Brawl of the week: A Peek to the Past

This week’s Tavern Brawl is a nice change of pace. A throwback to when Hearthstone first came out. You might run into a player with 1-2 legendary cards now and then. You cut your teeth on the basic cards. If you were lucky, you might have a few rares. If you miss that kind of brawl, this one is for you!

Create your deck using only basic and classic cards. No Epics. No Legendaries. You can have all kinds of fun with this one. I picked the hunter because, well kids, the hunter used to be dominant. It still can be now and then.

Of course there had to be a mage involved. No problems. I would eventually over-power the whelp.

They always concede when they see the writing on the wall.

So go on and build yourself a bad deck using Basic and Classic cards. Make sure to secure your free pack. You never know what it will contain. See you next week!


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NFL to change overtime rules; MLB should take notice

The NFL power brokers met in Chicago today. Among rule changes were cutting overtime down from 15 minutes to 10 minutes. I applaud this. Not because I think the games are too long, or uninteresting–far from it. I think it is in the best interest for the players.

You can’t say you are all about the players and then expect them to play on short rest, then go out and play extra football. 5 minutes might not seem like a big deal, but after you played 60 minutes it can be. I would still love them to get rid of Thursday night football (except for Thanksgiving Day), but that is another story. This is a win for the players, and the health of the NFL going forward.

The MLB needs to do the same. First of all, 162 games is too long. Factor in all the double-headers, and times where they play day games after night games. It’s a grueling schedule. Don’t believe me? Ask the broadcasters who only have to call the ballgame. Major League Baseball is currently looking into extra innings solutions, and I don’t know what the answer is just yet, but I would limit them to 3 innings. If you can’t decide the outcome of a game after 12 innings, either make it a tie, or come up with something less stressful for everyone involved.

They also decided to let players celebrate more after touchdowns. This is another win for the NFL. I am extremely happy at this. I loved the flair Chad Johnson and Terrell Owens brought to the game after scoring a TD. Scoring TDs are hard. Let the players (and us as fans) enjoy it. As long as it’s not taunting or delaying the game, I say let them go. This is a great move, and one I am absolutely looking forward to this season.

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Brawl of the week: An Evil Exchange (Again)

This week’s Tavern Brawl is one we have had at least once before. You play as either Kel’Thuzad or Rafaam, and have two unique hero powers, and card sets. It’s another good one for newer players, or people who don’t have a lot of time/money to dedicate to the game.

You will randomly be given one of the two heroes, and the fun starts there. Do your worst to defeat your enemy, and win that free pack of Original Hearthstone cards!

Choose your cards wisely, it could be the difference between winning or losing!

This match was pretty one-sided. I got a couple minions on the board early, and was able to keep my opponent in check. Rafaam’s constantly upgrading hero power helped a lot too!


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Brawl of the week: A Cavalcade of Brawls!

This week marks the 100th brawl since Tavern Brawls were launched. So in honor of that, Blizzard is giving each class it’s own brawl. For instance, the Mage class gets “Too Many Portals”, while the Warlock gets “ShiftCon”. It’s a bit unblanaced, but aren’t they all a little one-sided at times?

Of course I picked the mage–even before I knew what brawl I would get. I figured it might be one of the portal ones.

It’s looking a lot like the portal brawl. What was the name?

Portals everywhere?

Priests get “Cloneball” which can be tricky. Unless you get a Kel’Thuzad or two.

I thought I was set up pretty good when they played Millhouse Manastorm, but my run was short lived!

This time I picked the hunter–who gets Randomonium. Heavy on the RNG, but the values of your cards changes by turn, so there are options!

The Warlock gets ShiftCon: A deck full of Shifter Zerus. It’s a lot like Randomonium, except the entire card changes each round, not just the value.

It was even for a while, the the odds swung in my favor. Which, I quite liked.

Alas, this brawl is over. The sheer variety should/could make this one of the more replayable brawls. Newer players do not need to worry about having lots of cards, as the decks are all provided for you.

So go on and get in there. Help Blizzard celebrate their 100th brawl, and pick up that free pack. See you next week!

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Brawl of the week: Heroic Tavern Brawl–Wild Edition

For only the second time since it was rolled out, we are graced with the presence of the Heoric Tavern Brawl. I’m not too fond of it, so that was all sarcasm. Feel free to get my earlier thoughts on the matter. For what it’s worth, this time you make a Wild deck. So that changes things up a little.

