Walking Dead Weekly: Fear The Walking Dead

I missed last week’s installment of this lovely post, but I am making up with a double dose this week! We have a lot to talk about, but before I get to that,

*****Spoiler Alert*****

Ouroboros starts out with some survivors on a raft. One you might recognize as Charlie from Flight #462. Somehow she now goes by the name of Alex. Don’t ask me why. If I had to guess, maybe she has a twin? No? Probably not. Maybe she is trying to hide her identity? Probably not that either. Maybe we will find out. Maybe we won’t. The action gets going pretty quick as they pull a man out of the water, only to find out he was bitten, and one of the survivors quickly hits him in the head, knocking him off the boat. They are way ahead of Rick’s group from Atlanta at this point–and they are months ahead of that timeline.

*****New Character, Alex*****

Ode to Jaws? We find out there is something wrong with Abigail. She doesn’t seem to want to move anymore. Travis decides to dive down in the middle of the night and check it out. It reminded me a little of Jaws, when Hooper sees a wrecked boat and dives to take a look. OK, maybe not. There is another Homage in the next scene. Think Pulp Fiction. I’ll leave it at that. The walker that was stuck in the ship’s intake thing was one of the survivors from Alex’s boat. It does set up how close they are to each other.

Plane crash party: Alicia sees the wreckage from a plane crash (flight #462) and tells Madison they should do a run to see what they can get. It seems a little risky, but Daniel agrees to accompany her, Chris, and Nick.

Baja: Daniel tells Madison about Baja and she goes to confront Strand about it. I’m not sure why everyone is freaking out about it. If Strand has a boat, wouldn’t you think he had some kind of plan in mind? The fact that he doesn’t want to tell anyone about it is keeping himself safe. He is outnumbered on this ocean voyage.

Coming of age 2: Chris shows more maturity as he “mercy kills” a dying survivor. The beach crew get into a nice skirmish with some infected who reanimated after the crash. All that walking in the desert made them hungry! The group meets up with Alex and they fend off the walkers. Nick emerges from the “pit of death” covered in zombie blood. He quickly realizes that it camouflages his status as a living being. I am no longer worried about Alicia, at least with walkers.

Underestimating: I think Strand and Maddie are underestimating each other. After their conversation, Strand says she is no killer. Oh, we know she is. Besides, she has kids, which we know, she would do anything to protect. Strand definitely has stuff up his sleeves. We see that later on.

This is your captain speaking: Nick gets a nice Captain’s shirt, but then proceeds to throw walker blood all on it. Too bad, it was a nice look for him.

No, I won’t back down: Strand backs down from Maddie and the group as they take on Alex and her half dead companion. Travis points out that they can tow them, which seems reasonable. We actually see a little humanity from Strand. Until he comes back a few minutes later and cuts them lose. Not sure what that was all about. I do have a theory.

Questions: Will we see Alex again? I’m thinking we do. I’m hoping she does something Carol-esque and earns her way into the group. It would be really mean to tease her being on Fear The Walking Dead, introduce her, then coldly cut her out. I’ll reiterate something Scott Gimple once said, “If you don’t see them die on screen, they are not dead”. Something to that effect.

Strand’s plan: Is he just a control freak or is there a reason he doesn’t want to help anyone at all. I can see why he wouldn’t want large groups of people. They could easily overpower them, and take his ship. They also are short on supplies. Towing a young lady and a half dead dude in a raft though? Not exactly a threat. So what is up? My theory is that Strand’s safe house might only include room for him and maybe a +1. Nick is his +1, and Strand is fully aware Madison will not leave him. That would make sense why he wants to keep numbers down, and also why he doesn’t reveal much.

Zombie kill of the week: There were lots of them. Nothing really spectacular. I was more impressed with Chris’ mercy killing in the airplane so, I’ll go with that.




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Silent holler, silent scream


Are you strong, are you weak? Will you bend, will you bleed? Lie in shame, hide and seek? Take the punch, play for keeps? Build a callus, build a wall? Mental midget, standing tall?

Silent holler

Silent scream

Body’s frozen

Like a dream

Pick your poison

Take a drink

In the end

Too dark to see

Live in fear, living free? Growing scared, hard to see. Will you crawl, will you fly? Hard to live, hard to die. Build a castle, dig a hole? Lose your footing, take control?

Silent holler

Silent scream

Body’s frozen

Like a dream

Pick your poison

Take a drink

In the end

Too dark to see

Life is a series of battles. Every win, every loss. We tell the tale through our scars, though some are on the inside. Don’t be afraid to tell your story. 


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Fantasy Impact: 2016 NFL Draft 1st round recap

Last night NFL fans got treated to quite an interesting first night of entertainment. After the order of the top quarterbacks got settled, things took off from there.

