Brawl of the week: Captain Blackheart’s Treasure (again)

This week’s Tavern Brawl is: Captain Blackheart’s Treasure. We have had this match at least one time. It’s not too bad as far as RNG brawls go. At least you can pick between 3 cards each round.


One of the problems is you only have 30 2/3 Pirate minions in your deck. Which means that cancels out all those cards with the “Joust” mechanic. Also it kind of devalues any “draw” cards as you will only be drawing the 2/3 minions. However, they are Pirates, so you can possibly play off that.


Don’t let these cuties fool you. They play for keeps!

Each round you will get to pick from 3 different cards, much like the Discover mechanic. The strategy becomes whether you want to take minions to use in that round, or higher powered minions to use later. Sometimes the choice won’t be that great.


Choose wisely.

This is one of those times where it’s OK to take some higher cost cards to stash, and let your opponent worry about the 2/3 Pirates. Not many spells to be had so your opponent will not usually have a counter.



Eventually you overpower your foe. If they see the “writing on the wall” they will concede!

Since you pick your hero, this brawl should be good for all the dailies. Even the new ones. So get on in there and get your free pack! Have fun, and see you next week!

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Kyle Schwarber joins Cubs in Cleveland for World Series

The 2016 season began ominously when left fielder Kyle Schwarber collided with center fielder Dexter Fowler. Kyle seemed to take the worst of it as he rolled over and stayed down. The Cubs would go on to a 25-6 record by May 31st, and Schwarber tabbed to come back in spring training 2017.


To even think there was any chance Schwarber could come back in the post season, was really silly talk. Complete lunacy. A lot of players aren’t the same after 12 months, and the norm is around 18 months to really get back to how you are before. There have been a few exceptions. There is Adrian Peterson the Hall of Fame in waiting running back who came back after 8 months and rushed for over 2000 yards.

On October 17th, Schwarber was cleared by his doctor. He then went to the Arizona fall league to take some live pitching. Apparently he handled everything well enough. Last night there were whispers, but today it has been confirmed. When I first heard Kyle was in the Arizona fall league, I thought at best he could DH. I hope that is what the Cubs do with him. I do not want to see him in the field for multiple reasons. Mainly, I don’t want him to suffer another injury, but secondarily, I don’t want him have to play the field after missing 6 months. Batting is going to be tough enough, but he won’t be a liability at the plate. At worst, he could ground into a double play or two. In the field, if he misplays a ball, it could cost them a game. You don’t want to put a young, highly talented player in that position.

The 2016 season has been a long one. The Cubs have caught their fare share of breaks. The stars are aligning, and the baseball “mojo” seems to be on their side. It should be interesting to see what kind of an impact Schwarber will have on the series. Buckle up!

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1st and 5

Man this season is flying by. Week 8 is here and is pretty much the halfway point–especially for us Fantasy goers. The injuries were not too bad–unless you are Geno Smith, but there are 6 teams on Bye-week (Ravens, Rams, Dolphins, Giant’s, Steelers, 49ers). Let’s see what we can do this week.

QB: Alex Smith, Chiefs- We have hit the point in the season where all the decent QBs have been snapped up (finally). The rest? Man. Maybe matchup based. Geno Smith might have been worth consideration but he’s done for the season. Brock Osweiler, Broncos is kind of a risk, but he’s playing Detroit this week. They are pretty much giving out TDs and 300 yard games like party favors.

WR: Brandon LaFell, Bengals- He’s only about 13% owned in ESPN leagues. Let’s be honest, he will not be a WR1, and maybe not even a high-end WR2. He will give you a decent chance at some solid point. Should be giving you 6-8 points every week, with a chance to give you 12-14. That’s not bad at this point in the season.

RB: Devontae Booker, Broncos- Normally I don’t like to get into the middle of Running Back By Committee (RBBC) but Booker is a unique cat. He’s got lots of speed and seems like a threat to score just about any time he has the ball. He’s also going up vs the Chargers, Raiders, and Saints in his next three games. After that folks, we’re talking about backups, and third string dudes.

TE: Gary Barnage, Browns- Should not be on the waiver wire. In fact, he’s almost owned 70% in ESPN leagues. If you are in the 30% that don’t have him on a roster, go get him. Vernon Davis, Redskins- is in an interesting spot. Depending on if Reed plays, Davis might be starting again.

D/ST: Falcons- I mentioned them before. They are putting up some points and only 7.2% owned. This week they have a tough matchup vs the Packers, but the Bears held them down for 3 quarters. If they get up on Green Bay, they are at home…



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Walking Dead Weekly: I called it! (kind of)

Last night we finally got to find out who got killed at the end of season 6. I have to say I was not all surprised. I was a little annoyed they made us wait even longer, but in the end, it paid off. Before we go any further,

*****Spoiler Alert******

Some people will be sad, some will be mad, and some of you crazy MFers, are happy! I took it all in stride, I mean, they told us what to expect. They even hinted it might be more than one person–they didn’t lie to us (this time!).

