How much gold should you make per hour?

This question came to me as we were discussing the new spec changing mechanic and pricing on the Queue one day. I’m not going to get into the politics of that whole issue, save for the pricing: 16, 24, 32, 64*. That all seems fair, as far as gold goes. Even if you are a prolific spec-swapper, you should be able to make gold to cover it, and then some. Just how much gold do you make per hour?

Dance like no one is watching

Make gold, or dance naked in Dalaran? Why not both?

This is what I want to know (for those of you in Legion Beta!).

After 50 minutes of upper tempo questing in Talador, I ended up with 640g, (started with 10g) for a net amount of 630g. Not too bad for an hour of questing. I did seem to get a lot of weapon drops though. Not sure what that will be like in Legion. Even if you go slow, and there aren’t as many drops, I think it’s reasonable to expect between 300-500g per hour of questing. That’s a pretty good chunk of change.

So how much do you make now? Do you keep track? If so, do you feel you are making enough gold from questing? Feel free to let me know in the comments down under!

*since initially writing this, the costs have been reversed. Still brought up a good question going forward!

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Brawl of the week: Shadow Towers

This week’s Tavern Brawl is another new one: Shadow Towers- all your minions get stealth the first round you play them. I did this on my second account, so I didn’t have all the nasty cards I do on my main.

Shadow Towers

Shadow Towers.

So, I took up the Warlock and filled it with some low cost minions. I put a couple heavier hitters in the back end. This brawl is going to get ugly as the day goes on. It’s Wild, so you can use all of your cards. There are a few cards from Naxx and Goblins vs Gnomes I can think of that will be very imposing.

Starting out

You also get 10 armor. Apparently they want these matches to last a few rounds. Heh.

So get in there and get your win. You create your own deck so you can use it to get all your dailies done. The sledding should be tough though. Especially when people get home from work and put some thought into their collection. Have fun. See you next week!

Win and get out

This is me missing the lethal (screen cap) again. Oops!

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Walking Dead Weekly: Fear The Walking Dead

Last night, we got the final episode of the first half of season 2. Shiva, brought a few things to a head, but left some things dangling, like a good finale should. Before we get to all that,

*****Spoiler Alert*****

Fear The Walking Dead has been a slower paced show than it’s cousin, The Walking Dead, and that is OK. They are building all their characters from scratch, and I thought they were doing a really fine job with at least half of them. More about that later.

Daniel is a truly haunted soul. We see it start coming out a couple episodes back. It comes to fruition in the mid season finale.

Travis asks Alicia to help him find Chris and she tells him, “No!”. She then reminds Travis that Chris had a knife in his hand when they woke to Strand’s gunfire. Travis then runs off to find his son.

Celia makes it clear to the group they have until sundown to leave. She berates Strand for not killing himself and lying to her adopted son, Thomas Abigail. She even taunts strand at one point when Nick asks for more time,”You are going to let a boy beg for you?”. Strand didn’t take the bait, but is no better off for it.

The good and the bad: Chris is slipping away mentally, and morally. Which is bad. The good thing is, we see how resourceful he has become. Travis comes up upon a corpse who is has a table knife stuck in his head, the same ones they had back at the compound. The corpse has an empty holster. The camera pans to show Chris with a pearl handled gun tucked into the back of his jeans. He should have taken the knife back out, but it shows Chris knows how to upgrade his arsenal.

Travis is suddenly limping. We eventually see his feet are bloodied when he takes his socks off. Not sure why he is the only one walking around without shoes. Also not sure you would get bloodied feet from walking in grass in your socks.

Nickolas: Walker Wrangler– Nick runs off and brings back Luis in undead form. Celia is happy to see this. I can’t understate how advanced and impportant this is. Nick has been the most amazing character this season in terms of development and adapting to his new surroundings. Celia is pleased and tells Nick he can stay. Nick asks about his family, and gets them to stay as well, except for Strand.

“I will not die” Nick says to Madison as she tries to understand why he is so happy to wear zombie blood and run off among the dead. He tells her about him going face to face with death on the beach and not being afraid of them. This scares the pants (not literally) off of Madison, who should be overjoyed her son has blossomed. It does seem he is getting a little overconfident though. He still needs to worry about the living.

Come undone: Daniel comes unglued as he talks to Ofelia. Some nearby caretakers see him breaking down and confront him, which leads to him lashing out with his pocket razor. Eventually he is subdued and taken off to a cell.

