Like many, Kaepernick doesn’t ‘get it’

Colin Kaepernick did what he thought was a good deed. A noble action that will somehow resonate with the “every-man” and spark a movement. If it were only as easy as sitting out for the National Anthem, he would have accomplished what hundreds–if not thousands have tried. To end racism and unite this country once and for all.

I applaud Colin for having strong beliefs and convictions. I’m not going to get into politics or his choice to tie himself to Black Lives Matter. What I will ask though is what is Colin doing in his daily life to make a difference? Is he donating his time? Is he donating any money to this cause? Does he even vote in local and national elections? If he doesn’t I have to hit him with the hypocrite flag, because he is then part of the bigger problem.

It all needs to start with education. I wish I had the resources, contacts, and profile that Colin has. I would bring together athletes, entertainers, and other high profile people to really work on the problems at hand. Hell, I might even do this on my own and see how far I can take it. Talk is cheap though. Until people take action, the problem will continue. Just over the weekend Dwyane Wade’s cousin was gunned down on the south side of Chicago as she walked her daughter in a stroller. I don’t see many people talking about that though. Which is the root of the problem. Too many people in urban areas are dying.

Meanwhile, the high-profile athlete chooses to “stand up to oppression” by…sitting down during our nation’s anthem. Hopefully you see the disconnect here. We need to take action folks. Plain and simple. I’m not talking about protesting or boycotting, I mean real effective action. Start with your local politicians and community groups. If anything good comes out of this, hopefully that people are a little more compelled to take action and get active in their community.

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Whirling. Swirling. In the midst of my mind.

So many things.

Some dark, and some light.

It can never be that simple.

Yet it is.

Black and white.

Colorless. Bliss.

Just off your fingertips.

A kiss?

It’s the place that I go.

A place where I run to.

It can be anything I want.

It’s warm. It’s cold.

It’s shelter.

It’s relief from the pain.

I get caught in the rain.

Sometimes deliberate.

It’s freedom.

I wish I could take you there.

I wish I had a portal.

I’d show you things to believe in.


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The rock and the rubble

The rock and the rubble


If you need me, you know where to lean

I’m the rock that’s always been

Sure I’ve been chipped away and weathered

Time has been kind though, kind

Through the rain, cold, and snow

Blazing heat, thunderstorms

I am constant, you know I am

I’m a friend

Lean on me, you know you can

I am strong, you’re stronger than

You think you are, let me show you

Whenever you need someone

I’ll be waiting, standing tall

Though I’ve said time takes it’s toll

I’m still the rock, though rubble falls

Proof of life as duty calls

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I’ll be somewhere

I’ll be somewhere


Trapped in a state somewhere between love and hate. Voices in my head, no voices whispered not undead. So called family, loved ones you are supposed to trust. Talking shit behind your back, they must. I don’t know why. Do you know why? Things are quiet, so exciting now. I want to get up. I want to get up. I can’t because the voices are silent. Hush hush. These words don’t make sense. Should I rhyme or leave them happenstance? So many things to think about. It’s Friday, should I stay in or go out? All of the madness swirling inside. Feelings and memories are so alive. How could I stay mad? I’m kind of good that way. The good old beaten dog you see. On the way to wherever you go. To get your coffee or your alcohol. Maybe both. Insane ramblings? Oh, don’t you worry, I have a strong grip. Maybe not on reality. I do my own thing. You should do yours. I’ll be here, or maybe there. I’ll be somewhere.

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This week in Karazhan: The Menagerie

Another week, another wing in the latest Player vs Environment adventure from Hearthstone. This week: The Menagerie.

Hearthstone Screenshot 08-25-16 16.21.04

The Curator kicks off this wing as the first boss. His hero power: Your hero has Taunt. It’s passive. I wasn’t quite sure if it meant my hero has Taunt as well. In the end, it didn’t really matter.


It took a few tries, but I ground the Curator to a halt.

Shutting down the Curator

The Zoobot is a 3/3 neutral minion with a Battlecry: Give a random friendly Beast, Dragon, and Murloc +1/+1. It is also a Mech. Interesting combination.


Menagerie Warden Reward: This 5/5 druid card has a Battlecry: Chose a friendly Beast, summon a copy of it.

Menagerie Warden

Nightbane is boss 2. His hero power is a head-scratcher. Passive: start with 10 mana. I didn’t tailor my deck from this but got a perty-nice draw (sic).


Even though he Pyroblasted Ragnaros, I swarmed him with my minions. The contest was over before it started. I like the premise, but I think in a PvE setting it’s just too easy.

nightbane snuffed

Nightbane Templar Reward: A 2/3 paladin minion with a Battlecry: If you are holding a dragon, summon 2 1/1 Whelps.

Nightbane Templar (2)

Runic Egg Reward: 0/2 neutral minion with a Deathrattle: Draw a card. There may be a grand plan for this card. I’m not seeing it.

Runic Egg 2b

Terestian Illhoof is the 3rd and final boss of the Menagerie wing. His hero power: Only Sickly Imps can damage Illhoof. It’s passive, and the Sickly Imps are much like the Dreadstead warlock minion, except they damage the hero.