They did dangle us in (mother effing) suspense while Negan took Rick for a ride in the Motor home of death. I have to say I am digging Negan more than I thought I would. I think that is all set up by them teasing the death(s) for six months.

I called it! (kind of): Okay, I get to bring up the fact that I wrote about who Negan was going to kill way back on April 4th. Pretty much right after watching the finale. I went through it kind of step by step, taking what I knew from the comics, who would be the biggest impact. I’m proud of myself that I didn’t waiver after seeing the 3 minute trailer “Right hand man” that came out a week or so ago. I was not 100% on two people getting clubbed, but I thought it was more likely than not.

Daryl in peril: Of course it wouldn’t be The Walking Dead if they didn’t close one chapter and open up a bunch more. After Negan brought Rick back, and was convinced Rick would work for him, he had Daryl loaded into a van. He mentioned he liked him and he wasn’t a “pussy” like the rest of them. Negan later threatens that if Rick doesn’t produce, he will either bring pieces of Daryl to him–or better yet bring Daryl to Rick and have him cut up his buddy.

You don’t know who you are messing with: Maggie’s first words after they are “let go” are for the group to go back to Alexandria and get ready for a fight. I’m really shocked she didn’t have the baby with all the stress she endured.

RIP Abraham Ford: His death was kind of senseless. I kind of get why Negan would have targeted him, he was by far the strongest looking member of the group. He stood erect and defiant where others were slouched and submissive. I feel like the only reason they killed him was to set up some shock on Glenn’s death, which was kind of predicted by the comic. Maybe they thought it wouldn’t be as big of a deal if they simply followed it. I dunno. I was miss Michael Cudlitz wit, charm, and character on the show. I’m glad we had him for as long as we did.

RIP Glenn Rhee: It was foreshadowed (maybe tested) last season. It mirrored the comic. It had to happen if they wanted to propel Maggie’s character as they did in the comic. That being said, it’s going to suck not having the post-apocalypse ubiquitous pizza delivery boy any more. The stunt they pulled last season with the dumpster definitely softened the blow. It made us explore our feelings how it would be like without Glenn on the show. Then there was the letter by Scott Gimple–I thought that was bush league personally. The show is great. At this point, you already got us hooked. No need for cheap parlor tricks. I will miss Steven Yeun a lot, and hope he gets another epic gig soon.

Who’s Negan? We finally met Negan in the last segment of the season 6 finale. I did not know Jeffrey Dean Morgan from his previous work, nor did I read the comic–so I wasn’t hyped when he came to the show. I can honestly say after one full episode, I am a fan. I do not love, nor do I hate Negan as this point. I will say he is damn charismatic. I am interested in seeing how his character grows. I am also intrigued by how he came to power. His group is so huge, why has no one challenged him yet? He’s gotta have a lot of enemy’s by now.

Questions: My biggest question is what’s going to happen with Daryl? Is Negan going to try and “turn him” or gain his confidence? Or will he simply be a prisoner to hold over Rick and his group? Will he get to “close Dwight’s eyes” or will that be a task for someone else?

Hilltop- friend or foe? Did Jesus know Negan’s group was that large when he made the deal with Rick or was he setting them up? Perhaps he wanted to thin out Rick’s group so they could take over Alexandria. Will they join with Rick and Alexandria and go to war with Negan and the Saviors?

More deaths on the way? When Beth died at the end of the first half of season 5, Tyreese followed the very next episode. It wasn’t the same but it pretty much sucked. Especially because they built the entire episode around his death. If they kill off Daryl, I don’t think it will be right away. I think it could be around mid-season. Either the finale or the beginning of the 2nd half.

How did Maggie keep the baby? I mean. With all that stress/anguish, and violence. First seeing Abraham smashed to bits, then seeing Glenn–the father of her child beaten into a bloody pulp. She wasn’t doing so well before the bloodbath started, so how in the world did she make it through? Will the baby make it?

Zombie kill of the week: Kind of mundane this week. I did get a chuckle out of Negan plowing walkers over in the motor home though. If I had to single someone out, I guess it would be him.

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Cubs make it back to World Series for the first time since 1945

People told me this day would come. I cautiously believed them. When the Cubs hired Joe Maddon back in 2014, I cried. I knew it was a huge step in the right direction. 2015 was a magical season. The Cubs blew everyone’s expectations–even mine. I thought they had a real chance last year, but it all came to an end with a bitter sweep to the New York Mets. The arrow was pointing up though.

