2015 Fantasy Football rankings: Wide Receivers

In today’s NFL, wide receivers have been scoring early and often. Your league may come down to how you draft and evaluate the WR corps. I use a pretty standard scoring format when it comes to WRs: 1 point per 10 yards receiving (or rushing) and 6 points for all TDs. 2014 was an epic year for wide receivers. Many of them came of age from game one. Others, still have yet to take that step. Will they in 2015?

1. Antonio Brown, Steelers- Not sure there is much disputing this one. Brown has been there and Ben will keep him there–baring injury.

2. Dez Bryant, Cowboys- Dez just got paid, so we will see if that has any impact on his on-field success. He and Romo have a great chemistry. They might not be able to run it as much as they did in 2014, so there should be plenty of targets for Bryant.

3. Demaryius Thomas, Broncos- As long as Peyton is in Denver and Thomas is healthy, he will be among the top WRs. He’s got one less big man to take away his targets, so this could actually mean an increase in targets.

4. Calvin Johnson, Lions- Megatron has slipped just a little down the line as injuries and an inconsistent QB have hampered him. I think Calvin will have an upswing this year. Stafford should be more comfortable in year two and he has a proven #2 in Golden Tate.

5. Julio Jones, Falcons- Julio has been playing at a high level since his rookie year. The separation from #1 WR to #5 isn’t all that big. Look for Julio to have another huge year.

6. Odell Beckham Jr, Giants- Can he repeat the production he has as a rookie? If so, he could carry a team to the playoffs in fantasy and reality. One thing is for sure, this dude can catch.

7. Alshon Jeffery, Bears- Alshon has been thrust into the #1 role by default. Brandon Marshall has been shipped off to the Jets. The Bears drafted a young stud WR in Kevin White, but he is out with a stress fracture and will probably miss 2015.

8. Randall Cobb, Packers- The only thing that has me rank Cobb at this spot is his durability. He already sustained a sprain to his AC joint, it’s not as bad as a hamstring, but this injury will probably linger for a few weeks.

9. AJ Green, Bengals- I like AJ, but he’s just too inconsistent. Partly, do to his QB Andy Dalton.

10. DeSean Jackson, Redskins- Jackson has shown he can produce no matter who his QB is. Over the past few seasons he has had a lot. This year it will be Kirk Cousins, for better or for worse.

11. TY Hilton, Colts- TY is probably just coming into his own. He could very possibly be a top 3 WR in the league and in fantasy points. He’s got more speed than he knows what to do with and the best QB not named Aaron Rodgers.

12. Mike Evans, Buccaneers- Mike Evans had a great rookie year. Like Alshon, Dez, and Brandon Marshall, he is a big body and has a wide catch radius. Even with a rookie QB throwing him the ball, he should do pretty well in year 2.

13. Emmanuel Sanders, Broncos- I would have ranked Sanders a little higher, but he has been battling a hamstring since training camp. The type of receiver he is entirely depends on his mobility. With him being the undisputed #2 target, he could surpass the production he had in 2014. He’s gotta be healthy to do that.

14. Jeremy Maclin, Chiefs- Maclin has taken a beating over the years, but he has retained his speed and keeps coming back. Now he heads to KC and will be reunited with his old ball coach Andy Reid. He has had a great preseason so far. If he stays upright through the season, he should have a huge year.

15. Keenan Allen, Chargers- Allen had a great rookie year, followed by a lesser season 2. The Chargers have upgraded their running game with Melvin Gordon, so they should be a little less predictable on offense.

16. DeAndre Hopkins, Texans- QB is the only thing slowing this young WR down. He showed flashes the last couple years. He might even make whoever it will be at quarterback a better player. With Arian Foster out with his groin being repaired, he will have to shoulder the load.

17. Brandin Cooks, Saints- I had high hopes for this guy last year. He showed flashes, but just didn’t have the consistency/chemistry with Brees. He then wound up the year on IR. With no Jimmy Graham, Cooks is probably first inline to take his place as #1 target for Brees. It remains to be seen if he can withstand the pounding and stay focused to have a breakout season.

18. Jordan Matthews, Eagles- Jordan had a nice rookie season and looks like he is doing well in preseason this year. With McCoy and Maclin gone, he should be the big play threat and be inline for many, many targets.

19. Julian Edelman Patriots- Outside of Gronk, Edelman was the most consistent receiver the last two years in New England.

