Brawl of the Week: Dr. Boom’s Ignoblegarden!

This week’s Tavern Brawl is a new one! Dr. Boom’s Ignoblegarden! OK, it may be a spin on a couple different brawls, but the new twist is cool. Pick a hero, and you will get a deck full of random stuff. You will also start with a special egg that hatches into something.

I went with a mage, because that’s kind of what I do. It seems like there are a lot of similarities between minions, but your spells are class specific.

I got the “luck” coin or whatever you want to call it. A Ragnaros popped up from a minon that had “summon a random legendary and give it Rush”. My opponent didn’t like it and conceded before I had a chance for the killing blow, but that’s what people do nowadays.

Get in there, get your free pack, and has you some funs! I will try my best to see you next week!

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Lonely Street

Lonely Street


Your stomach’s full but there’s still something empty. Deep down twisting inside. A lack of pain, a lack of anything. The whole world has become a shade of gray. Food and drink do little to sustain you. All your friends seem to have changed. All caught up in their own agendas. Socializing has become a chore. Music that used to console you. Now just seems like noise. The sunlight makes you angry. Darkness cloaks a once loud voice.

You’re crying out for help, so desperate. No one seems to care at all. You’re hurting from the inside out. Threatened from these prison walls.

Life has dealt you a bitter blow. Too young to make this choice. You’re dying to live, living to die. It gets better child, I know. I cannot tell you which path to take. I cannot tell you which friend to trust. Please hang on for those who love you. Hang on for those you haven’t met. You feel inside it’s just not worth it. Someday it will, I promise that.

You’re crying out for help, so desperate. To young to call it quits. Start trying to live, living to try. See one more sunrise, please. Reach out. Hep someone else going down the same road. Together, down this lonely street.

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Walking Dead Weekly

Welcome back to Walking Dead Weekly. It’s been a few seasons (except for my recent post) since I rambled on about my favorite show. So much has happened. The last 4 episodes of the first half of season 9 have been amazing. Episode 9, did not disappoint. Let’s go!

****Spoiler Alert****

We start off seeing the group haul Jesus back to Hilltop. It was surreal. I was hoping big J only suffered a bad wound, but it proved to be fatal. The “good” that came out of it is the new 5 characters that were introduced at the end of the first half, are some seriously cool adds. I feel a lot better about Jesus’ story arc than I did about Abraham, or even Rick, and Carl.

“Keep it, you will need it to find your way”: Sage advice from the littlest badass. I was mad at Judith for letting Negan scale the wall and leave Alexandria. I was also excited. I’m not going to lie. Negan back out in the world being Negan is a great thing. Especially since his story was pretty much done. He was supposed so have some moments with Carl, but Carl’s not exactly vertical these days. No reason why he can’t carry one with Judith, and who knows what.

More Whispers: The group that came back with Jesus ran into another small group of Whisperers, and one managed to surrender in fear. They spared her, and took her back to Hilltop for interrogation. This is huge. Sadly, Carl was to be in the cell with the prisoner, so Henry looks like he will be taking that part of Carl’s story. Daryl eventually gets her to admit there were “about 10” more of them, but you can kind of see she’s lying. He also hears her and Henry talking, as he is right outside the jail window.

“Two-hand” Luke: Luke, one of the newest members of Hilltop invites himself to a recon party. While out surveying the land, he and Aldon come across a couple expended arrows. Luke recognizes them to be Yumiko’s, and pick up the trail. They eventually run into some Whisperer’s, and surrenders as a female pulls out a rifle.

You can’t go home again: Negan finds the Sanctuary to be desolate, save a few stray walkers. After a pretty lonely night, he heads back to Alexandria. Judith greets him with a shot from her revolver, and reminds him “she would shoot him” the next time she saw him. He tells her that she is right, there is nothing left for him outside. It will be interesting when she brings him back to Alexandria.

Questions: Well, the biggest question is probably, What’s going to happen with Aldon and the party who were out looking for Whisperers? It would suck if some of the new people died already. I kind of dig Aldon, but I’m not sure he was ever in the story. Neither was Enid, so who knows.

How will the residents of Alexandria react when Negan comes waltzing back into the place? They will not understand that he left, and came back on his own, and what that could mean. Most of them will probably at the minimum, not want him back, and/or want him dead.

Zombie Kill of the Week: ZKotW has kind of ran it’s course. It was great for the first few seasons, but by now, we have pretty much seen every way to kill a walker. I might bring it up if something fantastic happens, but for the most part, it’s being ‘retired’.

Hopefully I will get this post out by Tuesday, going forward. Thanks for reading!

