So you have Edwin VanCleef, now what?

That’s right. I got my first legendary card in Hearthstone and it is none other than Edwin VanCleef. One of the most sinister and bad ass rogues in Warcraft. The legendary card is pretty sweet too. 2/2 with a +2/2 for every card you play that hand. So what? Well, my wheels immediately start turning on how I can use this to deliver the pain! Lessons in love!

So I slipped it into an existing deck I had. But why stop there? I took a quick look at some of my cards and made some cuts. Added a few low cost cards. This is what I came up with:


I jumped right in to play a game, I had to test it out on a live person. Unfortunately, I did not get the legendary in my draw. Nor did I get it when I swapped out two cards. 2 rounds in though, it found it’s way into my hand! I have to admit, I got a little rush of adrenaline. I also got a Questing Adventurer, which plays right into things. So on round 7 I was poised to strike! I played the Questing Adventurer, which would also benefit for any cards I played that round. I then threw out a Wisp, Young Priestess, and Cold Blood.


The result is a 6/6 Questing Adventurer and the 10/11 Edwin VanCleef. My opponent went for the Questing Adventurer. Fortunately he did not have a hex or silence. As you can see I have a Master of Disguise in my hand for next turn, which will stealth him! I love it when these things all work out like that!


Things won’t always work out like that, but when they do, they are very fun. Fun is why we play, right? For me it is. My opponent was gracious enough to play his hand then concede before I could finish him off, but I had the last laugh and a nice smile. I’m sure he was left cursing and muttering that it was a “gimmick deck” which is fine by me :)

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NFL mock draft: Fantasy edition 12-22

Last week I gave you 1-11. This week you get 12-22. Happy Easter!

12. NY Giants: Zack Martin, OT- They could use another WR, but I think Eli needs a stout Tackle to help keep him clean in the pocket. TE Eric Ebron would be a nice pick too.

13. St. Louis Rams: Darquez Dennard, CB- I’m sticking with what I gave them in my mock draft. They could trade down and take a WR.

14. Chicago Bears: Ha’Sean Clinton-Dix, S- My Bears have not had a playmaking Safety since Mike Brown. I also like, and think Dee Ford is going to be a pass rushing stud. Would not mind if they took him.

15. Pittsburgh Steelers: Dee Ford, DE- Maybe a better fit in a 3-4 defense. I had the Bears taking him in my “official” mock draft. Could easily take S Calvin Pryor or a WR.

16. Dallas Cowboys: Eric Ebron, TE- Jason Witten isn’t getting any younger and Ebron could be a dynamic receiver paired with Witten and Dez Bryant.

17. Baltimore Ravens: Calvin Pryor, S- Not the flashiest pick they could make but one that would help bring their defense back in order.

18. NY Jets: Brandin Cooks, WR- They did a nice job to snag Eric Decker in Free Agency. Adding a speedy WR to the mix would help out QB Michael Vick/Geno Smith. Could trade down a few spots and take RB Carlos Hyde for “Ground and Pound” part 2.

19. Miami Dolphins: C. J. Mosely, LB- They could take a 4th or 5th ranked Offensive Tackle, top ranked Guard or one of the higher ranked LBs to help their Defense out.

20: Arizona Cardinals: Derek Carr, QB- I have Eric Ebron falling to them in my “real” mock draft and I like that fit a lot better. Carr would be more of a “future” Fantasy pick.

21: Green Bay Packers: Aaron Donald, DT- They could easily add another speedy WR to the mix. A disruptive Tackle to go with Matthews and Peppers would be awfully tough for their Defense. In reality, Donald will be long gone. As a Bears fan, I will be happy for that :)

22: Philadelphia Eagles: Odell Beckham, WR- Eagles need a WR badly after a surprise cut to DeSean Jackson.

That’s it for now, check back next week for picks 23-32!

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Favorite insults or comebacks

In the vein of my 11 favorite lines from movies, I will now list my favorite insults or comebacks. Some of these clips will be NSFW, so be warned!


This scene from “The Princess Bride” is one of the classic “insult scenes” of all time and not one traditional curse word was needed!

