Brawl of the Week: Encounter at the Crossbones

Very clever Blizzard. Tweak the name. Slightly tweak an old (and tired) Tavern Brawl. Sorry if I am a little negative. I knew what I was in for when we drew this brawl. Pain.

So, I didn’t choose anything, and I drew a hunter. Good right?

Try this: So I get a druid, and…not so many druid cards. In fact, I got warrior cards! I should have conceded right away. It was over quick.

My next brawl, I got a mage, and some nice magey cards. That didn’t go too well either. Especially when I played Glacial Mysteries and magically had no secrets in my deck. Imagine that surprise! You spend all 8 mana and get nothing! Fun times. Eventually I got a deck and overpowered my warlock opponent.

So, yeah. Great brawl. You can use it to do some dailies, but it’s all random. May the lucks be with you! See you next week!

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Trubisky putting pressure on Glennon after debut

I never even let the thought enter my brain, but after just one preseason game, rookie Mitchell Trubisky put a whole lot of pressure on the Bears starting quarterback, Mike Glennon.

I know what you are saying, ‘hold up’. The reality is, Trubisky is a the second pick overall in the draft, and Mike Glennon’s contract is basically a 1 year deal. Mike Glennon could become one of the highest paid backups in recent history.

I have been hard on the Bears for drafting Trubisky, so I am not a “fanboy” at all here. I watched with an open mind (if not slightly skeptical) as Trubisky took the field for his first NFL series. He was close to flawless. He was decisive and accurate with his throws. His best, might have been a fastball to Deon Thompson near the sidelines. Another great throw might have been an incomplete to tight end Dan Brown in the endzone. Trubisky threw it to the perfect location, low and outside, where only his receiver would catch it. Perhaps it was a little too low, but I’d rather have it low than high.

Then there was his ability to run the ball–even spinning out of a “ghost” tackle. I’m sure that got the guys in the film room laughing. At one point, the rookie QB was 8 for 8. He ended up 18-25 with a TD and no turnovers, for a QB rating of 107.3. I was probably most impressed with his throws on the run. Trubisky led the team to 17 points on his first three series, which is also impressive.

The situation reminds me a lot of what Russell Wilson went through in Seattle. Wilson, was a 3rd round pick, but free agent Matt Flynn had a $30+ million dollar contract. In the end, Wilson won out, and eventually paid off in 2 Superbowl appearances. Two different teams though. Seattle had a championship defense in place. The Bears might be close though. It will be interesting to see how this plays out. Will Trubisky continue to dazzle? Mike Glennon should be better than what he was last night. If he doesn’t, that will open the door for Mr. Biscuit (Tubisky’s college nickname) to scramble through.

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Brawl of the Week: ShiftCon (again)

This week’s Tavern Brawl is an old familiar one to some of you veteran players. Full of RNG, but that’s the magic. Do you play a card this round, or wait until next round? Sometimes circumstance forces your hand. Sometimes it doesn’t!

Play as any of the 9 classes and get a mix of class cards and Shifter Zerus, which change from hand to hand.

I picked the mage, because mage. It wasn’t looking good early, but eventually I got the board tilted in my favor.

This brawl could be used for dailies, but due to the highly random nature, might not be great for all of them. So get in there and grab your free deck. Don’t forget to log in tomorrow for the launch of The Frozen Throne!

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Brawl of the Week: Showdown at Blackrock Mountain (again)

This week’s Tavern Brawl is: Showdown at Blackrock Mountain. It is one we have had a couple times before. It’s another one of those brawls with premade decks, that can be unpredictable and a little one-sided.

Play as either Ragnaros the Firelord, or Nefarian. Each have their own hero powers, special cards, and armor/health bonuses.

While it can be fun at times, it is also frustrating to keep losing and get the same hero each time (got Nef 4 times in a row). In my opinion, Ragnaros is the clear favorite. He starts out with a 2/5 weapon, which after it’s done, leaves you with a hero power that does 8 damage to a random enemy for 2 mana. He also starts out with 60 health, and a hero power that summons a 5/1 magma thing for 2 mana.

Nefarian starts out with 30 health, and 30 armor. His/her hero power is: add a random spell to your hand that costs (0) to play, for 2 mana.

It took a couple brawls and a couple “concedes”, but I finally got down to brass taxes, and got my win for the week. I am not opening any packs (because of the soon to be “no doubles” for legendaries mechanic that is coming with the launch of the new expansion.

Also, we got another free pass for arena this week. Upon playing 3 games, you get a free pack for the newest Hearthstone expansion. Don’t forget to do that as well. So, get on in there and get your free stuff. See you next week!

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You fooled me twice

You fooled me twice


The writing was on the wall

I failed to notice, ignored my instincts

Something seemed wrong from the beginning

It hit me hard when I found out, again

All the times you said you loved me

All the times you said you cared

All the times you said you were lucky

Just words you breathed into the air

Now I don’t know how I should feel

Should I ball my hand into a fist?

Should I drink myself to ruin?

I might just visit the abyss

You fooled me once and I said never again

I never turn my back upon a friend

You fooled me twice and now I’m stunned

I swear it now, this is the end

If you somehow think of calling

Don’t bother wasting your sweet time

I got nothing to say to you, love

There’s nothing here for you to find

I guess we’re both better off this way

You can lead your double life

You may never have needed me

Now you’ll know what it’s like

The people closest to you are always capable of the easiest of deception. You ignore signs, don’t believe others when they might provide information. In the end, you have to trust your gut, your instincts. They will generally not steer you wrong. Good luck to you LMC. I really do wish you the best. Enjoy what you have made for yourself. This life is all you have.

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Brawl of the Week: Ahune’s Superior Brawl

This week’s Tavern Brawl is the yang to last week’s yin: Ahune’s Superior Brawl. It’s new. It’s festive. It’s completely frustrating!

You play as either Uther, the Paladin, or Jaina, the Mage. Your deck is completely random. The board has one dummy per side, that respawns every time it is killed. Keep that in mind.

Your heroes are invulnerable. They, can’t take healing or gain armor. If you play a spell/card that grants you armor, it goes away after your turn.

It might take you a few brawls to get a win. I think I was up around 6 or 7. Some of them I just conceded after a round or two. It was that bad. You can see here my opponent had 2 of the exact same legendary (they got a 3rd from a spell).

It wasn’t looking so hot at one point, but I got into position to win. My opponent punched out. Which is cool with me. I get to finish this post and have some lunch!

Get in and get that free pack. There are mixed opinions if you should open it or not. Personally, I am going to save all my packs until after the expansion launches. While, you might not get the “10 pack guaranteed legendary”, you should get the “no duplicate legendary”, so that’s enough for me.

There is also a free arena run, but I will talk about that in another post. See you next week!

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Dying Wish (May it be granted)

Dying Wish (May it be granted)


I heard about you from the internet

Another heartbreak, a dying vet

It seems we lose a lot more than we should

It seems we don’t do half of what we could

America, the beautiful

The land of the free

The home of the brave

Is in dire need

We have to do more, we have to start today

No more excuses while the memories fade

The bravest soldiers, the strongest souls

Should not be broken, and never alone

How dare we lavish in luxury

While heroes suffer so we can be free

I wish I could do more than write these words

My tears are silent, as your pain still burns

Go gently soldier, unto the night

Your duty fulfilled, you shined so bright

May peace find you in your final hours

Know that our hearts are strong and proud

Dedicated to Lee Hernandez

Please give Lee a call or text!


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