Fantasy Impact: 2017 NFL Mock Draft (1-16)

As you may know, the last few years I have been doing my mock draft purely from the Fantasy Football perspective. I put players where I think it would be best/most fun from that angle. It’s less guessing, and more wishful thinking. Sometimes reality matches up. So grab your favorite beverage, and let’s see what I can come up with this year!

1. Browns: Myles Garrett, DE: Texas A&M- Possibly the best defensive player in the draft. He should make an immediate impact on the Browns defense. He had a great combine too.

2. 49ers: Solomon Thomas, DE: Stanford- New General Manager John Lynch is a Standford alum. Thomas is considered one of the best edge rushers coming out. Seems like a good union of talent/need, which is actually rare.

3. Browns (projected trade with the Bears): Leonard Fournette, RB: LSU- I know, the Browns could stay at 12 and probably get a really good RB there. They have a ton of picks though. If they don’t trade for New England QB, Jimmy Garoppolo, they need to trade them to someone. No way they can draft and keep that many players. This trade would give the browns two of the top 3 picks, and really add some stud players to a roster bereft of talent.

4. Jaguars: Jonathan Allen, DE: Alabama- The Jaguars probably had their sights on Fournette, and the Browns muscled back into the top 5. This will probably not happen, but it would be fun if it did.

5. Titans: Derek Barnett, DE: Tennessee- The Titans defense was pretty awful in 2016. The quickest way to make it better is on the D-line.

6. Jets: Marshon Lattimore, CB: Ohio State- One of the most dynamic defensive backs coming out. Depending on what they do at quarterback, the Jets could take the first QB off the board, as they are competing with 3-4 other teams that will be at the top of the second round. They could try and move down a few spots, which is what I hope my Bears do.

7. Chargers: Corey Davis, WR: Western Michigan- The Chargers need a reliable receiver. Not sure they take this exact receiver, but Davis is one of the more dynamic players in the draft. He is a little banged up, but he is generally durable.

8. Panthers: Mike Williams, WR: Clemson- The Panthers add another tall, rangy receiver for Cam to throw to. Paired up with Kelvin Benjamin, and TE Greg Olsen, would give them one of the taller receiving corps in the NFL. They could opt for speed and go with John Ross from Washington.

9. Bengals: Marlon Humphrey, CB: Alabama- The Bengals could be eying a wide reciever, and could go with Williams (if there) or Washington’s John Ross. I think they upgrade and aging defensive backfield. They need someone to compete with Pittsburg’s potent offense.

10. Bills: OJ Howard, TE: Alabama- I can’t remember the last time the Bills had a dynamic tight end. This would help out QB Tyrod Taylor and also WR, Sammy Watkins. OJ is also a durable player who will be tough enough to play in those cold Buffalo winters.

11. Saints: Evan Engram, TE: Ole Miss- Engram is a playmaker in the mold of a Jimmy Graham. He might not be as big, but he’s more polished than Graham was coming out of college. If not Engram, I can see them drafting another WR to complement Mike Thomas who emerged as a solid #1 last year.

12. Bears (from Browns):┬áJabrill Peppers, Safety: Michigan- This is my dream scenario for the Bears: they move down, get a dynamic playmaker, and get an extra pick or two. Then they can move back into round 1…shenanigans ensue!

13: Cardinals: Jamal Adams, Safety: LSU- I don’t really think the offensive players will fall off the board like I hope they will. That said, if Adams is here, he would be a pretty awesome addition to the Cardinals defensive backfield. He and Peterson would make a fierce tandem. A WR or TE could be welcomed options as well.

14. Eagles: Haason Reddick, LB: Temple- Reddick stays in-state and goes to the Eagles. Brings immediate toughness to the Eagles D.

15: Colts: Christian McCaffrey, RB: Stanford- The Eagles very well could take a running back one pick ahead, and it very well could be McCaffrey. I think McCaffrey fits in with a lot of teams that like to throw the ball as much or more than they like to run. There are about 5-6 teams he would excel with.