Short but sweet: Will Smith is in the middle of a gunfight in, “Bad Boys” when he get’s insulted by one of the bad guys. His reply is classic. “Fuck me? Fuck you!”.

“Garfield: You a faggot, Nash? Connor: why, Garfield? You cruising for a piece of ass?” – This line from Highlander is the inspiration behind this post. The scene is in this medley of clips from the movie.

“Should I hate him?” One of the best scenes from “Tombstone” starts out with Doc Holiday and Johnny Ringo getting a formal introduction. It goes on to them taunting each other in Latin, then Ringo pulling a gun on Doc Holiday. His reply, he mockingly takes his cup and goes through similar motions with it. Doesn’t get much better than that folks!

The movie, “The Big Lebowski” is full of clever lines, insults and retorts. Some of them simple and some more complex. Here is a long scene, starting with the introduction of “Jesus Quintana” and ending with one of the classic comebacks of all time. Enjoy! **very NSFW**

Caddyshack had some of the funniest lines in it. Including an insult laden monologue by famed comedian, Rodney Dangerfield. Hard to single one out, so enjoy the clip!

The Diehard movies are known for it’s witty lines, insults and snappy comebacks. This scene from Diehard 2 pits Captain Lorenzo up against the hero, John McClane. Bruce Willis really goes after him, including the line at the end.

Well, that’s all for now. Perhaps I will do a part 2 to this list somewhere down the line. Hope you enjoyed it!

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You favorite Warcraft companion quest?

We have all done at least one. You get an NPC to travel with you and even help you on your quest. Some of them are annoying, some helpful, some are even funny. So what is your favorite one?

Whether is is having a pack of sea dogs or rescuing some of John J. Keeshan’s men, the companion quests are pretty fun. It breaks up the monotony of normal questing.

Sea dogs

Orc Sea Dogs! Mustard, relish–hold the onion!

There is the quest chain where you have to rescue some Orc Sea Dogs from spider cocoons in Silverpine Forest. You then take them with you to rid a cave full of spiders, including a huge nasty one that hangs from the ceiling. If you don’t like spiders, you might want to skip this one!

Keeshan gunning

If you have been playing WoW for any length of time, no doubt you have either been through Red Ridge or heard of John J. Keeshan and his epic quest. It all starts with getting his personal effects back and saving his men. It has nothing to do with Warcraft but it’s fun. He also returns later on in the leveling process.


Sneaky Ettin surprise elf lady!

Also in Red Ridge, I love the quest where you enlist (subdue) the help of a Canyon Ettin and get him to remove a rock that has pinned down one of the men trying to move it. My favorite part is when he says goodbye to your hero. Priceless.

Back to Silverpine, Sylvanas sends you to Fenris Isle where you have the aid of the Val’kyr. She helps you kill some mobs and later on flies you…well, I am not going to give up the goods. You have to play it for yourself ;)

In Western Plaguelands you hook up with a zany troll druid. He is almost useless, but pretty funny to hang around and listen to his comments.

Maximillian of Northshire. Only did this one once, so my memory is spotty. I just remember him yelling out all over Un’Goro crater about dragons!

There are a lot more out there, so which is your favorite? Feel free to tell me about it in the comments down under!


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Enter the minion deck

The minion deck was made after I got the quest to play 30 minions that cost 2 or less. I figured, why not make a deck full of mostly minions to get this done ASAP. I did not expect for it to be as fun as effective as it turned out to be. Couple that with the fact that I didn’t care if I won or lost, it was even more fun!


As you can see the overwhelming majority of my cards cost 1 or 2 mana to play. I tried to include as many cards with other abilities as I could.

One simple goal: Get out as many minions as possible. Since they are low cost to play, they don’t have high health and will generally be killed quick. If I want to be extra nasty, I wait a couple rounds, so I can spring 2-3 minions on my opponent at once. Using the hunter deck gives me a lot of Crowd Control spells and the 2 damage to the enemy hero is nice.

