Brawl of the Week: Cart Crash Roundup

I’m so tired of this Brawl. It’s random as random gets- with a twist: Pick a hero and get a random deck full of class cards and minions, but wait–there’s more! You also get to pick an additional class to add cards, from a choice of three. Sounds good? I’m a little “on tilt” right now as I had an opponent “suck out” a game at the end. I just wanted my free card pack so I can go on about my day. So, you are getting a “round up” of all my previous posts on this lovely (miserable) brawl!

It all started June 1st, 2016: Cart Crash at the Crossroads debuted! Probably my best post on this particular brawl.

We next see it September 7, 2016: It almost sounds like I like the brawl. Almost.

January 11, 2017: Cart Crash again. Can’t get enough of the crash!

June 14th, 2017: I think I missed one, because 9 months seems like a long time to go without the Crash!

So there you go, enjoy this brawl, or not, but still pick up your free pack. I’m gonna try my best. See you next week!


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2017 End of Season Rankings: Quarterbacks

Fresh of the end of the 2017 NFL regular season, I bring you the start of my End of Season rankings for Fantasy Football. Little will change in the players themselves. They may change teams, or have players added to their rosters. Let’s get to it.

1. Aaron Rodgers, Packers- He’s coming off another broken collarbone. This time on the side of his throwing shoulder. That said, He’s got Jordy Nelson, and the team extended Devante Adams. He is the most consistent player in the NFL, baring injury.

2. Tom Brady, Patriots- I keep waiting for Tom to fall off, and he keeps piling up numbers.

3. Carson Wentz, Eagles- He would have ended up with the most points had he not hurt his knee. I expect him to heal fully, and running is not a big part of his game.

4. Cam Newton, Panthers- Newton had a rough start to 2017, but rallied to have a nice season.

5. Jared Goff, Rams- Goff had an epic 2nd year. He will be in the playoffs, which might give him a slight edge vs guys like Wentz and Watson.

6. Deshaun Watston, Texans- I have him high on my list because he seems like a playmaker. I am banking on him coming back strong from his knee injury. Could be like Cam, where he starts out slow. By mid season, he should be really to carry your team.

7. Russell Wilson, Seahawks- He might not have Jimmy Graham to throw to. Wilson makes a lot of plays with his legs.

8. Alex Smith, Redskins- I had him ranked 8th with KC. Now that he is with the Redskins, I should probably drop him to 10th as Washington’s receivers didn’t help Cousins a whole lot last year. They also don’t have anywhere near the running backs or offensive line that the Chiefs had.

9. Jimmy Garoppolo, 49ers- I should probably put him a little lower, due to lack of talent around him. He has put up decent numbers so far, with what he has got. The league will adjust to him, and he will have to further adjust.

10. Dak Prescott, Cowboys- Dak had a down year. Call it a sophomore slump.

11. Derek Carr, Raiders- Largely depends on who the new coach will be, and what additions they make.

12. Philip Rivers, Chargers- Had another solid year. I might not draft him as a QB1, but I would take him all day as my backup.

Players to watch for:

Kirk Cousins, Free Agent- Had an up and down season. Seemed to get things going towards the end of the year. Could get into the top 10 depending on where he goes (Denver).

Marcus Mariota, Titans- I have no idea why Mariota had such a down year. Maybe they were rushing the ball too successfully? Maybe it was a lack of production by his receivers. Corey Davis will be in year two, perhaps he will develop. I cannot draft him in a 10 team league, even as a backup. I would watch him on the waiver wire.

Mathew Stafford, Lions- Had some good games, had some not so good games. I have Stafford in the “backup” category now. He will have a new coaching staff. Keep an eye on that and any adds/drops they make to the roster.


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Brawl of the Week: Showdown at Blackrock Mountain (again)

We have had this week’s brawl several times. It’s always the same. It’s usually a horribly one-sided outcome. No matter how even it might seem. You play as either Nefarian, or Ragnaros the Firelord.

Each hero has their own deck tailored to them. Ragnaros starts with a 2/6 weapon, and a hero power that summons a 5/1 Magma Rager. Nefarian starts with 4 mana, and a hero power that adds a random spell that reduces to zero cost in your hand.

I drew Nefarian to start, and despite having a decent hand, and decent draws, my opponent managed to easily mitigate my offensive prowess. Frustratingly so.

