. Love to see them in the next expansion as a playable race.

Furbolgs are pretty cool too. I don’t like killing them all that much, they are kind of all big and fluffy. Similar with the moonkin mobs that are all over.

Do you have a favorite mob? Do you have a mob you love to kill and farm? Feel free to let me know in the comments down under!

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Bears go to Santa Clara and take win from 49ers

If you are a fan of NFL football, you may have enjoyed a gem last night. The Chicago Bears went to Santa Clara (Levi’s Stadium) and took the game away from the 49ers. Normally I wouldn’t write about a team, even my Bears, “stealing” a game they had no business winning. They literally and figuratively took this one away.

The Bears were down 17-0 at one point before Jay Cutler lead the team for a late score in the 2nd quarter, with just 8 seconds left. It cut the lead back to just 10 points. It was huge. Even though San Francisco came out an held the ball almost 10 minutes in the 3rd, the Bears held them to a measly 3 points. The Bears answered with their second TD drive of the game and would go on to score two more TDs in the 4th quarter.

What makes this game so remarkable is the fact that Chicago came in with their top two Wide Receivers banged up. Brandon Marshall was nursing an ankle and Alshon Jefferey a hamstring. Marshall ended up catching 3 out of the 4 touchdowns and Jeffery drew a key penalty that lead to a score. In addition to that, QB Jay Cutler took a massive shot to the chest when a 49er defender speared him with his helmet. It drew a flag and it probably changed the game. It certainly seemed to wake the QB up and focus more after that.

The defense really rose to the occasion, making key stops, taking the ball away, and even sacking the elusive Colin Kaepernick a few times. I don’t know what this means for the rest of the season, but for one game it was impressive. Unfortunately, the Bears lost one of their veteran CBs and team leaders, Charles Tillman to a triceps injury. Tillman, who is on a one year contract, might have seen his last game as a Chicago Bear. If it is, it will be sad, but what a game to be a part of. The Bears usually go to the bay area and lay an egg. Last night, they won. Magnificently. Under a good amount of adversity.

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New favorite Artist: Laurel

Thanks to tweet from @neOnrebel, I was made aware of this young singer with a completely magical set of vocal chords. She sounds like a haunting combination of Sinead O’Connor and Dolores O’riordan.

Shells- The above pictured video was the first song I heard by this brilliant young singer. Some people don’t like the video but I like it’s use of location.

Blue Blood- A song about finding love again after you have been hurt and probably numb to your feelings.

To the Hills- Laurel really shows of her range, and what a beautiful range it is. The video is a little funky, so maybe just click on something while you listen to it ;)

Firebreather- Another haunting song from the young siren. The video seems to be about two young folks trying to make it anyway they can, even if that means the young man getting involved with unsavory acquaintances. Sometimes I try not to analyze to much and enjoy things for what they are.

Crazy (Patsy Cline)- The young singer covers the famous Patsy Cline song and does a nice job. She takes it in another direction and puts her lovely yet haunting stamp all over it.

Hope you like this new artist as much as I do. Thanks again to neOnrebel for tweeting out the song, you never know what is going to make an impression on someone. Keep tweeting your music people!


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