Terestian Illhoof

Had I switched things up with my deck, this fight would have been a lot easier. Having lots of AoE cards, or minions who can do AoE is useful.

Illhoof cured

Purify Reward: Everyone’s favorite 2 cost priest spell! I see a lot of hate for this card, I’m not sure why. There are plenty of friendly minions that could benefit from a good old silence. Plus you draw a card. It’s also a spell.

Purify Reward 3a

Avian Watcher Reward: This 3/6 nuetral minion has a Battlecry: If you control a secret, gain +1/+1 and taunt. Very tempted to put this bad boy in my mage and hunter decks, but it would best fit in my paladin deck. A 4/7 taunt is a monster. Yep.

Avian Watcher reward 3b

Menagerie Magician Unlocked: A 4/4 neutral minion with a Battlecry: Give a random Beast, Dragon, and Murloc +2/+2. This is going to make for some funky synergy–and I love it!

Menagerie Magician reward 3c

The Curator Reward: I got so excited with this 4/6 Legendary that I forgot to screen capture the reward picture! It’s got Taunt and a Battlecry: Draw a Beast, Dragon, and Murloc from your deck. Get ready to see this card. A lot. It’s also a Mech. Yeah.

Hearthstone Screenshot 08-25-16 20.05.01

Hunter, Warrior, and Mage Class Challenges Unlocked!

Hunter Warrior Mage CC Unlocked

For the hunter class challenge, you face off vs the Curator again, this time with a custom hunter deck. Personally, I think they made it pretty easy on us, but hey. There is always Heroic mode.

hunter Class challenge

Maybe it was the cards I drew, I breezed right through, I shut down the Curator, It had to happen sooner or later. Ha.

Hunter Challenge defeated

Cat Trick Reward: This 2-cost hunter spell is a Secret: After your opponent casts a spell, summon a 4/2 panther with Stealth. Good but not great. Better if you are playing a spell/secret heavy hunter deck.

Cat Trick Reward

Warrior Class Challenge: You get Illhoof again, this time with a stacked warrior deck. It shows you how easy this fight can be with the right cards.

Warrior Class Challenge

A few Taunts and some AoE later…

warrior cc def

Fool’s Bane Reward: This is a 3/4 warrior weapon with a condition: Unlimited attacks each turn. Can’t attack heroes. Not sold on this card. Seems like it is very situational.

Fools Bane Reward

For the Mage class challenge, you get Nightbane again with a custom mage deck. Starting out with Medivh in your hand AND a Pyroblast is pretty much the win right there.

Mage CC

They really stacked that deck. There was also Y’Shaarj Pyroblast summoned with Atiesh equipped. I cannot wait to get my hands on Medivh. So much fun to be had…

Mage CC def

Babbling Book Reward: Not flashy but a 1/1 minion that adds a spell to your deck. Good opener for anyone playing Yogg deck. Yes please!

Babbling Book Reward

That wraps up this week’s action. Stay tuned for the 4th, and final wing coming next week!

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It took you so damn long

To get out of my head

I thought it was my fault

All the lies that you fed

I sat there drinking it down

I should have left you instead

I gotta find my way out

Gotta get out of the red, outta the red

It took me so damn long

To make peace with the dead

Didn’t know I was strong

All the blood I have shed

Under the light of the moon

Where the shadows will tread

It cannot come too soon

Gotta get out of the red, out of the red


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Brawl of the week: Captain Blackheart’s Treasure (again)

This week’s Tavern Brawl is one we have had once, maybe two times before: Captain Blackheart’s Treasure! It’s straightforward, pick a class, then on each turn, select a card from the three offered to you. There are a couple brawls like this. Slightly better than all random cards, but the RNG is still high.

Captain Blackheart's Treasure

Captain Blackheart’s Treasure.

I chose the mage because, mage (fire good!). Usually works out for the better. You can choose whatever you like, just know: The 2/3 Pirates you start with are not the ones with the Battlecry: Your attack increases by the attack of your weapon. It is still a Pirate, so there is that synergy.

Pick a mage!

Pick your hero.

Pirates everywhere! I got the bonus Pirate, and the Coin. I was off to a brilliant start. The world was my oyster…

Pirates everywhere!

Pirates everywhere!

Your choices will look like this: (depending on your class of course) class minions, neutral minions, and class spells. Sometimes you get more spells, sometimes you get no spells. The trick is: take a card you can use now, or one that will be powerful later?

Discover treasure

Discover treasure.

I might have chosen poorly, because I lost that match.

Kill enemy

Kill your enemy.

A couple brawls later, I was still using the mage, had a Mirror Entity up and snagged me a good minion. That was enough for my opponent, who promptly conceded.

This is probably a “one and done” brawl for me, given the RNG nature of it all. You can still have some fun with it I think. It’s still good for those of you who don’t have extensive decks yet. Since you pick a class, you can work on all your dailies.

So jump on in there, get your free pack and melt some faces! See you next week!


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