Starting out with 4 mana, and the Coin, I thought I was in a good place. I soon would learn, not so much.

My next match ended in my favor, as I was in control of Ragnaros the Firelord. Ragnaros has some clear advantages, especially when his weapon turns your hero power to: deal 8 damage to a random opponent. Ah, well. You are warned!

If you draw Nefarian, don’t get too down. You can win with this hero. It just takes a lot more work, and a lot of luck. Have fun, and get that free pack. See you next week!


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Walking Dead Weekly

Welcome back to Walking Dead Weekly, it’s been a long time coming. I didn’t write about last week’s 2nd half premiere, but I might sound off on it at some point. Last night’s episode, “The Lost and the Plunderers” was an excellent installment. There is a lot to talk about. Before we get into that,

*****Spoiler Alert*****

The episode was uniquely broken up into segments with headers of different characters. It’s something they have done before, to a lesser degree. So, I will be writing this up the same way, for the most part.

Michonne: Her segment focused on Alexandria, and the aftermath of it burning down, and Carl’s departure from the living realm. This was probably my least favorite segment, although I did love the music. It brought up some questions like, why did they try and extinguish the gezeebo that was on fire? I think Michonne mentioned something about Carl sitting on top of the roof. OK, that’s great. He’s dead, and Alexandria is infested with walkers again. She also tried to close a gate (it did not look like the previous gate). Why do this unless you were going to come back. Is Alexandria savable? We did see Rick and Michonne’s house was OK. How many others were?

Negan: Negan’s segment was outstanding of course. It featured Simon, and how he started questioning Negan and his plan(s) of action. It also showed a delivery of Dean from Maggie and the Hilltop. I was hoping to see him die at the hands of Morgan, since he was the ahole who taunted him and Richard, and also killed Benjamin. Negan sends Simon to the junkyard to deal with the garbage people, and make them understand their deal is still on.

Enid: Somehow Enid and Aaron got to Oceanside. Either I fell asleep last week or they didn’t show it. At any rate there they are. I didn’t care for this segment either, but it has possibilities and implications for the future. Mainly: Enid is stepping up to be a leader/Maggie’s right hand. It’s cool to see. At the end of the segment, Aaron is pretty much trying to get himself killed. Is it a risk he needs to take? Or do they just want to kill off his character? They have numbers the group needs, but they are not really trained fighters.

Simon: We see Rick and Michonne enter the junkyard and then it cuts away. Rick is audibly upset at something. It then goes to Simon and his group entering. He lets Jadis know the deal is still on. She tries to tell him that they held up their deal, as Rick was brought to the Sanctuary. This is when Simon snaps and starts killing garbage people. At segment’s end, Jadis is left bloodied, and shaken.

Jadis: We then see Rick and Michonne handling some walkers. After some quick thinking, Rick grabs a car door and uses it as a shield. I’m thinking the whole time, “Why is Rick not using his hatchet or a knife?” They have been up against worse, with less. At any rate, Rick and Michonne make it back to the entrance. During this time, Jadis reveals that the junkyard use to be flat, basically a scrapyard that she could use as her “canvas” to change the world to something different. Some very fine acting and storytelling here. This was one of my favorite segments. Jadis asks for Rick’s help–just to get out. He doesn’t exactly help, but fires his gun in the air. Jadis gets out.

Zombie Kill of the Week: We then see Jadis atop a structure, but cleverly standing behind some form of grinder. She taps a metal staff on the base of the grinder so that the walkers are drawn in. The walkers come, and fall one by one into the compacter. Soylent green is all I can think of as the walkers are ground into a red-pulpy consistency. I won’t be eating chili any time soon–or sloppy Joes. This is probably only second to Carol’s explosion at Terminus back in the season 5 premiere. /tips cap.

Rick: Rick’s segment is the smallest, but maybe the strongest of the bunch. No surprise it involves Negan. Rick pulls the van over and tells Michonne he needs a minute. He takes the notes Carl wrote. He starts with Negan’s and shortly after calls for him on the walkie talkie. Rick let’s Negan know Carl has expired. Negan appears to be visibly upset and this, shows how much Carl affected him. It also shows, how even though he and Rick don’t see eye to eye, neither one might not be able to kill the other. Rick voices his anger, and will to get his revenge on Negan, and Negan blames Rick for Carl’s death. It is a fantastic Dynamic that plays out, and no doubt sets the stage for their ultimate confrontation at some point in the back half of season 8.