20. Sammy Watkins, Bills- Sammy was one of the top rookies coming out of the draft in 2014. Injury and inconsistency at QB limited his production. Tyrod Taylor has been named the QB. Tyrod seems to be pretty dynamic. No clue how this will translate to production for the 2nd year WR Watkins.

21. Brandon Marshall, Jets- Brandon could be a steal or could be a bust. It all depends on his QB, which hasn’t been known for consistent quarterback play over the last few years. The one bright spot might be the defense that should give them the ball back often.

22. Jarvis Landry, Dolphins- Landry is yet another 2nd year receiver who had a nice rookie campaign. He and QB Ryan Tannehill should be poised to build on their 2014 success. 2nd year in the offense for Landry and the Dolphins line seems to be a bit better.

23. Golden Tate, Lions- Golden Tate came in and gave the Lions exactly what they needed, a reliable #2 target to take some pressure off Calvin Johnson. A new offensive system and injuries to Megatron seemed to limit Stafford, but Tate has a productive year. Look for Golden to be even more of a threat in 2015.

24. Vincent Jackson, Buccaneers- V-Jax has been a solid WR since he came over from San Diego. He has been durable and dependable throughout coaching and QB changes. His production has slowed down a little, but more due to personnel than performance. It could be an up and down year with a rookie at QB.

25. Amari Cooper, Raiders- The Raiders went out and got arguably the best WR coming out of college to go along with their young QB. Cooper is fast, has length and a lot of athletic ability. He should make an immediate impact in the NFL.

26. Andre Johnson, Colts- I love the move the Colts made to go out and get Johnson. He will be a huge target for Luck and should do well in the Red Zone. Even though Andre has a lot of mileage on his wheels, it will be interesting to see what he can do with the best QB he has ever played with.

27. Larry Fitzgerald, Cardinals- It would have been nice to see what Fitz could have done had he had one of the top QBs for most of his career. He’s got Carson Palmer on yet another surgically repaired knee. If they can keep Palmer upright, Fitz could have a great year.

28. Terrance Williams, Cowboys- Robin to Dez Bryant’s Batman, Williams should have a solid season. I don’t think Dallas will be able to run the ball as much as they did in 2014, which could mean more targets for their speedy WRs.

29. Eric Decker, Jets- Same issue with Brandon Marshall: If they get good QB play they will do alright. If not, it’s a lot of money wasted.

30. Victor Cruz, Giants- Coming off a major injury might slow this guy down a little. He still should have enough to be a solid option for the Giants and your fantasy team. He should also benefit from teams trying to solve the ODB puzzle.

2015 QB rankings

2015 RB rankings


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Brawl of the week: It’s Raining Mana!

We have a new Brawl of the week: It’s Raining Mana! It’s a little like one of the other ones that had us start with 10 mana. This time, you start with 1 mana and get 2 more each turn. Plan accordingly.

It's Raining Mana!

This week’s Brawl: It’s Raining Mana!

My initial thought was to grab my favorite class (mage) and load it with mostly spells. I then started putting all kinds of things in there. I had to scale back a little and remind myself it’s a sprint, not a marathon!

Choose your class

Pick your hero and create a brawl deck!

It worked out OK in the end, mostly because my opponent stuffed his deck full of high cost cards, I am assuming.

Boom Clap!

Throw everything at your opponent before they do the same!

I hit my opponent with not one, but two Pyroblasts in back to back rounds.

This week’s brawl is a fun one. You can make your own decks, which is always nice. Makes it easy to use to get dailies done too. Excuse me while I go open my free pack! See you next week!

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2015 Fantasy Football rankings: Running Backs

Whether you are in a standard or custom scoring league, good chances the running backs will be among your top points performers. In my league, (custom scoring) RBs get 1 point per 10 yards rushing or receiving and 6 points for all TDs.

1. Adrian Peterson, Vikings- AP has the freshest legs he’s had probably since he’s been playing football. I’m sure he’s a little pissed off at how things went down last season too. The Vikings offense got at least a little better as everyone has a year under their belt.

2. Le’Veon Bell, Steelers- He’s got a 3 game suspension. So what? He will make up the points. This guy is a huge part of the Steeler’s offense.

3. Jamaal Charles, Chiefs- A double threat and one of Alex Smith’s favorite targets. WR Jeremy Maclin might actually open things up for this stud RB to gain even more yards and easy TDs.