Every card counts: As a bonus, I put in cards that have “perks” to them such as the Elvin Archer (1 damage to anyone) and Voodoo Doctor (2 heal to anyone). Like many perks, these are Battlecries, which only can be used when a card is placed on the board, so play it wisely. I also threw in a couple Houndmasters, which cost a little more to play but can give a friendly beast a +2/2 and taunt.

You don’t have to use a Hunter deck, you could use any deck you like! I plan on making other minion decks with different classes. I like to see what odd combos I can come up with. You should too!

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What do you want your team to draft?

If you have paid any amount of attention to your team’s General Manager over the years, I’m sure you have heard the phrase, “best player available”. If not, welcome to Draft Cliches 101! In a perfect world, your team would do that with every pick. This is reality. They don’t. GMs love to gamble. They might get enamored with someone who runs a sub 4.4 or can bench 225 lbs 30+ times or can throw the ball on a line 60 yards down field. But as a fan, what do you want in this years NFL draft?

Ah, Mick Jagger said it best. You just might find, you get what you need. Whether your team finished last place or won the Superbowl, they have needs. Some teams have more needs than others. My team, the Chicago Bears need a lot of help on defense. Mainly a playmaker who can rush and disrupt the Quarterback. Secondly, a player that can help stop the run. Last year the Bears gave up a record 2,583 rushing yards. By week 5 or 6, I was picking my Fantasy Football running backs by who they were facing each week. It hurt to do, but there was money on the line. I also had to let them go as a D/ST after they gave me some good points just a week or two before.

At the top of my list is Defensive End, Dee Ford out of Auburn. He was dominant vs Florida State and dominant at the Senior Bowl. I am still surprised there isn’t more of a buzz for him. This is actually a good thing, because he probably should be taken inside the top 10. The other player that intrigues me is Defensive Tackle Aaron Donald from Pittsburgh. I will admit, prior to the NFL Combine, I did not know who he was. I watched the Senior Bowl and a couple of practices but didn’t remember him standing out. I did read he was hard to block down there, and that bodes well as an indicator for possible NFL success.

I would also be happy with one of the top Cornerbacks or Safeties in this years draft. I think both top corners, Gilbert and Dennard will be gone before the Bears pick at #14. They may have a shot at one of the safeties, either Ha’Sean Clinton-Dix or Calvin Pryor.

There are a handful of teams who are in a good position to draft the best player available. New England, Denver, Seattle and San Francisco are all in a pretty good spot. The Bears actually did a nice job, especially landing DE Jared Allen after cutting Julius Peppers.

So what are you hoping your team gets in this years NFL draft?

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If every mount was hard to get, would we appreciate them more?

A question I was thinking as I was soaring in the sky on my Cenarion Hippogryph. I have ground out some really hard to get mounts, and got some really easy ones, like the Hearthsteed and Tyrael’s Charger. Basically given to people for “just showing up”. I like to think I appreciate all my mounts but there are some I like a little more.

Oddly, it’s one of the tougher mounts for me to obtain, I care little about. My Paladin charger. That was no little task. Even though I got it during Wrath, it still took a party of 5, including 2 80s. Me and my paladin friend, were of little help, admittedly. Best I could do was toss a few heals out and res someone. I would probably never have even got it, had it not been for my friend and two guild members. As a male draenei though, they don’t look so great on horses. All upper-body and all. The chargers were then taken away in Cataclysm and replaced with Elekks, so perhaps the point is moot.


Cloud serpents took a little to “unlock”. Do you still ride yours?

I do cherish very much the Violet Proto Drake, which took me a year (and a bit of cursing) to obtain. Even though they took the 310% flying bonus out, I do urge anyone who has not gotten it to do so. It’s a Long Strange Trip indeed.


A year of hard work and hard knocks!

I also highly value my Blue Proto Drake, which Toxxic, my Deathknight so valiantly obtained from Skadi in Heroic Utgarde Pinnacle. As well as many others.


Shakakhan poses for a quick photo in Darnassus.

So I put the question to you, dear reader: If every mount was hard to obtain, would you appreciate them more? Feel free to place a comment down under!

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