Rams- As many predicted, they selected Jared Goff from California. They now believe they have the franchise QB to take them deep into the playoffs. Tavon Austin might actually become a consistent fantasy factor and Todd Gurley no doubt will benefit.

Eagles- They hope the jump to #2 will payoff. Carson Wentz is definitely an interesting prospect. Whether or not he starts from game 1, it will probably take him a dozen or so games (if not well into season 2) to show up on a weekly basis. Jameis Winston and Marcus Mariota were certainly exceptions to the rule, and they even had off weeks.

Chargers- Really had their pick of position players, and went with who they felt was the most dynamic player–Joey Bosa. I can’t argue with that. I had the Browns taking him #2, before the Eagles traded up. He will come in and help the Chargers be more respectable on defense. Still probably not a top 15 D/ST, but possibly a spot play if you stream defenses.

Cowboys- Probably my favorite pick in the draft, the Cowboys roped Ezekiel Elliot. I think this will help them ride back into the playoffs. I cannot wait to watch this dude play on Sundays.

Jaguars- Jacksonville got one of the most dynamic players handed to them in Jalen Ramsey, and they knew just what to do when this happened. They wasted little time drafting the DB from Florida State. The Jaguars still have work to do, but this greatly improves their viability as a D/ST for 2016.

Ravens- Baltimore had to be salivating as Laremy Tunsil kept moving down the board. Until we find out about the shenanigans that were involved there. The curious thing is that they still went with an OT, but it was Ronnie Stanley who got the call. This will no doubt help Flaco and the passing game, as well as the running game. I think they might need to upgrade the RB position, but this was a nice start.

49ers- San Francisco literally could not go wrong with any position in the draft. They scored DeForest Buckner, who was one of the highest rated defensive lineman. Baltimore may regret passing on him. The 49ers are still probably a ways away from being fantasy relevant, but this was a very nice building block.

Titans- Oh, you tricksy Titans! They moved up and landed the position which would most help their offense–while it wasn’t Laremy Tunsil, Jack Conklin was rated as one of the top offensive tackles. This will be great for Mariota, and their struggling ground game.

Bears- I have been calling for my Bears to take an edge rusher for the last two years. They finally did it, moving up two spots to snag Leonard Floyd. While Floyd might not make immediate production, he will boost a defense that has been rebuilt, and may help it to be a viable D/ST this fall.

Giants- Between Laremy Tunsil falling, two other offensive lineman going off the board, and the Bears trading up for Floyd, the Giants no doubt were flustered. So much that they left Vernon Hargreaves on the board and selected Eli Apple. Any corner would probably help them, but I was surprised they went with a more raw player. The Giants were on their way back to respectability on defense even before this pick.

Buccaneers- The Bucs got a 4th round pick for scooching down 2 spots and probably ended up with the player they were going to take. Vernon Hargreaves should make an immediate impact on a defense that had problems in pass coverage last season.

Saints- I was hoping they would have stayed on offense, but the Saints stayed on D, and took Sheldon Rankins to help stop the run and rush the passer a little. This could help the offense by getting the ball back, but more will have to be done.

Dolphins- Probably got the steal of the draft and collected picks doing it. It turns out the shenanigans that caused Laremy Tunsil to fall to #13 was an “old incident”. The fins get probably the best pass protector in this years draft. Should have immediate fantasy implications.

Raiders- They stayed on defense, and had many players to choose from. They went with Karl Joseph to help them at Safety. I thought they might take a flier on Noah Spence or even Myles Jack. Either way, the Raiders need more help to get into the top 15 as a fantasy D/ST.

Browns- Cleveland finally gets to pick, and they make it a good one in Baylor’s Corey Coleman–possibly one of the best wide receivers in this years draft. They probably won the draft even before this selection. It will be fun to see what they do later tonight. They have their pick of the remaining QBs…

Lions- They wasted little time shoring up their offensive line with Taylor Decker. I’m a little surprised the Falcons or Colts didn’t move up. This should help Stafford in the passing game, and maybe even help the Lions get above being horrible at running the ball.

Falcons- Keanu Neal might turn out to be a good safety, but I thought Atlanta needed help protecting Matt Ryan. The Falcons are usually on point at moving up in the draft. They probably could have moved down and made this selection.

Colts- While it wasn’t a tackle, drafting Ryan Kelley will no doubt be an immediate upgrade for their offensive line. Andrew Luck got hit unmercifully last year, and most of it came right up the middle. They probably need another lineman, and definitely could use some help at running back.

Bills- Their defense dropped off a little last year with the conversion to Rex Ryan’s system. Shaq Lawson should have immediate impact on getting their D/ST back on track. I was surprised he dropped this far.