The 2016 season started out with record breaking wins, runs, pitching performances, and defense. It felt as if they would win 150 games. Then June came, and had even hard core fans questioning this team. They righted the ship just before the All-Star break. After the break, they continued on methodically winning until they racked up 103 victories.

The National League Division Series started pretty good, but it was not without drama. The Cubs had to come back and rally to win, and finally put the series to bed vs the San Francisco Giants.

When the Cubs were down 2-1 to the Los Angeles Dodgers, it was a real test of faith, and fortitude for fans, and maybe players. The pivotal game–game 4, the Cubs found their offense. They even up the series at 2-2 and didn’t look back.

Tonight, I battled tears the entire game, starting in the second inning when the Cubs went up 3-0. It was hard not to think about the future, and of friends lost, who are not here to share in the excitement. I’m sure my story is not unique.

I’ve been fortunate enough to see the Bears as Super Bowl champions, the Bulls as 6-time NBA Champions, the White Sox as World Series champions, and the Blackhawks as 3-time Stanley Cup champions. The Cubs championship has eluded them since 1908, so I am very much not alone in missing out on that one. As I said at the top, the last time they were even in a series was 1945–71 years ago. I have always hoped they would get back, but since I, like many, have had our hearts ripped out, I never thought it would really happen. I never knew exactly how I would react. I knew there would be tears. I didn’t think they would start in inning 2, of game 6 in the NLCS. The Cubs got up, and never looked back.

The Dodgers were a tough opponent. Kershaw is a stud pitcher. He’s been battling injuries all year and gave all he could. I rooted for them back in 1988 vs the Oakland Athletics. I hope their fans will now root for my Cubs. The Dodgers are a classy organization, one of the best in baseball. They will no doubt be back in the series in the near future. The Cubs have a challenging task ahead. The Cleveland Indians have home-field advantage and are well rested. I have seen what many have not–the Cubs getting back to a world series. I am okay with what happens from here on out.

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New Hearthstone dailies with latest patch

If you have played Hearthstone in the last couple days, you might have noticed you had to download an update. Patch 6.2 brings some changes to Murloc cards, fixes some bugs, and brings new dailies to the table. I checked out the patch notes* and I seemed to only see the first two items. Hearthhead though, covers the dailies.


It looks like there are quite a few. I have only encountered 3 myself. Play 30 shaman class cards (40 gold), play 75 Battlecry minions (100 gold), and play 50 druid cards (60 gold).


I love these types of quests because you don’t have to suffer the frustration of wins/losses just to get some dailies done. It also lets you build wild (not Wild, but I suppose you could do that too!) decks that don’t focus on winning. Which I think is great for everyone. I hope they have some really wacky ones.

* It’s on the downloader, but is only one little line!

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Right the wrong, Panthers

17 years ago, in 1999, then Carolina Panther’s wide receiver Rae Carruth took part in the assassination of his girlfriend–Cherica Adams. That’s just the beginning of the tragedy. The real story is that their unborn child survived, but suffered brain damage.

The beautifully written article by Scott Fowler reminded me of all the details. I remember reading it at the time. I wonder how things would have been had this happened today under the microscope of social media. There would have been an outrage, protests. Pressure would have been put on the NFL and the Carolina Panthers.

Adams, 58, says she has never been contacted in an official capacity by the Panthers – although she and Chancellor Lee are major fans of the team and have met several individual Panthers players, including current defensive end Kony Ealy. Neither the club nor the NFL has ever helped her financially, she says.

So what did the Panthers do? Simply cut all ties with the player and their family. With newly born Chancellor Lee Adams. This seems a little odd to me on a couple fronts. The NFL and more importantly, the teams themselves are usually heavily invested in their communities. They usually reach out and help the people that support them. Why not with this? They could have easily set up a trust fund for the boy, who could probably use some help.

I have mixed feelings about Rae Carruth. My own religion preaches forgiveness, but it’s hard to forgive someone who plotted and carried out such a horrible act, simply because he didn’t want the financial burden of another child. I have an easier time forgiving the man who pulled the trigger. The article states that Curruth to this day has not acknowledged any responsibility for the murder.

What is unforgivable is the fact that the Panthers did nothing for Carruth’s son. His story was quietly forgotten. I can see why they would want nothing to do with Rae, who was convicted for hiring someone to kill his pregnant girlfriend. I am appalled and saddened, but I would also like to promote this story at the very least, and perhaps get the Panthers attention. What’s done is done, and cannot be changed. What happens now though, can be changed very simply. It would start with a phone call. Maybe some tears. It would end perhaps with a visit to the facility, or home of Chancellor Lee Adams. Perhaps even a special day down in Charlotte. A sunny Sunday afternoon at Bank of America Stadium. It could be wonderful. Isn’t it time?

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