You fooled me twice

You fooled me twice


The writing was on the wall

I failed to notice, ignored my instincts

Something seemed wrong from the beginning

It hit me hard when I found out, again

All the times you said you loved me

All the times you said you cared

All the times you said you were lucky

Just words you breathed into the air

Now I don’t know how I should feel

Should I ball my hand into a fist?

Should I drink myself to ruin?

I might just visit the abyiss

You fooled me once and I said never again

I never turn my back upon a friend

You fooled me twice and now I’m stunned

I swear it now, this is the end

If you somehow think of calling

Don’t bother wasting your sweet time

I got nothing to say to you, love

There’s nothing here for you to find

I guess we’re both better off this way

You can lead your double life

You may never have needed me

Now you’ll know what it’s like

The people closest to you are always capable of the easiest of deception. You ignore signs, don’t believe others when they might provide information. In the end, you have to trust your gut, your instincts. They will generally not steer you wrong. Good luck to you LMC. I really do wish you the best. Enjoy what you have made for yourself. This life is all you have.

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Brawl of the Week: Ahune’s Superior Brawl

This week’s Tavern Brawl is the yang to last week’s yin: Ahune’s Superior Brawl. It’s new. It’s festive. It’s completely frustrating!

You play as either Uther, the Paladin, or Jaina, the Mage. Your deck is completely random. The board has one dummy per side, that respawns every time it is killed. Keep that in mind.

Your heroes are invulnerable. They, can’t take healing or gain armor. If you play a spell/card that grants you armor, it goes away after your turn.

It might take you a few brawls to get a win. I think I was up around 6 or 7. Some of them I just conceded after a round or two. It was that bad. You can see here my opponent had 2 of the exact same legendary (they got a 3rd from a spell).

It wasn’t looking so hot at one point, but I got into position to win. My opponent punched out. Which is cool with me. I get to finish this post and have some lunch!

Get in and get that free pack. There are mixed opinions if you should open it or not. Personally, I am going to save all my packs until after the expansion launches. While, you might not get the “10 pack guaranteed legendary”, you should get the “no duplicate legendary”, so that’s enough for me.

There is also a free arena run, but I will talk about that in another post. See you next week!

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Dying Wish (May it be granted)

Dying Wish (May it be granted)


I heard about you from the internet

Another heartbreak, a dying vet

It seems we lose a lot more than we should

It seems we don’t do half of what we could

America, the beautiful

The land of the free

The home of the brave

Is in dire need

We have to do more, we have to start today

No more excuses while the memories fade

The bravest soldiers, the strongest souls

Should not be broken, and never alone

How dare we lavish in luxury

While heroes suffer so we can be free

I wish I could do more than write these words

My tears are silent, as your pain still burns

Go gently soldier, unto the night

Your duty fulfilled, you shined so bright

May peace find you in your final hours

Know that our hearts are strong and proud

Dedicated to Lee Hernandez

Please give Lee a call or text!


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Contreras helps Cubs bring back that “lovin’ feeling”

The Righteous Brothers couldn’t have sung it any better. With the Contreras trade, and a sweep vs the Baltimore Orioles at Camden Yards, that ‘lovin’ feeling’ seems to have returned. The Cubs put up an impressive 7-0 lead or better in each of the three games. Their offensive totals for the series are reminiscent of what they did at times last season. So what does this mean? It means, they are in a position to make a run. Nothing more, nothing less.

Adding Contreras though, should take a lot of pressure off of the rest of the Cubs starters at least. We already see what the Cubs sluggers think of the move. Now all they have to do is stack a few wins. They open up a series tomorrow in Atlanta vs the Braves, with Jon Lester going to the mound. If he wins, that will be four in a row since the All-Start break. Kind of what they did last year on their way to a very productive post season.

I’m not saying they will do the same thing, I am saying it feels good. It feels a lot like it did last year. The pitching staff has to turn in a few more solid performances before I say they are on their way to another productive post season. There is still a long way to go, and team needs to stay healthy.

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Brawl of the Week: Clash of the Minions (again)

This week’s Tavern Brawl: Clash of the Minions, is one we have had at least once. Each minion you play gets Charge and Taunt. It’s a very interesting dynamic. I chose to roll with the Warlock so I can keep feeding myself cards.

I ran into a dude playing murloc paladin. I still almost had him (not really). The next match had me up vs a druid who thought it was fun to play lots of minions with Poison. The match took a good while to complete, which is why I forgot I was supposed to screen cap the explosion. So, enjoy my updated dailies instead!

This is a fun enough brawl. Even if you don’t have lots of big fancy cards, you can still do pretty well with a basic deck. Maybe I will make one up and share it.

Get in there and get your free pack. Dailies are still double the gold, I think for the duration of this brawl. Crank out some dailies and have some fun! See you next week.

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Brawl of the Week: Ragnaros’ Fire Festival

This week’s Tavern Brawl: Ragnaros’ Fire Festival, is a new one, just in time (sarcasm) for Warcraft’s Midsummer Fire Festival. I’m guessing this was supposed to come out in the last two weeks, but for some reason, it didn’t. Either way, it’s new, and interesting.

Upon logging in, you will get a couple, two-three Ragnaros icons in addition to a banner stating that there is double gold for quests during this week’s brawl (I’m assuming). The parameters of the brawl are a little vague, but it hints at feeding minions to the tiny Fire Lord. So, for some reason, I make a paladin deck. This brawl is Wild*, so you can use any card in your collection. All those cards that have been ‘retired’ too. Yeah, those.

Little Rags is not targetable, although in one match he was silenced (Mass Dispel). He switches from side to side, and does random damage per his attack. His attack grows when he kills a minion. There are many ways to go at this match, so have fun figuring some things out. I can tell you one thing, come about 5pm local time, all the people with nasty cards will be filling their decks with them.

It took me 4-5 matches, but I finally got my “W”. This is a fun/annoying brawl. It will be interesting to see what I can come up with on my main account. I have lots of nastier cards on there. Go jump into the fray! Get that free pack, and don’t forget double your gold on quests!

See you next week!

*In Wild mode, you can use all the cards in your library without restriction.


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Brawl of the Week: All-Star Squad (again)

Looks like we have had this week’s Tavern Brawl at least one time before: All-Star Squad lets you create a deck using your favorite card. It puts 22 copies of it in there plus 8 random ones. Not sure what the symbolism is there.

I took the mage and thought about the best card. In the end, I went with Babbling Book, because–I have no idea why. I was dead in the water for awhile vs a mage with Arcane Missile. I thought about that or Frostbolt, but then, what do you do when you run out?

At any rate, I got so excited I won, I forgot to screen cap the knockout shot. Which is a bummer because I had 2 measly health left 🙂

So go get that free pack, and see what kind of madness you can come up with. I know I will go back and have some more fun 😉 See you next week!

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