Strand makes his pitch to Madison. He works her on a couple different levels. She says she can’t leave without Travis. The table is set for a reunion on the Abigail.

“I’m no good” Travis catches up with Chris who seems to be going further into sociopath territory. He takes hostage a man and his small child, tells the man to get rid of Travis or he will kill his son. Whether that is true or not (the killing part) it is still a step in the wrong direction. Travis eventually disarms Chris, who runs out of the small house. Travis tackles Chris and they struggle for a few seconds. Travis ultimately gets Chris unarmed and to stop fighting. Chis says, “Look at me”, then tells Travis he is no good. It’s a sobering reality, but it brings up some interesting conversation.

The scene with Daniel and Celia in the cellar is both compelling and disturbing. They did a nice job with throwing in some hallucinations. Reminds me of what Rick went through when his wife died. Keep this in mind for later.

You can go your own way: “You didn’t find me”, Travis says to Nick as he caught up to him. Travis knows he can’t take Chris back like he is, and won’t leave him. Nick then hands Travis a knife and goes back to the compound. As crappy as it seems now, It’s setting up for some really good TV.

We get to see more of Daniel’s backstory while he is tied up in the cellar. He further hallucinates with Griselda. The parallels are strong between him and Rick. We see two of the stronger characters breaking down, and losing their grip on reality. Daniel still knows what needs to be done though, he doesn’t run off to grow a garden. Yet.

Cold blooded: Madison got Celia to show her where she keeps “the dead”. Celia asks, “What wouldn’t you do for your child?”. “Nothing.” Madison says coldly, as she closes the cell door behind Celia, and takes the key out. Powerful scene and important moment.

Madison is a true survivor and will do anything to protect what is hers. She is Rick about 4 seasons ahead of time. Or is she Shane? Shane was ready and willing to do whatever it took to protect his family. Even if that meant killing the living.

Don’t stand so close to me: Daniel makes the caretaker who was about to feed him learn that mistake. He headbutts him and gains his freedom.

Strand gets ushered out by a group of caretakers. Alicia is the lone group member who sees him depart. “I’ll hail a cab”, Strand remarks, clinging to his sense of humor.

Burning down the house: Daniel finds a gasoline can and prepares to set a section of the cellar on fire. There is about a dozen walkers. Eventually the entire compound catches fire. Madison sees Daniel a few moments later, he is passed out on the ground* (from the smoke?). She leaves as the flames flare up. Outside, she sees Nick walking. Nick is in full zombie blood mode as he was returning from trying to find Travis. He tells her he didn’t find them. Then questions her about Celia and who set the place on fire. Madison tells him to get in the truck as Strand was waiting to go. Nick says that Celia was right about them. All they do is destroy everything. He chooses to stay behind.

Madison eventually gets into the truck with Strand, Alicia, and Ofelia as Nick walks into the night. The ends scene reminds me to much of when the farm burnt down in the Walking Dead. It pushed the group in different directions.

Fear The Walking Dead Strikes Back! Part of what made The Empire Strikes Back so good was the way it ended: Han Solo frozen in carbonite. The FTWD midseason finale had three of these: Nick, Travis/Chris, and Daniel. As I said before, this should translate into some very compelling TV.

Questions: We had some answered this episode, but we had a few more come up.

Where will Travis and Chris go? They are two pretty tough dudes, and should be able to defend themselves. Where will they go? Will Travis be able to get to Chris, or will Chris try to escape the first chance he gets? Chris has come a long way from the pouty kid who sat on the roof of Madison’s house. I have a feeling if he can’t come back, he might make an epic bad guy.

Nick should be OK on his own, he has shown he is probably the best suited for the new world. He has the charm for the living, and the cunning and understanding for the dead. What will he do though? Lead the rest of the people from the compound? Start up his own cult?

Is Daniel Dead? We didn’t see him die. We have heard from producers and directors in the past, if you don’t see a character die on screen they are not dead. I said “keep this in mind for later” when talking about Daniel and his similarities to what Rick went through. Would they put all that development into a character they are killing off? I don’t think so. Daniel is one of the most fleshed out characters. I don’t think they would show him losing his mind if he wasn’t allowed to come back. Will Nick find him? Will someone else?

We haven’t seen our pirate friends for a couple of shows now. What are they up to? Jack and Alex are still out there. Will they head down and try to recapture the Abigail?