4. Matt Forte, Bears- Forte has averaged 1800 yards from scrimmage the last two seasons. He is generally injury free. Cutler targeted him over 100 times last year. I expect that number to drop, but then again, the Bears top 3 WRs are all battling injury.

5. Eddie Lacy, Packers- The Packers offensive line worries me, but Lacy runs hard and will be a big part of their offense again.

6. Marshawn Lynch, Seahawks- People were all scared that Lynch was slowing down last year. Not so much. In 2014 he was 4th in rushing and 1st in TDs with 17. Jimmy Graham might take his receiving TDs away, but he should have easier going with a few less people stacking the line.

7. LeSean McCoy, Bills- A little concerned with his hamstring and his past history, but the Bills released veteran RB Fred Jackson on Monday. Not sure they would do that if they weren’t pretty confident in McCoy’s leg. Of course, clubs have been known to make arrogant mistakes from time to time. This far down in round one though, I think there is risk vs reward.

8. Jeremy Hill, Bengals- Last year I actually drafted Hill, then dumped him in week 2 or 3. Despite that horrible move, I still won my league. Hill looks like he will be picking up where he left off last season. Hopefully QB Andy Dalton doesn’t turn the ball over too much to lessen his impact.

9. CJ Anderson, Broncos- Anderson proved himself last year and looks like he will be the guy so long as he can a) stay healthy and b) hold onto the ball. If you do get Anderson, make sure to pick up Ronnie Hillman. Recent history tells us Denver will be relying on more than one RB to make it through the season.

10. Doug Martin, Buccaneers- The muscle hamster is back and looks to be in good form. He could be a late 1st-early second round steal.

11. Mark Ingram, Saints- Ingram starts the year as the #1 RB in New Orleans–which is a pretty big thing. He no longer has to split touches with Pierre Thomas or Darren Sproles. It’s all him. All day. As long as he can stay healthy, which he hasn’t been so hot on doing.

12. Melvin Gordon, Chargers- The Chargers added another young stud RB to their team. His Mom actually told the media she will not wear his jersey until “he earns it”. I have no doubt this kid will be motivated. Expect good things from this rookie in 2015.

13. DeMarco Murray, Eagles- I probably wouldn’t take him this high, but with his talent, he has earned it. DeMarco has not had back to back injury free seasons and had well over 400 touches last year. That said, any RB in Chip Kelly’s offense is going to be poised to score.

14. Alfred Morris, Redskins- Morris is just a solid RB. He produces year after year. With Cousins starting at QB, he might have more opportunities as long as Cousins can stay productive.

15. Lamar Miller, Dolphins- I was not on the Lamar Miller bandwagon, but he has gotten better year after year. Last year, he broke the 1000 rushing mark and looks to add to that success with a strong showing in preseason. Ryan Tannehill has picked up his game as well, so this should lead to some odd man fronts for them to exploit.

16. Rashaad Jennings, Giants- Loved this guy with the Raiders. He was really good last year with the Giants–when he was healthy. Hopefully he can put together a full season.

17. Ameer Abdullah, Lions- This speedy back from Nebraska is probably the “hype pick” for 2015. Reminds me a little of Reggie Bush. I wouldn’t touch him until round 3 or 4, unless you are in a 12+ team league.

18. Zack Stacy, Jets- This guy has a lot of potential. He’s the best of the RBs they have in New York.

19. Justin Forsett, Ravens- Forsett came out of nowhere last year. Every time I thought he was done, he kept on chugging. This year, with Marc Trestman calling plays, he could be in for even more touches out of the backfield.

20. Carlos Hyde, 49ers- I was really high on Hyde coming out of college last year. I saw him as a mini Frank Gore. Hopefully he is taking his craft seriously and putting in the work. This remains to be seen. He is a starting RB, so there’s that.

21. Darren Sproles, Eagles- Sproles might be more of a matchup play. One thing you know is that Philly will run the ball early and often.

On the bubble: Frank Gore, Colts looks like he will be at the very least, a goal-line vulture. How many reps he will get between the 20’s is another question. TJ Yeldon, Jaguars- This guy has some upside. He could emerge as the #1 back, but for now he will have to split carries with Denard Robinson. Latavius Murray, Raiders- Showed flashes last year. Need to see more consistency. Late, late round pick or keep track of on the waiver wire.