16. Ravens: Dalvin Cook, RB: FSU- The Ravens are actually at a great spot in this year’s draft. They will have one of several players to choose from. I think Cook would have the most impact should he be on the board here. The Colts could very well choose Cook over McCaffrey, or another team could take McCaffrey sooner (Saints, Eagles, a team trading up). If not Cook, perhaps Njoku, or a wide receiver.

Stay tuned for 17-32!

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Brawl of the week: Decorating Stormwind

This week’s Tavern Brawl is a renaming of a brawl we have had before (Storming Stormwind). I’m not sure it is fundamentally different. It is one of (if not) the first PvE brawls we have had, which is cool. I hope they do more of these.

Decorating Stormwind,

Your objective is to flood the board with minions, and do as much damage to the keep as you can. They call it decorations for some reason. I don’t know. I just do things.

City of Stormwind.

I picked a hunter and slightly misplayed my Scavenging Hyenas (by not killing my beasts when I could have), but I still did an OK job. I’m sure there will be players who really rack up the “decorations”.

The City of Stormwind has a weapon but it increases the attack of the Partygoers. It seems to go up with each one played. Kind of like the Jade Golem mechanic. The first one is a 1/1, second one a 2/2, and so forth.

The Hero Power is: Play a random Stormwind Partygoer for 2 mana. The attack and health seem to go up incrementally each time they are played.

I think the goal to hit for the “win” is 30 decorations (damage). Everything after that seems to be bonus.


I ended up doing 83 “damage” to the City of Stormwind. Could have done much more if I would have sacrificed my beasts to further inflate my Scavenging Hyenas. I might try a few more times to see how far I can “decorate” the city.

Keep track of your stats.

The game keeps track of “decorations placed” and Revelers removed. Which is kind of cool. You can compete against yourself or perhaps a friend or two. See how high you can get your stats. Since you can create your own deck, you can use any hero, and thus use this for dailies.

Another Un’Goro pack? Will this be the new reward or is it just for the weeks leading up to the release of the new expansion? Either way, it’s pretty cool. Good luck, have fun, and see you next week!

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Walking Dead Weekly

Sunday night’s episode, The Other Side, was full of activity. We saw Hilltop prepping for war, and a couple of our favorite characters going out on a “secret” mission. Before we get into that,

*****Spoiler Alert*****

We start off seeing some knife training going on. Maggie was also getting another ultrasound for the baby. Maybe her last one! She also was working on a list of items Hilltop needs. Jesus completed his map of Sanctuary for Sasha. At the end of the first segment, Rosita arrives.

Even if it doesn’t last: Maggie and Jesus have a nice conversation. We get to find out a little more detail about him leading up to him meeting Maggie and the crew. He is growing more and more invested in the community. Maggie urges him to open up to someone on a personal level. She said it’s worth it even if it doesn’t last. Considering all her family, and husband were no longer with her, that is a telling statement.

Bullets in a box: Sasha finds Jesus’ stash of bullets in a hollowed out bible. He comes in with Enid and sees her holding it. Jesus said she could have them. He also asks her to wait before going on her mission to kill Negan. Her conversation with Enid is pretty awesome. She tells Enid that Maggie needs her and that they both are the future of Hilltop. Enid responds with telling Sasha she has “two minutes before she tells Maggie what’s up”. Sasha smiles, seeing the young woman take her role seriously.

Saviors are coming: Sasha and Rosita make it out just as the Saviors arrive, unannounced. Daryl, Maggie, and Enid cannot make it to the secret tunnel Sasha, and Rosita sneaked out of. Daryle and Maggie end up going into a storage cellar. Enid goes off to get some veggies to give to a Savior who eventually ends up going into the storage cellar.