Even if Strand and company make it back to the Abigail, and it is in working order, where will they go? Will they stick around and wait for Travis? Will they head off? If so, where to? The open water is more dangerous than land, and they have less people to defend themselves now.

Will Strand change? He has no reason to keep his numbers low now. Will he be more receptive to try and take on other survivors? He chose not to kill himself and join Thomas in death. That has to mean something. What does Strand want out of this new life?

Is Celia dead? I assume she will be a gonner, but we didn’t see her being eaten either. Nick is back. Can he get to her in time? Will someone else?

I know a lot of people have been down on this show, and many stopped during season 1. If you are still interested and happen to catch this recap, consider picking it up again when it returns for the second half of season 2. It’s definitely got the elements of what we love from the original series, and is putting it’s own mark on the franchise. Hope you enjoyed the series as much as I did writing about it. See you in August!

*Edit: That was the caretaker who Daniel knocked that was lying on the ground.

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Inside, I hide, my time, my mind

Outside, you shine, daytime, sunlight

It doesn’t mean, we don’t fit, it doesn’t mean we should quit

Sometimes, hate blinds, eyes shut, mouths wide

It doesn’t mean, I don’t care, it doesn’t mean I don’t dare

How dare you to judge me, I thought you knew me

Inside, I thrive, my heart, my life

Outside, stars rise, moonlight, goodbye

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Imagine: Ironman/Ironwoman tabard

I’m not really sure how or why I started on this topic, but I suddenly was struck with the idea: What if there was a way to show off your dedication to playing an “Ironman” style of play. Why not a tabard that lets everyone know the level you have achieved.


Ironchic (think Iron shiek). Level 5 and alive!

Boom! Enter the Ironman tabard. It would have different levels and indicate how far you have got playing by certain rules. The tabard itself would limit you from using certain conveniences such as mounted travel or equipping certain items.

Why a tabard? It’s something unique that would identify you as being a part of a certain group. It reminds me of during Wrath how people would wear different tabard while repping up with a faction. It was cool when you saw a player going through the same grind as you. Only, this would be on anohter level.

What would it do? As I said, it would restrict certain things from being usable. It would change colors every tier of difficulty you have accomplished. (every 10-20 levels or maybe every expansion)

Achievements and title: You would get achievements every step of the way, and once you hit max level during a given expansion, you would be rewarded with a title. (Ironborn, perhaps?)

If it works out (and why would it not?) they could expand it to other playstyles as well. Only leveling on dungeons with weapons and gear that drops for you. Leveling through gathering, killing mobs/pet battles.

I know you could do this now, but this would legitimize, reward, and throw a little glory on those who want a little more challenge out of their game. It might be a little work to get programmed, but I think it would add a lot to the game.

What do you think? Would you be interested in an Ironman/Ironwoman tababrd, achievements, and/or title? Feel free to drop a comment down below!

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Brawl of the week: Unite Against Mechazod (again)

If you have not played this week’s Tavern Brawl yet, it is the first (and only?) cooperative brawl we have had so far. It’s fun and challenging (and frustrating at times). The only downfall is that once you get your win, you have less incentive to play. That being said, it might take you a few cracks at the apple.

Unite Against Mechazod!

Mechazod is back, for a limited time! Get yours while supplies last!

Square off vs Mechazod using either Uther–the paladin, or Anduin–the priest. The decks are premade, and filled with cards and spells that may aid your cause (basically they will frustrate the hell out of you).

Use either Uther or Anduin

One strategy is to flood the board with minions and eventually buff one up to take out Mechazod. Make sure it’s protected though. Mechazod loves to take out your “highest attack” minion.

Damn, too late

Mis-timed my screen shot. I wanted to get Mechazod getting the lethal. Ah, well. Next time!

My opponent/partner got Fjola Lightbane up to 40 attack and we were able to protect it (it divine shields anytime you target it with a spell). I was a little late on my screen shot, so you will have to take my word for it. It was brilliant! Only took me 3 tries, which isn’t bad at all.

Have fun beating up on Mechazod. Good luck, enjoy the games/free pack, and see you next week!

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Walking Dead Weekly: Fear The Walking Dead

Last night’s episode, Sicut Cervus, set the stage for the mid-season finale. It revealed some things that were a bit up in the air for a few weeks. Before we get to it all,

***** Spoiler Alert *****

Church of the poisoned mind: The episode starts out with a choir singing and a priest addressing his parishoners. We then see them outside bleeding from the eyes. We later find out why. I didn’t catch it in my first viewing, but upon my second watch I heard the padre say, “Celia…this was her”. Which means I didn’t catch that as foreshadowing. Which is a shame.