Jets- New York almost got into the playoffs last season, mainly due to their resurgent offense. Darron Lee should come in help make lots of tackles in the middle of their defense as an outside linebacker.

Texans- Even though they had to trade up one spot, Houston started the run on wide receives with the selection of Will Fuller. Fuller will be a nice compliment to DeAndre Hopkins and give another target to new QB Brock Osweiler.

Redskins- Washington flips with Houston and continues the WR trend as they snag Josh Doctson from the Vikings. I was happy about this until I remembered Laquon Treadwell was still out there…

Vikings- Without further adieu, the Minnesotans snap up wide receiver Laquon Treadwell. He fell because of concerns with his speed. Which means, he will probably be really pissed off. So glad the Bears will have to play him twice a year. Thanks a lot teams who passed on him.

Bengals- They missed out on the wide receiver run, but I think they got themselves a nice cornerback. They will need it as many teams beefed up their offense for 2016.

Steelers- Everyone knew they needed to upgrade their backfield, and they did. I thought they might take Vonn Bell, but they got Artie Burns to play corner. Can’t argue with the position or pick.

Broncos- They moved up to get their quarterback of the future. Mark Sanchez will probably be their starter. Lots of question marks surrounding their viability on both sides of the ball for the 2016 fantasy season.

Packers- Badly needed a defensive tackle and got one in Kenny Clark. They probably need at least one more D-lineman in this year’s draft.

49ers- Moved back into the first round and selected Joshua Garnet, a guard from Stanford. They need many players to get back to fantasy relevance.

Cardinals- Not needing a whole lot, they took a flier on Robert Nkemdiche, a big defensive tackle with some “character issues”.

Panthers- The bigger need was probably at corner, but they decided to go with defensive tackle Vernon Butler. The panthers should still be a top 10 D/ST in 2016.

Seahawks- Got themselves a guard to bolster their offensive line. Ofedi Germain should help fill a need, and they got a pick in the move with Denver. I would like them to get at least one more lineman so Russell Wilson has more time to throw.

From a fantasy standpoint, a lot of teams helped themselves out in round one. Dallas and Miami are probably the big winners, with the Browns and Titans narrowly behind.



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Jake Arrieta definitely came from somewhere

Having heard Stephen A Smith’s take on Jake Arrieta and pretty much accusing him of using performance enhancing drugs, I felt I need to respond to that. My biggest issue was his claim that Jake, “came from out of nowhere”.

Jake Arrieta was acquired from Baltimore having been misused, and perhaps not being the most mature player at times. From the moment he took the mound in Chicago, it was obvious he was one of the best pitchers on the staff. I even wrote about it. Now, I don’t know Arrieta, and I have no idea what supplements he is using, but if you are going to levy pointed questions and not so veiled accusations, you should at the bare minimum do a little homework. Find out what his workout regimen is. Find out what kind of nutrition program he is on. Certainly give him a phone call if you can’t be bothered to visit him face to face and find out what kind of man he is.

This is what really bothers me in today’s society. We are too quick to go for a headline, and even quicker to read the headline without any attempt to gather the facts. I am very disappointed in Mr. Stephen A. Smith. I am a fan of his, and have a lot of respect for him. I think he is usually on point with his opinions. However, he has been off the mark a few times too.

Time will tell if he is right or wrong on the Arrieta topic. The way he went about it was bush league, and bordering on cowardly. Maybe he will meet with Jake for a sitdown.

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‘Sorry’ emote replaced with ‘Wow’ in latest Hearthstone patch 5.0

We got a new patch today for Hearthstone and among it’s new features is the replacement of ‘Sorry’ with ‘Wow’. It’s pretty cool actually, and is different on each hero.

I didn’t have a problem with ‘Sorry’, as I squelch ALL emotes as soon as the match starts. I would love to leave them on for some friendly banter, but as I have learned, there are always those few who ruin it for everyone else. I would have much rather preferred an “auto-squelch” feature. Sometimes I forget and get really annoyed when a player spouts off at the end when the match is one-sided or they have you for a lethal. Yeah, yeah. Good game!

I went through all the heroes (basic ones) so you can see their new emotes. Enjoy!

Druid Wow

Druid Wow!


Hunter Wow

Hunter Wow!


Mage Wow

Mage Wow!

Amazing. Very sarcastic, Jaina.


Pally Wow!

By the Holy Light!

Priest Wow

Priest Wow.

Wow…OK, it’s not as imaginative as the others, but the way Anduin says it, it’s pretty funny/sarcastic.

Rogue Wow

Incredible. So close to inconceivable!


Shamwow! I had to!

That’s incredible! Yeah. They should have used inconceivable for the rogue.

Warrior Wow

Warrior Wow.


Warlock Wow

Warlock Wow.