Same basic format: You get 1 pack if you end up with zero wins. If you get to 12 wins, you get everything. Like arena, once you get the 3rd loss, you are done. Blizzard Watch has a nice post that includes the entire breakdown on the rewards, so check that out!

As with the other ‘Heroic’ brawls, it costs $10 real money, or 1000 gold to enter. If you are up to the challenge, I wish you the best of luck. See you next week!

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Fantasy Impact: 2017 NFL draft 1st round recap

The 2017 NFL draft is in the books. There was excitement, disappointment, but overall, a good time. Now we get to look back at where players landed that have a good chance to break out in Fantasy Football. Let’s go!

1. Myles Garret, DE: Browns- The Browns got themselves the best pass rusher in the game. It should pay off right away. They won’t be a top 10 fantasy defense, but they will be fun, and perhaps, a matchup play.

2. Mitch Trubisky, QB: Bears- They traded up and most Bear fans that I know were hugely disappointed. Put aside that, Trubisky will not be fantasy relevant for 2-3 years. /sad trombone.

3. Solomon Thomas, DE: 49ers- San Francisco picked up 2 picks this year, and still got their guy. This will help, but the 49ers are a long way from being fantasy relevant.

4. Leonard Fournette, RB: Jaguars- I was a little surprised that no team moved up to take Fournette. He slid nicely to Jacksonville. Now, can they block enough for him to run? He doesn’t need much. Fournette will no doubt be the #1 rookie RB off the board.

5. Corey Davis, WR: Titans- The Titans surprised me, but it made instant sense. I had him going to San Diego at 7, they took the best WR in the draft. Marcus Mariota already had a break out season last year. I expect Mariota to be a top 5 fantasy QB.

6. Jamal Adams, Safety: Jets- I for one will be keeping an eye on this player, who could have been a 49er or Bear. The Jets get maybe the best DB in this year’s draft. They might be a top 10 D/ST.

7. Mike Williams, WR: Chargers- The Chargers might have been a bit stunned, and settled on the next best wide receiver. Williams is a big strong dude, and if he stays healthy, should put up some good numbers with Rivers throwing the ball.

8. Christian McCaffrey, RB: Panthers- I thought McCaffrey fit in better in more passing offenses such as the Colts, Eagles, or Saints to name a few. That said, the chemistry between him and Cam Newton might be quite dynamic. Teams will not be able to “tee off” on Newton, and Christian will be a tough matchup out of the backfield. I think this puts Cam back in the top 10 QBs.

9. John Ross, WR: Bengals- The mini-run on wide receivers continues. John Ross will no doubt help open things up for AJ Green and Andy Dalton. Ross brings lots of speed (4.22) to the Bengals receiving corps. This should be great for everyone involved in the offense.

10. Patrick Mahoms, QB: Chiefs- Much the same with Trubisky, Mahomes probably won’t see the field for at least a season, if not 2-3. No help here for the 2017 fantasy season.

11. Marshon Lattimore, CB: Saints- The Saints stayed put at 11 and gobbled up possibly the best corner back in this year’s draft. This will greatly help the Saints D/ST.

12. Deshaun Watson, QB: Texans- The third QB off the board just might be the best QB of the bunch, and the first one to get into a game. Watson needs some time, but I feel his game translates best to the NFL. Combined with the Texans defense, and their strong running game, Watson could be a fantasy factor mid to late season.

13. Haasan Reddick, LB: Cardinals- The Cardinals helped their already decent defense become even better. Reddick is a hard working, hard-hitting linebacker that should immediately help in the run game, and possibly with his pass rush as well.

14. Derek Barnett, DE: Eagles- How one of the best pass rushers lasted to #14, I do not know, but I do know Barnett will pay off immediately. Not sure where the Eagles will be for fantasy D/STs, but they will be a lot more fun to watch.

15. Malik Hooker, Safety: Colts- The board didn’t really fall their way. I’m not a big fan of Hooker, mostly due to durability issues. If he stays healthy, could really help the Colts in pass defense. I was hoping the Colts would add one of the top running backs, or maybe even a tight end.

16. Marion Humphrey, CB: Ravens- I thought the Ravens might be in the mix for RB Dalvin Cook, but they stayed on the defensive side of the ball. Arguably, Humphrey was the 2nd highest rated CB in the draft.

17. Jonathan Allen, DE: Redskins- Not a big fan of Allen, and the Redskins have a sketchy track record, especially on defensive draft picks. If he stays healthy, he should contribute in pass defense.

