Mint Green and Navy Blue

Mint Green and Navy Blue


I heard her say it as she talked into her phone

She’s sick and tired of being alone

She works too hard and come too far

She wants more than what you are

Mint Green and Navy Blue

These colors swirl and come back to you

I see red, and pink, and grey

All other colors fade away

I heard him yell, I heard her scream

I felt the breaking of another dream

This life will tear you up inside

To live you can’t be afraid to die

Mint Green and Navy Blue

These colors swirl and come back to you

I see red, and pink, and grey

All other colors fade away

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In Another Place and Time

In Another Place and Time


I see you lookin’ at your feet

I feel you lookin’ at me

I see you turn your head away

Dreaming of the day

In another place and time

It could have been divine

I might find the nerve

Give you all that you deserve

For now I will surrender

Turn the feelings off

Here I will remember

Your touch was so damn soft

I see you waving from the train

My heart never feels the same

It gets so empty when you leave

I wish you were mine to keep

For now I will forget

The days our eyes have met

Our bodies were so close

Our souls were not alone

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2022 Bears Schedule Release/Prediction

At long last, it’s finally out! Grab your favorite drink and let’s go through it.

Week 1: 49ers at Bears- Not sold on the 49ers, Win.

Week 2: At Packers- Hoping it will be closer this year. It’s early, so maybe they can pull off the upset. I’m marking it down as a Loss for the Bears.

Week 3: Texans at Bears- They have had success with the Texans in the past. I expect it to continue. Win.

Week 4: At Giants- Giants are one of the few really bad teams in the NFL. On the plus side, they might have a healthy Saquon Barkley. If he’s even still on the team. I dunno, I haven’t been keeping up. Win.

Week 5: At Vikings- Vikings aren’t particularly great, so this one might be a coin toss. I am going to give it to the Vikings simply because they are at home. Loss.

Week 6: WFC at Bears- I refuse to call them the Commanders. They still suck. Win

Week 7: At Patriots- No Brady, but Belichick is still one of the best, and it’s a home game for them. Loss.

Week 8: At Dallas- Probably their only “tough stretch” of the season with back to back away games from two tough opponents. Loss.

Week 9: Dolphins at Bears- Ah, Miami. They will get better eventually, but I don’t think this season. Win.

Week 10: Lions at Bears- Win.

Week 11: At Falcons- Falcons are-who is even their QB? Win.

Week 12: At Jets- Probably the easiest 2 games of the year. Win

Week 13: Packers at Bears- Loss

Week 14: BYE

Week 15: Eagles at Bears- With a week to prepare and get healthy, the Bears will have that going for them, which is nice. Gonna give a slight edge to the home team. Win.

Week 16: Bills at Bears- The only thing I can say about this game is it’s at home for the beloved. If Buffalo is competing for a playoff spot (or seeding) it could be nasty. If the Bills have a big enough lead over the division, they might sit some players. Loss

Week 17: At Lions- Win.

Week 18: Vikings at Bears- If the Bears have 9 wins going into this game that will make it really tough on the Vikings who generally are not healthy by this time of the season. W.

Looking over the totals it looks like I have the Bears down for 10 wins. Am I dreaming? I don’t think so. I am not saying the Bears will be that good or that competitive. I just don’t think their opponents are that tough either. It’s all in the hands of the coaches. Can they help Fields get to the next level? We shall see!

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She Stands


She stands

In a corner


Aware of her surroundings


She waits for a friend

Maybe someday a lover

She’s confident and scared

To share a feeling

She doesn’t quite understand

So she stands, and she plans

But doesn’t follow through

She hates her indecision

She doesn’t like the rules

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Darling Spiral

Darling Spiral


Isn’t it grand

The spectacle

Is is alive?

Or is this a dream?

It comes to an end

In the blink of an eye

Everything known


Is it a lie

All that we’ve been told

It is a crime

Life itself?

Were do we go

With our truth


No longer exists

It’s all been

A beautiful dream

A little bit

Of serenity

Even the pain, oh yes the pain

Has been comforting

It’s all been

The greatest mystery

A moment in time

Was ours to steal

Where do we go?

Who do we follow?

Open your heart

And close your eyes

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Come Into My Dreams


Come into my dreams

Int the darkest hours

Save me from the demons

That try to tear me apart

I cannot manage a scream

There in the darkness

I cannot fall back asleep

From the monsters in my mind

My heart is beating fast

Only you can slow it

I need your soft embrace

To comfort me

I’ve been fighting so long

In isolation

My heart is caged in steel

It’s crying out

Come into my dreams

Be my salvation

Take me into the light

I’m yours to keep

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Tears fall down

They bring no relief

The pain still flows

The scars, below

Smiles on the surface

A perfect clown

You’ll never know

I’m crying out

Years go by

I don’t know how

I want to talk

But I’ll explode

Silence kills

Bottled up

Tell your story

I know it’s hard

Keep trying

Keep living

Even if it’s a lie

Do it for those

Who simply can’t

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This Scar



I am feeling things

I thought I buried

Deep down inside

Well here they are

Saying hello again

I’m struggling

To keep them inside


The rain brought healing

To me, it brought life

I am renewed

In my body

In my spirit

In my mind


I’m moving forward

I made my stand

I have won

It is a victory

I’m not undaunted

I have plenty wounds

Deep inside


I am fortunate

To have made it

This far

I have everything

I will ever need

Including, this scar

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New World Order

New World Order


I’ll be your servant


I’ll nod my head as you speak


A good soldier

Of misfortune

I know not of what you speak

Of this torture

Deny everyone who

Speaks out against you

This oppression

Is now our expression

It’s explicitly

A depression

Rise up and sit down

Turn yourself around

Take orders from a leader

Who is a big fat clown

If you do not understand it

You never will

Tilt your head back and take the pill

Consciousness fades

Into oblivion

Those who chose to fit

Will never win

Nod your head and smile

Step in line

Put your head between your knees

And kiss everything goodbye

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September Sky


The sky was so blue

Lake Michigan in June

Nary a cloud passing by

I was the lucky one

With you in my arms

Red sunset hung in the sky

The boats on the water

So gently rocked

Gulls glided effortlessly

Here in the now

The days growing shorter

No place I’d rather be

With you in my arms

The sun on the horizon

Under the September sky

Here in my heart

So comforting

That beautiful look in your eyes

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