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Fantasy Impact: 2016 NFL Mock Draft (17-31)

Probably not a better song to represent the NFL draft. 31 teams are trying to ‘get lucky’ in the first round. To select that one player that will make a difference for their team in 2016, or the near future. Will your team get lucky?

17. Falcons- Taylor Decker, OT- Ohio State: Their defense could use some work, but so could their O-line. Even though they signed Mohamed Sanu they could probably use a speedy wideout.

18. Colts- Derrick Henry, RB- Alabama: The Colts should probably take an offensive lineman, or maybe another speedy WR. They had real problems running the ball last year. Time to spend a high pick on a capable back.

19. Bills- Kevin Dodd, DE- Clemson: Rex Ryan was not happy with the D-line last year, underscored by cutting Mario Williams.

20. Jets- William Jackson III, CB- Houston: Paxton Lynch is a wildcard. Depending on what they do with Fitzpatrick, could determine this pick.

21. Redskins- Andrew Billings, DT- Baylor: One of the better D-lineman. I strongly dislike the Redskins, so I hope they pick someone else. However, I’d rather them take Billings than have him fall to the Packers, so good job!

22. Texans- Corey Coleman, WR- Baylor: Keep him in the state and pick Minnesota’s pocket. I like both of those ideas.

23. Minnesota- Josh Doctson, WR- TCU: I actually hope they don’t make this pick as I am not a fan of the purple and gold. Sorry Prince.

24. Bengals- Will Fuller, WR- Notre Dame: Not sure 4 WR will go in the first round, but there are certainly teams that need them. Bengals lost 2 of their 3 top WRs so this makes sense. I could see them trading up if they covet a particular player.

25. Steelers- Vonn Bell, S- Ohio State: I like the Steelers restocking their defense. Whether it be a safety or CB.

26. Seahawks- Ryan Kelly, C- Alabama:  Seattle’s line was shaky at times last year. Russell Wilson was scrambling too much last year.

27. Packers- Jarran Reed, DT- Alabama: They probably could go DE/Edge rusher. Julius Peppers isn’t going to play forever. BJ Raji has retired. I say they go D-line early and often.

28. Chiefs- Michael Thomas, WR- Ohio State: Thomas is a sneaky WR pick. I think he got underused at Ohio State. Andy Reid is not known for drafting WRs in the first couple rounds, but they really could use a boost on offense. Would not be surprised for them to go RB as Jamal Charles is coming off another major injury.

29. Cardinals- Paxton Lynch, QB- Memphis: The Cardinals have needed to get a successor to Carson Palmer for a couple years now. I could see someone moving up (or down) to make sure this doesn’t happen.

30. Panthers- Eli Apple, CB- Ohio State: Not sure Apple will be here, but if he is the Panthers will do a happy dance. I would not be surprised if they drafted another CB in the later rounds as well.

31. Denver- Emmanuel Ogbah, DE- Oklahoma State: Denver lost a few players in free agency, so they could use many positions. DE/pass rusher is probably their most glaring need having lost Malik Jackson. They won the Super Bowl with their nasty pass rush. QB is a pressing need as well.

Picks 1-16

*New England forfeited their pick because they like to get caught cheating.

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No Mr. Bettman, you are ‘off the mark’

Last night during the broadcast of the St. Louis Blues, Chicago Blackhawks NHL playoff game, Hall of Fame announcer Pat Foley made a comment:

“This is the third time in five games that a start time of 8:42 (p.m.) local was mandated. I can say with certainty, players cannot stand these late starts, coaches cannot stand them, and most importantly, the fans can’t stand them. So if we approach midnight eastern, AGAIN, on a work night, on a school night, a simple question: An 8:42 puck drop serves who.”

As a fan, I fully agree. I would even go further–the NHL does a horrible job with the timing of their playoff games. Nothing is more frustrating than tuning into the channel your team is supposed to be broadcast only to find another team is playing with many minutes to go. You switch to another station and they have the same game on. You then scramble to find the alternate cable channel. You finally get the game on, only to find the puck drop is delayed because the other game is going on. This is not good for the game, it’s not good for the players, and it’s definitely not good for the people who buy the product.

Who is it good for? I guess it’s good for the owners because ultimately, the TV networks can get a few more ads in during this time. NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman saying: “Clubs are fine with the start times, and you can ask the Blackhawks.” is totally off the mark. The owner’s might be OK with it, but everyone from the equipment people to the vendors at the stadium would probably like to get home before midnight.

I know the NFL has less games, but they usually don’t have this problem. They put the games on and are able to have enough space in between. In fact, they have even moved games up in recent years. There are 7 days in a week. Is there really a need to have 3-4 games on a night? Could you not get by with 2 games on a night during the week, and 4 on the weekend?

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