18. Adoree’ Jackson, CB: Titans- Jackson is fast, exciting, and should contribute immediately on special teams, which makes the Titans D/ST something to keep in mind. Definitely not a top 15 D/ST, but will probably be a good matchup play.

19. OJ Howard, TE: Buccaneers- Howard should have went off the board around #10, but the Bills decided to trade down. I would have loved to see Howard with Tyrod Taylor. That being said, Howard paired up with Jameis Winston and Mike Evans should be a potent combo. This raises the value of both Winston and Evans for sure.

20. Garett Boles, OT: Broncos- The Broncos needed to upgrade their offensive line, and did just that with one of the time lineman in the draft. They still have that problem at quarterback, and didn’t rush the ball really well last season.

21. Jarrad Davis, LB: Lions- Davis should help the Lions on defense. That said, the Lions will probably be a middle of the pack D/ST.

22. Charles Harris, Edge: Dolphins- The fighting fish keep bolstering their potent defensive line with the addition of Harris. They should be in the top 20 of fantasy D/STs.

23. Evan Engram, TE: Giants- I thought the Saints would have been a good fit for Engram. This might be the most dynamic TE the Giants have had since Jeremy Shockey. Engram is not as big as the formet Giant, but is quicker and faster. He will no doubt help Eli and even Beckham.

24. Gareon Conley, CB: Raiders- Legal problems aside, the Raiders add a highly rated CB to help out in pass coverage. I had them taking a different CB; the Raiders obviously felt differently.

25. Jabril Peppers, Safety: Browns- The Browns trade down and land one of the best DBs in the draft. Peppers will certainly help out the back end of the Browns defense, and may contribute on special teams. Keep an eye on the Browns D/ST, especially as a matchup option.

26. Takkarist McKinley, DE: Falcons- The Falcons trade up and land one of the more dynamic pass rushers in the draft. While Tak might not have had the numbers, he definitely flashed with his athleticism. Should no doubt help an already decent defense.

27. Tre’davious White, CB: Bills- After passing on loads of talent, the Bills finally pick a decent defensive back. I was hoping the Bills stayed on offense, and helped out Tyrod Taylor, but CB was a need as well.

28. Taco Charlton, DE: Cowboys- Chants of “Taco” rang out in the Buffalo Wild Wings I was patronizing when this pick was made. I thought the ‘Boys might go DB here, but you can’t argue with a pass rusher.

29. David Njoku, TE: Browns- The one thing I thought the Browns would do is be players in round one. They traded down, but then traded back into round 1. They got one of the best tight ends in the 2017 draft. When it’s all said and done, the Browns had a really good first round draft.

30. TJ Watt, Edge: Steelers- I thought Watt might go a little earlier to the Giants, but they got a steal in Evan Engram at #23. Watt should make immediate impact on a defense that needed help rushing the QB.

31. Rueben Foster, LB: 49ers- The 49ers come back into round 1 thanks to the Bears, and select one of the more polarizing players in this year’s draft. Foster has a checkered past, but that edge he has will make him a force on defense. Not sure you want to bring this type of player into a young team, but that is now the problem of the San Francisco 49ers.

32. Ryan Ramczyk, OT: Saints- Lady luck smiled on the Saints, not only dropping the #1 CB; Ramczyk was one of the top ranked offensive lineman as well. He should pay off immediate dividends protecting Drew Brees.

This ends the first round recap for the 2017 fantasy season. Many teams should be getting immediate help from their selections, while others will be waiting a year or two. Overall, the talent in the NFL definitely took a spring forward. Especially with running backs, wide receivers/tight ends, and defensive backs.


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Brawl of the week: ‘Servant of Yogg-Saron’ Tryouts (again)

This week’s Tavern Brawl is one we have had a couple times. It’s very RNG, but I kind of like it. You pick your hero and get a deck of random cards. For every minion you play, a random spell is cast. The spell target is also random.

A brawl built on the mechanics of the legendary card: Servant of Yogg-Saron.

It can be a little lopsided. I think the tipping point in my match was when I played a minion (giving me 4 on the board) and a spell was cast on them that gave them +1/+1. I probably would have quit too and moved on to the next one. Ouch!

Na, na, na, na…Hey, hey, hey, good-bye!

Don’t let that stop you from checking it out, and most importantly–getting your free pack! So, get on in there and have some fun. See you next week!

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