So long: Luis, We barely knew you. Your head shots will be missed. I thought he would be around a little longer.

Daniel: Is still the guy you want watching your back. He keeps his head in tense situations and does what needs to be done.

Force to be reckoned with: The group shows it’s mettle again as they quickly dispatch the poisoned church goers who reanimated. Ofelia steps up when Daniel is having a flashback. Chris seems content to let Madison fend for herself as a walker has her pinned down. This goes back to an earlier conversation he has with Travis. Not good for the future of the group.

Home sweet home: The group makes it to Abigail’s farm in Baja. Uplifting music plays and it reminds me of when they found the farm in The Walking Dead. Lots of parallels here. I don’t think they will be staying here quite as long. The group gives up their weapons way too easily. I get that they feel they are in a safe haven. I love the interaction between Daniel and one of the caretakers. Her expression when Daniel only hands a knife over is priceless. Once again, he is the only one thinking clearly.

Love and affection: We see for the first time Strand has genuine affection for Thomas, that goes beyond duty or obligation. He expresses regret for not making it to him sooner. We see the emotion pour out of him as he lets himself be vulnerable to his partner.

An American sociopath in Mexico: Chris is transitioning into sociopath after we see Alicia call him out for his non-action with Madison. He restrains her, threatens her, and then says, “I don’t want to hurt anyone”. Granted, the kid has been through a lot. He’s definitely moved up a notch from “ticking time bomb”.

No cougars: Madison does not like Celia at all, and Celia picks up the vibe. Either she thinks Celia is making a move on Nick or possibly filling his head with crazy theories. Nick is a big boy though, and can take care of himself.

Growing apart: Madison and Travis have had their ups and downs. We see them split on the issue of Chris and how to deal with him. Travis doesn’t see the potential danger his son is presenting to the group. Something I think we will see come to a head sooner than later.

Secret: Daniel finds out Celia is keeping walkers in a cellar. More flashbacks to Hershel’s farm. Save for Hershel did it because he thought they might be able to find a cure. It will be interesting to see how this plays out with the rest of the group.

Suicide is painless: Celia happily gives Strand and Thomas poisoned communion wafers so they can “transition” to the next phase of their lives together. She says she was wrong about Strand and is proud of his decision to end his life. That’s got to be the biggest backhanded compliment you can give, isn’t it?

Abort: Strand picks life over undeath. A good sign for his character moving forward. He stops Thomas from reanimating with a single shot to the head.

Murder is the case that they gave me: Chris enters the room Alicia and Madison are sleeping in. He makes his way to the nightstand where he picks up a shiny knife. Before anything else can happen, Alicia wakes up after hearing Strand’s gunshot. She yells for Chris to leave, and Madison wakes up. This is going to be some good TV next week folks.

On a side note, Strand’s mercy shot saves the group from Thomas coming back, and it possibly saves Alicia and Madison. That’s good efficiency. Another strong episode full of nuances and symbolism. Next week’s mid-season finale should be outstanding.

Questions: Celia is shaping up to be quite a character. On the surface she is charming, hospitable, and caring. Underneath, she is very calculating, manipulative, and has her own crazy theory about the zombie apocalypse. Could she be the “Governor” of FTWD?

Who is this group’s Rick? I keep asking this question. It seems like Madison is the front runner. Strand even gave her the “fierce” label. A pretty high compliment coming from him. Travis has Rick’s “fists of fury” though. He also has a son who is moody and doesn’t mind killing.

How will the group react when Daniel tells them about Celia’s zombie cellar? Will they simply leave or confront her?

What will Chris do when Travis confronts him about Madison and Alicia? It seems like he crossed the line. Can he be redeemed? Will the group let him work through it? I can see Travis and Chris splitting off. I don’t think Travis would leave his son.

Will Strand stay with the group now that Thomas is gone? Strand had one goal and that was to get to Baja. What will he do now? We at least know he chose life over the alternative.

Where will the group go? Back to the Abigail? I can’t imagine they will want to stay with Celia’s penchant for poisoning people and keeping walkers on site.

Zombie kill of the week: There were many. While it wasn’t spectacular, the significance of Ofelia killing a walker who was engaged with Daniel was huge. She stepped up to the plate and became a contributor to the group. Gold star girl!








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