This is the day that old things slip away

This is the day that new things start

This is the day where people get confused

This is the day when fear departs

Don’t bring your hate, don’t bring your guns

Don’t bring your date, with her bombs

This is the day that failure steps aside

This is the day that newborns get to fly

This is the day when freedom gets to ring

This is the day to live so fearlessly

There will be haters

There will be stars

There will be protesters

Showing their scars

All of the wounds are self inflicted

Showing the lies that were predicted

This is the day that no one guaranteed

This is the day to stake your claim

This is the day that millions came to see

This is the day to make a change

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Brawl of the week: Spellbook Duel

This Week’s Brawl is: Spellbook Duel. If after playing it, you think this name is a little misleading, I totally agree. It states plainly enough, choose your spellbook carefully, blah, blah, you will chose from 3 cards in your deck each round. Okay.


‘Spellbook Duel’.

You pick your class, and create a deck of 10 cards. I was thinking spells; I didn’t even think to click on a minion. I kind of thought minions would be filled in somehow. Anyways, the result was not pretty.

My opponent, a druid, decided to go C’Thun on me. Loaded his deck up with minions that buff C’Thun, then popped him out on round 8–much to my surprise. Oh yeah, one little thing to keep in mind: since you are only putting 10 cards into the deck, you can have triples–even of those minions you can only have 1 of. Kind of a pet peeve of mine. I know we have had brawls like this (normally, you pick 1-3 cards, and your deck is populated with those).


I dig Discovery mechanic brawls. Especially when you build the deck.

I was locked and loaded with 10 powerful spells. I brought nukes to a gunfight, but I lost that gunfight. Don’t do what I did!


F that S.

So, when a 2nd C’Thun came out, I knew the goose was cooked. I conceded, and went back to the drawing board. I’ll choose my spells real carefully this time. Mainly by putting none in the deck. Ha.


Back to the drawing board.

This time I picked the druid. I’m not even sure why. Was it because I lost to 2 druids? I really don’t know. My main strategy was to put some high cost minions in the deck and have Alarm-o-Bots draw them out. Also, I’m pretty sure I had more than 3 Alarm-o-Bots. Since there is a Discovery mechanic, you can end up with a bunch of the same card.


That’s what I thought! (not really, but I’ll take it)

Yeah. Haha. I got the last laugh this time. I was actually really worried I wouldn’t be able to make a good enough deck. If this didn’t work out, I was going full-mill deck on them. Lucky for me, I was able to win, and thus get to post-writing.

This week’s brawl is fun, and challenging. There is a lot of different things you can try. Since you only pick 10 cards, you shouldn’t have to worry too much if you have a limited pool to choose from. Be creative, have fun, and go get that free pack! See you next week!

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Best ‘back to back’ songs on an album

I follow this dude who covers the Blackhawks for the Sun-Times, Mark Lazerus. Besides being a solid beat writer, he is a lover of foods, and music. Which happens to be a couple things I love to talk about, and thus write about as well. So he brought up this question on his twitter feed:

On his subsequent tweet, he asked if we had a favorite. Of course I do. This is something that would pop into my head when listening to music. So what is it? The blank has been drawn, which means, I have to do some research! I knew this was going to be an undertaking, so I figured, it would be a nice blog post too.

The most obvious back-to-back songs that comes to mind is from Queen- We will rock you, We are the champions. It was even released on the same 45 (that’s a record for you darn kids). Generally when it’s played on the radio, it’s played back to back, as it is on their album, News of the World.

The thing is though, as awesome as these songs are, they aren’t even my 2 favorite Queen songs.

I’ll have to go to my favorite band, Def Leppard and maybe my favorite album–High and Dry. Now, the more you like an album, the harder it is to pick out the two best songs right? This kind of muddies the waters a bit. High and Dry (Saturday Night) is definitely one of my favorites. It’s followed by Bringin’ on the Heartbreak, which is a really awesome song. However, this might not even be the best two back to back songs that Def Leppard has to offer. I mean, there’s Pyromnaia, and Hysteria. I simply cannot decide (to quote Negan).

It might be easier to take a band I like less, therefore I like less of their songs, and it will be easier to pick out their 2 best back to back songs. I knew this was going to be trouble.

Revolution Calling/Operation Mindcrime– The meat and potatoes of the Operation Mindcrime concept album by Queensryche. This is one of my all-time favorite albums, maybe top 5. Choices are hard, people.

One of my biggest problems, like with food, I like too much music. From ABBA to Rob Zombie, and everything in between. I lost count of my CD collection after 300, and this was over a decade ago. I don’t buy CDs as often as I used to.

I would be hard pressed to find 2 better, emotionally charged songs than I do off of the album, The Sickness by Disturbed. Track 3, Stupify, and track 4, Down with the Sickness are epic anthems. By far the two best songs on the album, and quite possibly, my favorite two by the band.

Honorable mention:

Die with your boots on/The Trooper– From one of Iron Maiden’s best albums, two great hard rocking songs. If those don’t get you going, I dunno what will.