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Brawl of the Week: Brawl of Champions – Round One

This week’s Tavern Brawl is totally new: Brawl of Champions – Round One. I have no idea what this means, or when we will get other rounds. Looks like this is some kind of Troll celebration. Guess there is not going to be a “Love is in the air” thing. At any rate, pick one of 9 troll “champions”, and get their deck full of random cards. It looks very exciting until you start to play…

It’s very random. I had almost the same 3-4 cards as my opponent. You also get a “shrine” with each hero. It has a random mechanic. The mage one: Your hero power costs (0), if you kill a minion with it, refresh it. Seems pretty cool.

I was eventually overwhelmed and the brawl was one sided. So were the next few.

It took me 4 brawls to get a win. I also had a nifty quest (I’m guessing you will too) to play 3 Tavern Brawls, and you get a current pack. You also get the standard pack for your first win. Which could take a while.

I may or may not play through all the heroes. The randomness is thick with this one. The shrines are cool though. So get in there and have some fun. Keep plugging to get your free pack. I will see you next week!

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Wait your turn

Wait your turn


We all bleed, we all hurt, we all beg, we all steal

In the back of a car, in a parking lot, dimly lit, we yield

Wounds will come, and wounds will go

If were lucky, our scars won’t show

Take a turn, take the wheel, sing a song, start to heal

Feel the burn, sharp as steel, won’t be long, time to kneel

From the birth, until death, do your best, do your best

Idle hands, don’t deny, clumsy hands, submit to crime

We are pawns in this game, truth or dare, there’s no shame

I can feel for the first time, things will change, things will change

Wounds will come, and wounds will go

If were lucky, our scars won’t show

Take a turn, take the wheel, sing a song, start to heal

Feel the burn, sharp as steel, won’t be long, time to kneel

From the birth, until death, do your best, do your best


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Walking Dead Weekly: Now is a good time to come back

I’ve been away for far too long. A lot has happened since I last blogged about one of my favorite shows. If you have been away since season 7, or really anytime before season 9, now is a good time to come back. I’ll tell you why.

**Mild to strong spoilers ahead. Read at your own risk***

Season 9 has brought a lot of change. Certain characters are out (more on this later) certain characters have been introduced, and a new (and long awaited enemy) has been revealed.

I am fresh off a rewatch of season 9, so some things will be fresh in my head. This will be your last **Spoiler Alert**

The season starts off 1.5 years after the war with the Saviors. Negan has been imprisoned in Alexandria. Unfortunately Carl is not around to follow the comic, which is truly sad. Even though I have not read the comic, I do know there was a lot of story left between Carl and Negan. If you are a fan of Negan (you probably didn’t stop watching) you will be happy to see him taunting anyone who comes to pay him a visit. Jeffery Dean Morgan is magic as he tears into Michonne, Maggie, and eventually Gabriel. He can get under anyone’s skin in 30 minutes or less (or your pizza is free).

The communities are working together to repair a bridge that is important for their trade. Over the first few episodes, a lot of animosity brews, mainly because the Saviors are doing most of the work, and have no weapons to protect themselves. When Saviors start disappearing, it gets worse. Of course it comes to a head. What would The Walking Dead be without confrontation?

The worst kept secret: Even before the season starts, we get wind that this will be Rick Grimes final season. They don’t say if he is dying. We eventually learn what will happen to Rick* (I’ll mention this later in case you didn’t really want to know, but are still reading). I personally didn’t like how it ended, but I’ll talk about that later too.

The worst kept secret part two: If you still haven’t watched season 9, and don’t want to be spoiled, this is your last chance *Spoiler Ahead*

It’s another character’s last season too. This was also talked about, but a lot less. I think I might have found out 1-2 episodes prior to her leaving….

Maggie ended up leaving the show too. It comes out towards the end (episode 7, or 8). She ends up taking Hershel to wherever Georgia (that nice lady who wanted records in return for knowledge).

Daryl and Carol: Daryl does his “I don’t want to be around people thing and is staying out in the wild. Carol meets him on her way to Hilltop to take Henry to learn about blacksmithing. Daryl picked up a companion at some point. A dog named, Dog. So fitting.

Gabriel the badass: Father Gabriel has turned into a full on badass. He starts out completely shaved, which makes his one bad eye look creepy. He’s a ladies man though (revealed to be “Episcopalian” so he’s not celibate). He has a fling with Ann (garbage pail lady) until she wigs out and bolts. He then hooks up with Rosita (I didn’t see that coming either) and grows out his facial hair again. He also tries, and fails to help Negan deal with his new life as an inmate, which leads to some awesome dialogue.

Eugene the barbarian: Eugene is in his final stage of being a survivor. Not only is he not afraid of walkers, he is taking them out 4 at a time. He is back to being a vital resource, and goes out with Rosita to put up a signal booster for their radio/communication center. This is important because they stumble on a group of walkers that seem to be “whispering” to each other. This plays on for about 2-3 episodes. Eugene hurts his knee, and Rosita has to leave him behind.