Simon Says: Simon says Negan wants Dr. Carson. Simon usually gets his way! I really like Simon among all the Saviors. He’s a bad guy, but he’s got such a great smile. I’m torn on wanting him to die or not. I can see him becoming a leader of a community. He tells Gregory he is there for a “certain someone” that needs to become Negan’s “certain someone”. I’m sure we all think he’s after Daryl. It turns out to be the good Dr. Carson. We know the other Dr. was killed, we find out he was Dr. Carson’s brother. I wished I would have paid attention to his name.

I’m not here to play “get to know you”: Rosita shows off more of her stunning personality and she and Sasha journey to The Sanctuary. They eventually pick up a car and hole up just outside the complex. My desire for Rosita to die is bubbling over.

Cheap scare: Minor peeve. The Savior going into the cellar where Daryl and Maggie are hiding looks around and eventually takes some stuff. He leaves without incident. I think the show is beyond cheap scare tactics. Evidently they disagree.

Shenanigans afoot: Gregory pulls Simon aside for a private conversation. He makes his concern be known that he’s afraid of someone else taking over Hilltop, he then squirrels his way out of mentioning a specific name. Simon tells him if he wants to talk more about it, he can come visit him at the Sanctuary, and writes something down on a card. Simon lets Gregory know he will leave word with the guard for them to let him in. Pretty much setting the stage for Gregory to betray Hilltop. The interesting part in the scene is: the last part is viewed from a side perspective. Could mean someone saw the conversation taking place. Jesus perhaps?

One of the good things in this world: Maggie stops Daryl to talk to him after the Savior leaves the cellar. It leads to Daryl apologizing for Glenn dying. Then Maggie says she doesn’t blame Daryl and he is “one of the good things in the world”, so was Glenn. I almost lost it. Maggie asks Daryl to help her win. All I can say is, Maggie is going to get a lot of people fired up. She already has the respect and support from her group from Alexandria. Most of Hilltop seems to like her a lot. Hell, she might end up winning over some of the Scavengers. Should be a good fight.

Paging Dr. Carson: With Simon taking Dr. Carson back to the Sanctuary, the collective health is not looking good for Hilltop. Most notably, Maggie and her unborn child. It also makes the Saviors strong again. On the flipside, if Eugene and Dr. Carson get to talking, that could be two powerful allies on the inside. Eugene still has his poison capsules.

Knots unite: No, I am not dyslexic. Sasha sees Rosita working on some knots and asks if she could teach it to her. At first Rosita is all like, “it won’t matter soon”. Then finally talks to Sasha as a person. It was actually a nice scene. Rosita teaches Sasha the knot and tells her a lot about her background before they met.

No shot: Rosita and Sasha see Dr. Carson being brought into the Sanctuary, and Negan comes out to see his new Dr. Sasha can’t take the shot though because Eugene and the Dr. are too close to Negan. They listen on the walkie talkie that Jesus recovered and hear Eugene giving out orders.

Did you just threaten me?: Gregory might have tipped his hand with a veiled threat to Jesus. Was he the one watching Gregory and Simon talk in private? Jesus is too smart to come at him strong like that. All of a sudden Gregory has some flunky getting him tequila. He tells the flunky to see Jesus out. Daryl meets up with Jesus as he is making his way back to his trailer. He asks him where Sasha and Rosita are. Kind of an odd scene on it’s own. I’m thinking it’s there to confuse.

Change of plans: Sasha and Rosita shoot a guard when they see Eugene, but he does not want to go with them as they are cutting the fence open. Eugene runs back into the complex. Sasha gets the fence open and quickly binds it shut behind her, leaving Rosita out. Sasha then shoots a couple guards as they come out, and Rosita has to pick up her gear and run away before she is shot. After Rosita stops running, she looks up and sees a familiar silhouette in the distance…we are made to believe it could be Daryl.

