Forgotten Tracks: Featuring Peter Gabriel

Welcome back to Forgotten tracks. This week we are taking a look at mega star, singer-songwriter: Peter Gabriel. Gabriel was in the British super-group known as Genesis along side Phil Collins, Mike Rutherford (Mike and the Mechanics) and Tony Banks. Gabriel was on the air a lot in the late 70s, 80s and a good portion of the 90s. Let’s check out some of his tunes!

Big time- (pictured above) Another innovative video, following Sledgehammer.

Biko- A lot of Gabriel’s music is politically charged and very emotional. This song I remember from being featured on Miami Vice. It wasn’t until years later, I actually found out what the lyrics were truly about.

Red Rain- Like “In your eyes”, you couldn’t go an hour without hearing this on the radio unless you were not into rock or pop music.

Games without frontiers- Lyrically innovative, and great use of whistling! A classic song from a master songwriter.

Solsbury hill- A big song for Gabriel, his first as a solo artist. Talks about how he felt trapped in the “machinery” and monotony of his former band, Genesis. Sometimes you have to follow your heart and your instincts no matter how illogical that may seem to those around you.

Don’t give up- Another classic Gabriel song that was on Miami Vice. Kate Bush brings such a haunting beauty to this song. One of my favorites.

Shock the monkey- I loved it even before it was used in the Matthew Broderick movie, Project X.

I don’t remember- I will admit, I didn’t hear this song until I got his greatest hits CD in the early 90s.

Intruder- A dark foreboding song. Kind of makes you feel uncomfortable to listen to it. If you listen to the drumline closely it kind of sounds like, “Like China” Which Phil Collins would later record. Which makes sense considering Phil played drums on this track.

In your eyes- You couldn’t turn on the radio for an hour in 1986-1987 without hearing this song. As many times as I’ve heard this tune, it never gets old for me.

Mercy Street- Another song I didn’t know until I got, Shaking the Tree.

Sledgehammer- This video won a few awards for it’s innovation. Pretty good song too.

I have the touch- A great and classic Peter Gabriel song. Was also covered by Heather Nova for the movie, The Craft.

I love doing these write ups, because it reminds me of how fortunate we all are to have artists like these to draw from. Whether it be inspiration, enjoyment or to help us through a rough patch. I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did writing it!


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Who would your alliance band consist of?

“Red” posted a nice little youtube video in Saturday’s, The Queue over at WoW Insider. It was in reference to what dance you would want if you could choose one. It was perfect: A male worgen doing the forsaken male dance to Metallica’s “For whom the bell tolls”. So perfect, I decided to put in down there.

But that just opened up an idea that is kind of long overdue: We need an alliance band dammit. This can’t stand. This agression can’t stand, man. The horde has their band. It’s time for an alliance band. So I am going to help Blizzard out. That’s right. I am doing them a ‘solid’. My first reaction is to make it an all worgen band. That might not go over so well.

Here is the lineup:

Drums- Johan Bonhammer,  male dwarf.

Bassist- Dar’cee female draenei (what? You thought this was gonna be a sausage fest didn’t you?

Rhythm guitar/vocals- Haimes Jetfield, male worgen.

Lead guitar- “Teldrassil” Teddy Von Nailen, male night elf.

Piano/keyboards- Joella Billibox, female gnome.

Saxophone- K’lem Klairons male draenei.

Lead vocals/harmonica- Bryce Streetsting, human male.

I might have gotten carried away a little. Big band. We waited so long for an alliance band I suppose it’s fitting it should be bigger, better and badder than the horde one. So how would you make up your alliance band? Have fun with it and feel free to tell me in the comments down under!

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Have you changed your face(s)?

So, as I might have mentioned on twitter and WoW Insider, I got an upgraded video card and some memory. I am now able to run Warcraft with the new models and am checking out patch 6.02. It’s very weird for me. It’s kind of a double whammy.

First of all, there are the new visuals. Even without the new models, things look a lot different with the new video card. It almost looks more “arcadey”. Which is cool. I went from 1280 x 768 resolution to 1920 x 1080. So there’s that too. Factor in the new models/animations and that’s a sensory overload for me.