2015 QB rankings

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Walking Dead Weekly: Fear The Walking Dead

Episode 2 went down last night and the intensity picked up a couple notches. We saw Tobias again, and as I theorized, Travis went for his ex-wife and son. Lot’s to talk about but first,

***** Spoiler Alert *****

So close, yet so far–an apt name for the second episode in the series. Things are changing and rapidly starting to break down. We start off with Alicia walking down the middle of the street (who does this anywhere?) on her way to find out what happened to her boyfriend. She finds Matt has a 103 degree fever and is bed ridden. Madison eventually contacts her daughter and they head over to pick her up. Shortly after, they discover Matt has been bitten, and they eventually leave him to his own device.

Upon returning home, Travis tries to get a hold of his son, Chris, but can’t. Eventually he takes off to his ex-wife’s place. Nick is in the early stages of heroin withdrawal, which sends his mom back to the high school she works at to get some confiscated drugs (assuming they took from students). Officially, the first run of the zombie apocalypse.

Things really get going at this point. Madison makes her way to the HS she works at. You see the world becoming deserted in some places. The school is eerily silent. After getting some drugs, she runs into a familiar face, Tobias is lurking around. They make their way to a pantry and they load up a cart of canned goods. The second official run of the zombie apocalypse. Things start feeling familiar! The pair stumble upon the principal. He’s not quite his old self, he has been turned into a walker, or whatever they will initially call them. Tobias tries to defend them, but ends up falling down the stairs with the principal on top of him. After a quick search for something in her purse, Madison spots a fire extinguisher and takes it to her boss. After a few good whacks, the head cracks open and the threat is ended.

Travis reaches Liza’s apartment and cleverly calls his son from her phone. After a short conversation he tells Travis about some rally downtown where they are protesting a homeless man being shot by the police. Travis and Liza set out to retrieve their son. They find him just in the nick of time, as the protest starts turning violent. Things are getting broken, set on fire, and cops start getting physically involved. They drag Chris to a nearby barbershop that is closing up and invite themselves in. This is where we get to meet three more characters:

  • Daniel Salazar- The Barber
  • Griselda Salazar- Daniel’s wife
  • Ofelia Salazar- Daniel’s daughter

Daniel begrudgingly offers to let the trio stay in his shop to “ride out” the storm of violence that is erupting. Travis talks to Madison briefly before the connection breaks, he finds out that she is back home with her family. We then see someone attacking a child (Mr. Dawson). Alicia wants to help but Madison makes the hard choice and closes the door. We all know it was probably the wise choice. Our episode concludes with Ofelia blowing out some candles, fittingly.

Questions: Why didn’t Adrian and Tobias take the food they gathered? I get there was a little trauma, but it was extinguished, (you like what I did there?) leaving them all the time they would like to get the cart and push it out to the car. Also, why didn’t Tobias get another weapon? The kid shows excellent zombie apocalypse awareness, but asks Madison to give him back his puny steak knife. You think he would have no less than a couple knives, a gun, and maybe some dynamite. Even though Madison drops him off, I get the feeling that we will see him again. I hope so, the acne-faced teen has won me over. Even though he is just a kid, he seems like he knows what’s going down in the city.

Will the now-separated families hook up? Where will they go? They talk about going to the desert, but I can’t imagine that would be a good idea. No water, no food source, no shelter from the extreme heat or cold. I would imagine they would rather head north to the mountains or along the coast.

Zombie kill of the week: It was the only one, but it was a good one. Madison ends the principal’s young career as a zombie by bashing his skull in with a fire extinguisher. She may be a noob but it didn’t take her long to find her form. I guess it runs in the family!

Unfortunately, we will have to wait two weeks to find out what happens next. Apparently they are giving us Labor Day off to spend outside/with our families. Enjoy the last weekend of summer! I will see you in two weeks.

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2015 Fantasy Football rankings: Quarterback

Depending on what type of league you are in, the QB could be your source for the highest amount of fantasy points. My league (custom scoring) gives 6 points for all TDs, 1 point per 25 passing yards. So, QBs rake. 300 yards passing and 2 TDs will net you 24 points. Keep this in mind while reading the rankings!

1. Andrew Luck, Colts- Last year Luck really carried his team, and many fantasy teams as well. He slowed down a little the last few weeks in the season. They added Andre Johnson and Frank Gore in the offseason. Johnson is not nearly the explosive player he was 4-5 years ago, but should help Luck out, especially in the Red Zone.