Questions: Yeah, there were a few good ones. I’ll start with the last one. Is that Daryl? Who else has a crossbow and shoulder length hair? Dwighty boy! What was Dwight doing down there? (if it was him) What will he do with Rosita? They do have some history. Keep in mind, the last time we saw him, he was searching for his ex-wife Sherry. He has probably had lots of time to process the fact that she’s not coming back, and if she does, she will either be killed, tortured, or both. Or Dwight might be, to punish Sherry. You never know with Negan. Is there any of Dwight’s former self left in him?

Why did Sasha take initiative and close the fence behind Rosita? It could be that she feels she is less emotional. It could be she is more willing to sacrifice herself when Eugene runs back into the complex. I suppose it could be she simply thinks she is the best chance at getting to Negan, but that seems like a longshot the way things went down. The complex will be on high alert now.

Will Eugene and Dr. Carson team up? It doesn’t seem like Eugene wants to go back to Alexandria. He did start acting all scared and almost crying routine. He seemed really comfortable commanding Negan’s men to work on the walker area, and fetch him supplies. Is this part of the act to get closer to Negan? Eugene, is that smart, and we know he does have a little cojones when backed into a wall. Don’t forget he offered to drive the RV into a certain trap. Can’t wait to see how this plays out.

Zombie kill of the week: There were a couple really average zombie kills this week. Sasha and Rosita killing two at the same time? Sure. I guess.


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Brawl of the Week: Encounter at the Crossroads (again)

This week’s Brawl of the week is: Encounter at the Crossroads (again), with a couple of twists. If you have played this brawl before, you might note that we have had this brawl more than any other Tavern Brawl. I was going to complain about that, and how this one is even more annoying. I’m not going to though.

As you will see, it’s the same “pick a class, get random cards” as it always has been. However there is this little twist.

All of a sudden your board will be filled with 3/5 minions with Taunt. I have no clue as to who gets them first or how they come out after that. I can tell you that you have no control over said minions. Yeah, have fun with that. They seem to use the “chess mechanic” if you are familiar with that brawl.

It took me a couple tries to get my first win. As usual, it all comes down to RNG. The gods smiled upon me and I was able to come out victorious.

But wait, there’s more! In the place of the usual Original pack of Hearthstone cards, is a shiny gift-wrapped with a bow, snazzy new pack of cards. It says available mid-April. This no doubt coincides with the release of the next expansion: Journey to Un’Goro. Now, suddenly, this brawl has become increasingly more interesting. For this week at least.

So get up in there and get that snazzy new pack. It could be simply a pack from the new expansion, or it could be even better! Have fun, and see you next week!

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Walking Dead Weekly

Last night’s episode, Bury Me Here, was a highly emotional installment. Things happened that should help push one community in a direction they might not have intended to go. Before we get into all that,

*****Spoiler Alert*****

We don’t find out until later who the ‘me’ is. I originally thought the single cantaloupe was set intentionally to start a conflict with the Saviors. We learn different. Very different.

I saw the sign: Carol must have been going over her meeting with Daryl in her head for a while. We see her get up in the middle of the night and light up a cigarette. Her trademark that she is really stressed out. Next thing we know she is back to killing, using a “One Way” sign as her weapon of choice. The symbolism was not lost on me. This is a huge shift in her recent philosophy. Which is huge. She is ready to kill again, to protect those she loves. She makes her way to Morgan, where she questions him about the condition of Alexandria.

As Carol walks back to her cottage, she gets the feeling she is being watched/followed. She stops and looks around, then continues. What she didn’t see is Richard on the side of a building. He was in the process of digging a grave. What I didn’t pay attention to were the shopping carts that lined the building.

Right Now: The ‘tribute’ ends up 1 cantaloupe short, which prompts yet another confrontation between The Kingdom and Gavin’s band of Saviors. Gavin knows he is about to accelerate things, so he asks Ezekiel for their guns. Once they get the guns, Gavin says the problem needs to be taken care of right now. Scraggly dude pulls his gun on Richard, who thinks it’s his time to die. Scraggly dude then changes his aim and shoots.