Questions: As I asked at the top, will Alexandria be restored? It has walls. It had power. Perhaps this is further down the road. So many things went sideways with Carl departing. I’ll have to address this later, or after the season.

Will Enid and Arron make it back to Hillside? Will Aaron convince Cynthia to take up arms? I think Cynthia wants to, but she doesn’t want to abandon/lose Oceanside. For that matter, if they defeat the saviors, will they bring back their guns?

What will Jadis do? She’s free of the responsibility to her garbage buddies. Can she be trusted? I don’t think this will be the last we see of her. Maybe she goes to the Sanctuary and lets Negan know what Simon did. She could also go to Hillside and beg for forgiveness. Without her gang, she might not be viewed as that much of a threat.

What will Simon do? Negan is no dummy, and is already inquiring about how things went down at the trash dump. He’s good at reading people, and probably already has an idea Simon is lying. All he has to do is ask one of the men who went on the mission. Will Simon try to get rid of Negan and take over as leader of the Saviors? Eugene might be the person to persuade/be bullied into it.

What will Negan do? What will he do when he finds out Simon says all garbage people must die? I can’t expect him to be happy. Will he see this as a cue to change? Carl’s death tells us all bets are off.

Rick is gonna be Rick, but will he soften up to Carl’s dying wish that the Saviors and former residents of Alexandira cease-fire? So far, this season is diverting from the comics in some pretty big ways. I can’t say much more without writing an entire spoiler post. It will be interesting to see how the rest plays out.

This episode is one of my new favorites. It has a lot of facets, and as I said, implications and possibilities. The Lost and the Plunderers, is the episode we should have got for the second half premier.

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Brawl of the Week: Brawliseum

This week’s Tavern Brawl is one that celebrates “Wild Week”: Brawliseum. It is a brand new brawl for the occasion. Create a deck of any and all cards in your library, and venture into the ‘Brawliseum’! By now, you will be facing some really devastating decks. I had forgotten about Reno Jackson, and how miserable it was at times with him in-play.

This is a similar (if not exact) format as “Heroic” Tavern Brawl (which I hated). I was fully prepared to be bitterly disappointed as Heroic Tavern Brawls cost a cool $10 USD. It also took place of the usual quirky brawl that we love.

Upon clicking “I understand”, you will be taken to this screen where you find out not only has the fee been reduced to $1.99 USD or 150 HS Gold, but we get a freebee! Well, folks. Get to makin’ those decks. I strongly urge you to check out some decks from yester yore to at least get ideas. If you don’t have many cards, this is going to be a tough one, but you can still make some decent decks (think aggro) to counter them. I got to 2 wins, and so close to a 3rd before I had to take a break. When I came back, the ‘big guns’ were out.

I went with the mage–for reasons. I think I was on the right track. Called upon a couple old friends in Duplicate, and Flamewaker. I totally messed up though. I should have done a Reno deck and put in all the legendaries, plus a few control cards. Ah, well. I had fun. For 150 gold, I might be trying this again.

Since I did this in two-parts, I completely forgot to grab screen shots of my wins (there were only 2). I did earn a free pack of the latest expansion cards, and 45 dusts!

So get in there and try it out! Hopefully you get a win or two and get a free pack! See you next week!


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Bard from Space

Bard from Space


I’m a bard from space

My skin is blue

I drink the ale

I’m a friend to you

I sing these songs

And strum the lute

I appreciate

A coin or two

If you need a friend

A helping hand

Buy me lunch

And I’ll be your man

I keep it light

I like it loud

Sing with me

And join my crowd

If you see me play

Come say hello

I might need a lift

To a future show!

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Brawl of the Week: Venture into the Wild

This week’s Tavern Brawl is brand-spanking new: Venture into the Wild. Pick a class and simply get a random Wild deck to play with. Straight forward.

Naturally, I picked the mage. The match was rather ones-sided. I quickly overwhelmed my opponent. Even when they played a “destroy all minions card”. My next draw was Ragnaros, and my foe had exactly 8 health left.

Getting Dr. Boom, and Rags in the same match is almost unfair. Especially in an RNG match, but I’ll take it. Since you can pick any class, this brawl should be good for most quests. I only played one match, so I am not sure how good/bad/replayable it is, but I will play it at least once more (on my main account).

So go on in there, and get that free pack. Have fun; I’ll see you next week!

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