2. Aaron Rodgers, Packers- He’s the king right now. Already a fantasy Hall of Famer. The loss of Jordy Nelson is a blow, as well as the offensive line being nicked up.

3. Drew Brees, Saints- Drew is still solid and Brandin Cooks is looking good in year 2. No Jimmy Graham, but that shouldn’t stop Brees from putting up 35+ TDs and 4000+ yards.

4. Peyton Manning, Broncos- He’s struggled in preseason but he still has Thomas, Sanders and CJ Anderson. Which could mean a little more for those three.

5. Tom Brady, Patriots- You might not have him for a full season, but I think he’s going to be highly motivated. A healthy Gronk and Brandon Lafell for a second season is nice too.

6. Matt Ryan, Falcons- Ryan continues to be a productive fantasy QB, hanging out just outside the elite area.

7. Russell Wilson, Seahawks- Wilson continues to grow as a QB. He also landed one of the most prolific Red Zone TD scorers in Jimmy Graham.

8. Ben Roethlisberger, Steelers- Ben has got some great weapons around him: Antonio Brown, Martavis Bryant, and Le’Veon Bell.

9. Tony Romo, Cowboys- Kind of like a nice wine, Romo is aging well. Having Dez Bryant sure doesn’t hurt that.

10. Philip Rivers, Chargers- Rivers has had a nice resurgence under head coach Mike McCoy. This year he has a stud RB added to the mix in Melvin Gordon.

11. Ryan Tannehill, Dolphins- Tannehill had his first solid year as a fantasy QB in 2014. Rookie WR Jarvis Landry came along nicely.

12. Matthew Stafford, Lions- Stafford has looked a lot better in year two of his offense. Even without Calvin Johnson for much of it, he has hooked up with Golden Tate and Greg Salas. Stafford could be one of the real steals, especially in deeper leagues.

13. Jay Cutler, Bears- Sigh. As you might know, Cutler is a bit up and down as a QB in fantasy and reality. He lost Brandon Marshall, which means he might not be forcing the ball into double coverage as much. He got an old pal back in Eddie Royal and they still have Alshon Jeffery. Despite their 2014 record, Cutler had one of his best seasons.

14. Eli Manning, Giants- Eli had a rough start to 2014, but ended up one of the top fantasy QBs. Thanks in large part to one Odell Beckam, Jr. He was without speedy WR Victor Cruz, but surprisingly, it didn’t phase him.

15. Sam Bradford, Eagles- Chip Kelly continues to play mad scientist with the Eagles Roster. Gone is elite RB LeSean McCoy and speedy WR Jeremy Maclin. In comes RB Demarco Murray…If Bradford can stay healthy, this could be an interesting situation. I would probably not draft him unless your roster allows you plenty of room to stash a player.

16. Cam Newton, Panthers- Cam had a nice 2014, considering he lost his entire WR corps from 2013. Loosing Kelvin Benjamin has me down rank Cam just a few spots.

17. Alex Smith, Chiefs- He finally has a legit WR in Jeremy Maclin. Hope Mac can stay healthy. If he does, this should be a real nice fantasy combo.

18. Carson Palmer- Carson was having a nice comeback season in 2014 until injury bit him again. Can he rebound? Larry Fitzgerald is not getting any younger.

19. Derek Carr, Raiders- Carr had a respectable year as a rookie QB. At times he looked like a fantasy stud. At others, he looked like rookie. The Raiders went out and got one of the top WRs coming out of college football in Amari Cooper.

20. Blake Bortles, Jaguars- Bortles has had a solid preseason campaign. It doesn’t really matter who his receivers are, he seems to find the open man. If Julius Thomas can find the playing field and stay there, they could have a nice relationship.

On the bubble- Joe Flacco, Ravens- Lost a dynamic reciever in Tory Smith. Kirk Cousins, Redskins- If he gets the start ahead of RG III, he could be a decent play.

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Twice in a lifetime

I was fortunate enough to see a no-hitter by Carlos Zambrano back in 2008. It was absolutely magical. As a long time baseball fan, I often wondered if I would get to see one. I thought Zambrano might someday pitch another, but those days came and went in a blink of an eye. A new era was ushered in. Those desires eventually gave way to the crisp days of autumn, and eventually the harsh winter that is baseball’s offseason.