I’m not sure I like the new models as much as I thought I would. So far, I have been on one character and I visited the barber shop. Changed hair color and face on my hunter. I think it’s cool that there are more eye colors now. Almost went for green eyes, but I liked another face a little better. (I have since checked out most of my toons)

Some observations:

  • Some of the facial hair are worse. Human and night elf beards for instance.
  • Night elf ‘run’ is completely ridiculous. Way too bouncy.
  • Night elf hair is excellent. So animae.
  • Some of the hair options are amazing, some not so much.
  • Seems like all the characters have a “default” face. I have been able to get close to what I had at the barber shop
  • Male night elves no longer have a “pretty” face.
  • Most impressed with the human models so far.

I have changed almost every one of my characters faces except one male dwarf, one male night elf, and my two male draenei. I haven’t even logged in on the draenei because they look pretty much the same as they did before. My male tauren doesn’t look noticeably different either, but I hardly play him, so I wouldn’t notice any subtle changes.

Have you visited the barber shop and checked out the new faces or are you cool with the way your characters look? Feel free to let me know in the comments down below!

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1st and 5

Wow. Week 8 is here already. Some ups, some downs (strikes and gutters). A lot of injuries again this week. What does it mean for the waiver wire? Let’s see!

QB: Carson Palmer, Cardinals- He’s on the street in my league and by the looks of it, only 9.6% owned in ESPN leagues. He seems to be over the nerve injury and is getting back to throwing TDs. If your QB is failing/injured or on the bye–pick him up!

RB: Jerick McKinnon, Vikings- Apparently Matt Asiata has run his course and McKinnon is now “the guy”. Either way, with Bridgewater not doing much, it might not be long lived. Keep an eye on: Lots of injuries this week, Buffalo lost both it’s top RBs. Next up for them is Anthony Dixon. Tre Mason, Rams- Had some nice runs last week. No clue what’s going on with Stacy or Benjamin. Denard Robinson, Jaguars- went over 100 yards for the first time in his career, which is impressive considering his QB kept turning the ball over.

WR: Doug Baldwin, Seahawks- There was a trade on Friday that apparently has some Fantasy implications. Dynamic (and ornery) WR Percy Harvin was traded to the Jets. Baldwin broke out on Sunday and seems to be the #1 option going forward. Keep an eye on: Kearse, Seahawks- Should also get more action with Harvin gone.

TE: Owen Daniels, Ravens- I brought him up earlier in the season when Pitta went down. Only 22% owned in ESPN leagues. He should be there if you need a TE.

D/ST: Colts- I mentioned them a couple times. I did not see them shutting out the Bengals. Go get them. They are playing with confidence.

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Walking Dead Weekly

Welcome back to Walking Dead Weekly! So many things to talk about this week. Yesterday’s episode “Strangers” is right up there with my top 10 Walking Dead episodes of all time. Season 5 is so awesome so far, it could go down as the best ever. I don’t say this lightly as I was pretty unhappy with the 2nd half of season 4.

***There will be spoilers so read at your own risk!***

So right off, we get introduced to a knew character, Gabriel–a priest or some kind of holy dude. I love how there is so much symbolism with religious implications and forgiveness. One thing that was kind of annoying though is that after Terminus, they would feel the need to bring up anything from the past. I would think that would just be a clean slate going forward. I do understand them wanting to know what happened to Lizzie and Mika, but other than that, man, they are alive and that’s really all that matters.

Early on in the episode, Bob gets affectionate with Sasha–which was really cool to see, but then he gets super positive and philosophical with Rick. I kind of felt something was going to go down with him. I never would have predicted what happened would have happened. I’m kind of glad how it played out. His death should be more than just getting eaten by a walker or shot by some random mope.

Rick doesn’t trust Gabriel–and probably justifiably so. If you watched “Talking Dead” you know that there was a bible verse that was painted on the archway, “He who eats my flesh and drinks my blood has eternal life”. Coincidence? I could be reading into it too much, but to me that could mean he knew about the cannibals. I’m wondering if he made some type of Lando Calrissian deal with them: protection in exchange for handing people over to them. There is no way he survives 17+ months without killing anyone. Someone would have raided that church. There is barely a scratch on it. With no weapons, someone has to be protecting it.

Of course the group couldn’t stay together long. Bob goes outside and starts crying and Carol goes off to fuel and charge up the abandon car they came across. Daryl is not far behind and they see a speeding car that he recognizes as the one that took Beth!