Introducing Judith “little ass-kicker” Grimes: Judith is about 10 years old. I think the same age as Carl was in season 1. Only she’s got some pretty good weapons training, and seems like she is closer to adulthood, than childhood. There was also another time jump. (I think 3 years, but it could longer) If you liked Rick, and you liked Carl–she picks up where they left off in their prime. The most exciting thing for me in season 9, was the introduction of her as an older person. Hopefully the stars align and she ends up beating the world like Carl was supposed to.

Her introduction brings in 5 new characters, as she helps them out, and takes them back to Alexandria. (who does that remind you of?)

***New Characters***

The group Judith rescues consists of: Magna, Yumiko, Connie, Kelly, and Luke. Yumiko was injured and unconscious at the time she was brought into Alexandria. They seem like good people, and so far, they have been. Michonne is reluctant to let the strangers in, as she now is responsible for Judith, RJ, and the rest of Alexandria’s well being. Michonne brings them to “the council”, and basically puts them all on trial, especially Magna, who she calls out for having been in prison. I found that especially odd for someone who was introduced leading the jawless corpse of her baby dady as a pack-mule. That was then, this is now.

Hilltop ho: It is decided that Michonne will lead the new group to Hilltop where they will decide to take them in, or not. Along the way the group encounters a pack of walkers, and weapons are finally given back to the new people. Michonne then finds out about Maggie, and that she is no longer there. There is some animosity between Hilltop and Michonne that I either missed, or it happened between time jumps. If anyone should be mad it should be Michonne since Maggie went to Alexandria, and pretty much threatened to go “through” Michonne to kill Negan. (of course that didn’t happen as Maggie decided not to kill the sobbing ex-leader of the Saviors)

Reunited and it feels so good: Carol, Henry, and Daryl come upon Rosita, and take her back to Hilltop. Daryl, Jesus, and Aaron go out to look for Eugene.

Whisper to a scream: The three amigos quickly find out they are not dealing with a normal herd. They estimate it to be around 140 deep, and they are kind of milling around. They find Eugene and he tells them that he and Rosita heard them “whispering” and that the herd has been by twice already. Of course the herd catches up to them, and they are on the run again.

Oh, Jesus: The companions are slowed by Eugene, and end up having to make a stand in a cemetery (fitting). During the fight, Jesus busts out some long awaited new moves. (we saw him sparing with Aaron earlier) The group seems to be handling the walkers with ease until one moves out of the way of Jesus’ sword strike, and stabs him in the back. There seemed to be a few more walkers who suddenly attack. During the fight, Michonne turns up along with the newest cast members who want to “earn their keep”. It is revealed that the walker who struck Jesus down was wearing a “walker-skin” mask that was sewn together.

More questions than answers: I left a lot out, but I think I got the main things down. I will start in no particular order: What’s going on with Rick? We saw him get blasted into the river, and Ann found him, took her to the rendezvous point with the mystery helicopter, and airlifted to safety. Word around town is Rick will no longer appear on the show, but will reappear in any number of “Walking Dead” movies that will be featured on AMC. It kind of sucks, but I’ll get into that later.

Who are these helicopter people? Ann has allegedly formed an alliance with the helicopter people, and her payment for pickup/extraction is an “A” or “B” person. It is determined that Rick is a “B”, whatever that means. I hope we find out in the back half of season 9.

Where did Maggie go? As I said earlier she goes to hang out with Georgia and her “twins”. I hope she doesn’t go the way of Heath.

Why is everyone leaving? I have no idea, but my personal theory is that it started with Carl. Word on the street was that he wanted to take a break and go to college, but he was also told, “they wanted him for 3 more years”. They kind of forced Frank Darabont out after season 1, but that is another story. I think there is truth to this story, because Chandler’s father had some things to say (in the article) on social media. Then Andrew Lincoln, and Lauren Cohan abruptly leave.

What I do know is that Rick, Carl, and Maggie had a lot of story left. For them to all leave suddenly makes zero sense. The flash forward was going to happen eventually, and Judith’s reintroduction could be a reason why, or it could be a brilliant move after losing 3 strong characters.

Hopefully, you read this, and it sparks your interest to come back and rejoin the show you fell in love with all those years ago. It’s different, and that is a good thing. The one thing the show always did best is create interesting characters, and hire excellent actors to bring them to life. They are back at it, and are doing it in spades. Season 9 feels a lot like season 2, or 3–if that makes any sense.

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We all are

We all are


We all are fragments

We all are dust

Made up of particles

From the universe

Echoes of civilizations past

Lost in space and time

Preserved, how?

Preserved, why?

Scholars say, scientists say

What does your gut tell you?

Do you know who you are?

Do you believe?


Is it so simple?

So fantastic?

There are truths and half-truths

That would boggle your mind

Yet we disbelieve, mock, and ridicule

Those who appear different

Even though their hearts beat the same

In their veins run the same color blood


We all are fragments

We all are slaves

Brothers and sisters

We shall remain

We all are

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