When action resumes, we see it’s Benjamin who has been shot, and is quickly bleeding out. Morgan tells the group to take him to Carol’s place because they left her with lots of medical supplies.

Knocking on Heaven’s door: Benjamin passes away from his gunshot wound on Carol’s table. His death is pretty significant. You may remember I brought this up a while back, when Ezekiel balked at joining Alexandria and Hilltop to fight the Saviors. Benjamin’s death has a profound impact on Morgan and Carol. Morgan leaves, and we see him starting to unravel as he replays events in his head. He goes back to the area where the shopping carts were in the road. He finds a single cantaloupe, and starts putting things together.

It was supposed to be me: Morgan goes to see Richard and he tells Morgan about his plan. It was supposed to be him that sacrifices his life so that the Kingdom will rise up and fight. He then goes on to tell Morgan about his life before he found the community, and how he lost his wife and daughter. Richard also tells Morgan about his future plan to lead The Kingdom into battle, and try to redeem himself for getting Benjamin killed. Morgan doesn’t speak, but you can see the rage boiling under his skin.

12th cantaloupe: Ezekiel and crew take the 12th cantaloupe to meet the Saviors, and fulfill their agreement. Morgan suddenly attacks Richard and ends up strangling the man with his bare hands. Amazingly no one stops him. He then explains what Richard did, and planned to do. I’m not sure why he didn’t call him out on it, and let him explain. Richard was a lot of things, but he was honest. Killing him makes it look like Morgan is a lunatic and is covering up a murder. We all know he isn’t but it’s just an odd play. It does indicate that Morgan has been changed by Benjamin’s death. Morgan then goes to Carol’s place and asks her if she wants to know what really happened to Alexandria. She does, and he tells her everything. Then he says he’s going to kill all the Saviors, one at a time. Hey, it’s a more solid plan than 2 people trying to sneak into Sanctuary and assassinate him. Just sayin’.

Go and not go: Carol uses Ezekiel’s line on Morgan as he starts walking away. It doesn’t look like he will consider it. We then see Carol walk back into The Kingdom and speak to Ezekiel. She tells him she’s back because they need to get ready to fight. Ezekiel agrees, but says it doesn’t need to be today. He is planting stuff with Benjamin’s brother Henry.

The last image we see is Morgan sharpening something, apparently his staff. Putting a sharp point on it signifies he has flipped the switch from peace to war. He fully realizes what needs to be done. It’s as if the Saviors killed his own son. I thought Ezekiel would need something like this to spur him to join the fight. I never thought Morgan would develop such a relationship with Benjamin.

One Way: As I said before, the symbolism was not lost on me. They could have picked any sign, but they chose to use a “One Way” sign. Why? To me, it’s because they want to underscore there is really only one way that works in the new world: Kill or be killed. Protect those you love. This is how it is now. They have said as much, especially Rick. He tried to tell Morgan. Daryl tried to tell Carol. Richard tried to tell anyone who would listen. Morgan knew this, but tried to live different. So did Carol. Now they all know again.

Questions: This episode actually had more answers than questions. The main things that happened, needed to happen in order to advance the plot of war. The Kingdom will now join Hilltop and Alexandria. They are down another couple warriors with Richard and Benjamin departing. I was hoping Rick or Daryl would come back and get Richard’s stash. Perhaps Daryl will when he finds out Richard is dead. He is the only one that knows about it.

Is Morgan unstable or stable? Unlike Carol, who seems to be fully in control of her self, Morgan is at least on the edge between sanity and insanity. He came back once. Can he come back again? That’s probably something that won’t be answered later on. I hope he can stick around long enough to train a new group to fight with the staff.

The next three episodes are probably going to be really intense. Buckle up!

Zombie kill of the week: I pretty much called it last week when I saw the preview for this week’s show. Carol wielding the street sign is doom for any walkers in a 50 foot radius–maybe more. She’s the ‘Chuck Norris’ of the zombie apocalypse. Pretty soon walkers will be exploding upon mentioning her name.