I have been on a Jake Arrieta kick since probably his 4th or 5th start as a Cubs player. Even early on, it was so apparent he had great stuff. He took game after game into the 6th or 7th inning without giving up a hit. All Jake did was go out and try harder, work harder. Arrieta quickly became “must see TV”. He was a “stopper”: a pitcher who was a real threat to snap a losing streak. Those types of pitchers are also called “aces”.

No doubt Arrietta was motivated by the Cubs going out and paying a hefty sum for veteran left-hander John Lester. While Lester has had his off games this year, Jake has been lights-out.

On a late August night in the City of Angels, Arrieta took the mound and stopped another losing streak. He stopped a Dodger lineup that had gotten 17 hits and 9 runs over the previous two days. Stopped them cold. He was bright spot on an otherwise dismal west coast road trip.

For me, and I’m sure a lot of Cubs fans, everything that happens this year is bittersweet. So many of us have friends and relatives who are no longer with us, who would be reveling in the wins and achievements of the 2015 Cubs. I can’t help to think of one of my best friends who passed away last December. We would no doubt have been on the phone or have been watching the game together.

To see this happen, not once, but twice in a lifetime is something very special. I hope all the young fans appreciate and enjoy the moment. Even though the team is on the up-swing, you never know how long it will last. Jake Arrieta, you will probably never read this, but thank you, for what you have done, and what you will do. Your accomplishments mean so much more to us that you may ever know.

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Bears vs Bengals: What to watch for

Kevin White never hit the playing field as he was battling a stress fracture in his shin. Alshon Jeffery played a couple series in the first preseason game before he hurt his calf in practice leading up to game 2. Marquess Wilson got into both games but injured his hamstring early in the first quarter last week. Finally, Eddie Royal injured his hip this week in practice. This leaves the Bears in a very dire situation going into the most important game of the preseason.

Wide reciever: Will definitely be interesting and painful to watch. If this was an actual game, Cincinnati would no doubt put 8 men in the box and shut the run down. They still might do it, because they don’t really have to worry about Marc Mariani, Joshua Bellamy, or really any other Bears WR this week. Which means, there is an opportunity for one of these lesser known wide receivers to make a name for themselves.

The running game: Last week the Bears had some success running the ball, but it came vs a Colts team that wasn’t the best at stopping the run last year. The Bengals are a little more stout up front, and they likely will be stacking the line since the Bears top 4 WR options are injured. If the Bears can run the ball well tonight, this will bode well for the 2015 season.

Front seven: Last week they looked pretty good vs the Colts. Pernell McPhee sacked and pressured Andrew Luck on back to back plays, forcing a 3 and out on their first possession. This week, DT Jeremiah Ratliff was handed a suspension for an incident back in 2013 and will miss the first 3 games of 2015. Focus will be on Eddie Goldman and how he looks as a potential replacement for Ratliff. Shea McClellin has been doing OK in camp and the first two games, his progress continues as the “captain” of the defense. It would be nice to see some other playmakers step up among the line and linebackers.

The defensive backfield: Antrel Rolle seems to be locked into one starting safety spot and rookie Adrian Amos has a lead on the other. Tim Jennings will either be the #2 corner or the nickle back. While 2nd year CB Kyle fuller is the #1 corner, he has been beat early and often in games and has had a tough camp so far. The Bengals have a stud WR in AJ Green, who is fast and long, with a wide catching radius. This will probably be the matchup of the week. It will also be interesting to see who gets the nickle spot if Jennings stays as the #2 corner. Sherrick McManis has looked good in camp and the 2 games. Terrence Mitchell made a highlight reel play, intercepting a ball from Andrew Luck last week. Hopefully he can build on that tonight.

Jay and the offensive line: Cutler has had a nice camp and has looked pretty solid in the two games so far. Tonight he will certainly be challenged with young/inexperienced receivers. It will be interesting to see if they lean on the tight ends and Matt Forte out of the backfield or if they will try to throw it to the unproven guys to see how they fare. The offensive line has been OK so far. The focus will be on the right tackle, either Jordan Mills or Charles Leno Jr., to see if one of them can hold down the spot.

Special teams has been pretty solid, especially in the kicking and punting phases. Kick coverage has been pretty decent as well. Marc Mariani looks like he locked up the return duties. Not the fastest guy around but he is solid and doesn’t seem to put the ball at risk.

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