The episode was really jam packed with action and nice moments from characters. Not a scene wasted in my opinion. My biggest question: What was the mark on the tree? You saw it when Bob got taken and again later on. It was kind of an L shaped line.

“Zombie kill of the week” is a tie. Mainly because they were kind of ordinary. It’s between Rick slamming a walker’s head on a rock and Michonne taking one out with a kitchen utensil. Looked like a mixing beater perhaps. Fun stuff. I personally don’t see anyone topping Carol blowing up a bunch of them with a firework last week.

Hope you enjoyed this week’s installment. Tune in next time. Same bat time, same bat channel!

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Fantasy impact: Injuries

Whether you are new to Fantasy Football or not, you could always benefit from heightened awarness regarding injuries and your players. At this time of the season, the majority or NFL players are dealing with a host of injuries. Some have broken bones, sore/torn muscles. We’re going to take a look at how these things can impact your players and the decisions you make about them.

Barring a season ending injury, there are a few that can cut a players productivity down to nothing.

  • High ankle sprain- a 2-4 week soft tissue injury that could have lingering effects if not treated properly.
  • Hamstring- a tear/strain in the muscle that usually plagues a speedy player throughout the season.
  • Concussion- serious head trauma that can cut short a players career. With most players, it’s a 1-2 game issue, depending on prior history.

It helps to really know your players and their injury history. You play “virtual doctor” to a degree (not really). If your player has a history of hamstring issues or concussions, you know they might take more time to recover. Some players are better than others playing through injury. Brandon Marshall for instance, let it be known that he played though a high ankle sprain earlier this season. His productivity went way down, which was bad for owners, but he fought through it.

Some injuries never make it public, which makes it hard to assess what to do with that player.

So what do you do when your star player is dinged up? Hamstrings are bad news when it comes to wide receivers. Especially if it’s a fast guy like DeSean Jackson (he doesn’t have one, so breathe easy!).

Running backs and Quarterbacks are most affected by concussions*. Any player can get one, but those are the players who are most likely to have them reoccur if not handled properly.

High ankle sprains can happen to anyone who gets tackled. The injury is a lot like a broken bone in the sense that it totally limits what you can do. In fact, when a players has a bad high ankle sprain, they will be put in a walking boot to limit any further stress to the ankle/leg.

There are many other injuries that can effect your players during the season from bruised hands to broken bones. Hopefully your players and favorite footballers stay healthy for the rest of the season!

*Speaking strictly from a fantasy football standpoint. I am not claiming that those players are affected any more in reality.

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10 best episodes of The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead returned to our TV screens last Sunday in grand fashion as season 5 premiered on AMC. In my opinion it was one of the best episodes to date. I won’t spoil it, if you still have yet to see it.  I’m just going to go in numerical order. Grab a drink and let’s roll.

TS-19: Season 1, episode 6- Rick leads the group to the CDC in Atlanta where you find out some really good info on what is going on. The refuge is short lived and ultimately, they have to move on.

Pretty much dead already: Season 2, episode 7- Things get crazy on the farm. Emotions are running high as the search for Sophia comes to an ironic end.

Beside the dying fire: Season 2, episode 13- Shane and Rick are moving towards a high impact collision. The farm, buys the farm. Total chaos.

Seed: Season 3, episode 1- The group makes their way to a prison. Andrea meets Michonne.

Walk with me: Season 3, episode 3- Andrea and Michonne find a haven called Woodbury. The Governor is introduced and Merle is back!

Clear: Season 3, episode 12- Rick runs into an old friend (Morgan) who has seemingly gone crazy. Carl tells Rick Michonne is “one of them”. Just a brilliant episode.

This sorrowful life: Season 3, episode 15- Merle takes things into his own hands, but ends up doing “the right thing”. In the end, sometimes your most noble deed is the one that turns you into a walker. Fittingly, Daryl is the one to find his brother. It’s very touching.

Too far gone: Season 4, episode 8- A “kinder, gentler” Governor takes Herschel and Michonne hostage in order to negotiate a peaceful takeover of the prison. Epic ending to the first half of season 4.

Claimed: Season 4, episode 11- Daryl runs into an interesting group. Abraham, Eugene and Rosita are introduced.

No sanctuary: Season 5, episode 1- The epic premiere of the current season. Terminus is finally revealed for what it is. Carol is “Zombie apocalypse Rambo”. After the last half of season 4, this episode was so rewarding.


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