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Bears Free Agency moves give them flexibility in NFL Draft

The Bears struck quick on Thursday, adding 4 year quarterback Mike Glennon and safety Quintin Demps. They later added Markus Wheaton and tight end Dion Sims*. Not spectacular moves, but this should allow them to be flexible when the draft rolls around.

These moves are building blocks for the Bears headed into the Draft. It will allow them to move down from the 3rd overall pick, if they choose to do so. This is my ultimate wish: trade down and pick up an extra pick or two. This draft is deep in many positions, and the Bears have a lot of needs.

Friday, the added Prince Amukamara and Markus Wheaton.

Mike Glennon: Off and on starter for the Buccaneers. When Lovie Smith came to town, he brought Josh McCown with him, pretty much making Glennon the backup. When that failed, the Bucs drafted Jameis Winston, pretty much burying Glennon on the roster. I’m one of the few people that think Glennon can be more than a “bridge” quarterback. I like what Loggains did with Hoyer and even Barkley for the most part.

Quintin Demps: Is a veteran Safety who has played with 5 teams over his 9 year career. While he is 31, he didn’t start until his 6th season in the league. He might not have all the wear and tear of a 9 year veteran. He adds depth at the position, plus versatility with special teams.

Markus Wheaton: Markus had a breakout season in 2015; in 2016 he had an injured shoulder which eventually needed surgery. Most likely, he will compete for a spot behind Kevin White and Cam Meredith. He might also pitch in on special teams. When healthy, Wheaton brings a lot of speed to the table.

Dion Sims: Sims comes over from Miami. He was drafted out of Michigan State in 2013, and played 4 years with the Dolphins. Sims brings some much needed depth to the position.

Prince Amukamara: Amukamara brings more veteran presence to the Bears secondary. Last year the Bears were down to rookies for a good chunk of the season. In 6 NFL seasons, Prince has only put up 7 interceptions, but has been a decent cover-corner.

*Some deals were not finalized until Friday

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2017 NFL Draft: 5 prospects that should be taken top 10

It’s NFL draft season, and with that comes a lot of talk/speculation/deception on where players will be selected in the NFL draft. I did one of these last year and it was pretty fun, so here we go again!

Myles Garrett, DE: Texas A&M– Did not disappoint at the combine. He showed he is the top defensive end in this years draft. People have compared him to Von Miller, but he is more physical, maybe not as explosive. Still, should be the top 1 or 2 pick.

Jonathan Allen, DT: Alabama– Most experts have him as the best interior defensive lineman, some have him as the “safest” pick in the draft. I have concerns about his shoulders, but he has played through injury, and still competed at the combine. He is one of those rare players inside that should be able to get after the quarterback.

Leonard Fournette, RB: LSU– Fournette has been tearing up the SEC for a few years now. He bounced back from a couple injuries and keeps on going. At 6’1″, 240 lbs, he is a powerful runner. That didn’t stop him from running a 4.51 40 yard dash. He picks ’em up and put ’em down, and if you get in his way, he will likely run you over. Look for him to go somewhere in the 6-10 range.

Corey Davis, WR: Western Michigan– At 6’3″ and 209 lbs, Corey Davis is in the mold of Brandon Marshall or a Dez Bryant. He is a powerful receiver who can fight through tackles, then turn on the jets. He is known for his dazzling run after the catch play. There are some who might be concerned with ankle surgery to repair 2 torn ligaments in his ankle. Davis could not participate at the combine.

Jabrill Peppers, Safety: Michigan– He’s not quite Charles Woodson or Shawn Taylor, but he shows flashes of both players. At Michigan he showed his versatility and playmaking ability. He has played corner and linebacker, in addition to being an all-world safety. At 5’11”, 213 lbs, he will probably not see much time at linebacker in the NFL, but has the mentality, which should make him an exceptional defensive back. I’m hoping he doesn’t get past my Bears at #3 overall.

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