Even though I didn’t get this CD until sometime in the early 90s, Born in the USA by Bruce Springsteen, is by far my favorite from him. I don’t know where it ranks all-time, but it’s in my top 10 for sure. Looking at the track listing, it’s kind of daunting to pick two songs out. I can only go to my favorite song, Glory Days, then try to figure out which I like better. Dancing in the dark, is the obvious choice but there is something about I’m going down (innuendos aside) I can really relate to.

For whom the bell tolls/Fade to Black– When I finally realized I liked Metallica, it was Fade to Black that I remembered hearing, and was like, “oh, yeah–this is a really good song”. I totally need to do a Metallica list, and have them unofficially sponsor one of my Fantasy Football seasons. 2017 will be the Smashing Pumpkins.

3 Doors Down is another of my favorite bands. I loved Kryptonite from the first time I heard it. Being a lover of 80s music, it fit right in with the hard rocking bands from that decade, and really, they are timeless. Loser follows Kryptonite on their debut album, The Better life, and is a very powerful song.

I could probably add another 10-12 contestants to this post, but I think it should end here–for now. Perhaps I will think more on it and make it a “best of” or something. Until then enjoy some good music, maybe think on your own favorite back-to-back tracks. Feel free to leave them in the comments down under. Thanks again to Mark Lazerus for the great topic!

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It’s a good day to be alive

It’s a good day to be alive

It’s a good day to be alive
A good day to smile
A good day to shout out loud
Over and over again

I know that we all have pain
We all have our battle with shame
Nobody likes the blame
Everyone wants to win

No matter the reasoning
We all take to the feeling
It’s all worth believing
Someday our dreams will come true

It’s never that easy
Most often alone
They all want to bring you down
There are better times coming I swear

So carry the burden
Just one more day
So close to the weekend
Nothing else matters at all

It’s a good day to be alive
A good day to smile
A good day to shout out loud
Over and over again

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Do you want The Walking Dead to follow the comic?

There seems to be a lot of people who are not happy with the current direction of The Walking Dead. It started with the season 7 premiere and continues on. This post will be full of spoilers, so be warned.

*****Spoilers Ahead!*****

Since it’s start, the TV show hasn’t always followed the comics. Several major differences have occurred since season 1. The main thing, Daryl Dixon doesn’t exist in the comics! I know, I thought that was odd that one of the most badass, most interesting characters has never been inked.

During season 6 when Glenn’s death was “faked out” I needed to know how he died in the comic. So, I turned to Walking Dead wiki to find answers. It’s a really cool resource, if you don’t mind possibly spoiling something for yourself. After that, I clicked on a bunch of characters and found out some really cool shit. Mostly, all the differences the show made vs the comic. For the most part, I am happy with the show’s moves. I will list a few so you can see.

Carol dies– That’s right. Our awesome super-agent is not alive at this point in the comic. She dies early on. So, nobody really knows where her story goes, just like Daryl.

Sophia lives– Another crazy twist. So they never look for her. They never find her at the farm. She never bursts out and Rick doesn’t have to put her down. This is one of the only ones that I am not 100% sure I don’t like the outcome, but it would have totally changed their time at the farm.

Andrea lives– I was never a huge fan of Andrea. Especially when she had the chance to end the Governor and couldn’t. She claimed to be a “woman of action” and wanted to be a badass, but really, she wasn’t. All bark, no bite. The kicker? She ends up being Rick’s woman. Michonne is a much better choice.

Abraham gets shot in the eye– In the comic, it’s he who takes the bolt to the eye, and not Denise. Kirkman even admitted he didn’t like the way Abraham died, so they changed it in the show. Of course, then they let Negan kill him. I was a little pissed when I heard that. Abraham was one of my favorites. He was so well written. I feel like his death was just a ploy to trick the comic fans into thinking Glenn wasn’t going to die. I haven’t read the comic, but it was clear to see Glenn had to die, in order to advance Maggie’s story to it’s full potential. They have mentioned that Abraham’s death will change things. I guess it will have effects on Sasha, Rosita, and possibly others.

So you can see, as much as The Walking Dead show follows the comics, there are times when it totally differs. That being said, the Negan stuff is straight out of the comics. Most of the dialogue, and a lot of the action has been following suit. Including Carl going to the Sanctuary to take him out. There are wildcards though, Daryl being the main one.

I think for the most part, the decision they have made have been for the better. I can’t imagine the show without Daryl and Carol. She has come through time and again to bail out the crew. Probably why they kept her away from Negan. She would have figured out a way to off him by now. I am anxiously awaiting how things play out. Will Negan be taken down like he is in the comic, or will something else happen?

Do you like the way the show has turned out? Would you like the show to follow the comic more, or less? Feel free to leave a comment down below!

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Brawl of the week: Cart Crash at the Crossroads (again)

We have had a Crossroads brawl, the most times of any brawl. This particular one, I think we have had 2-3 times. Pick a hero, then on your first turn, chose one from 3 other classes to add cards from. Your deck becomes a mixture of the two classes.


Cart Crash at the Crossroads.

This can have some really fun/powerful effects. It can also backfire in epic fashion. The RNG is pretty strong, but because you can mix things up, it’s kind of neat.


It’s always a mage.

I started out with a Warlock, and had a nice long game. I was finally unable to keep up with my opponent and had to concede.


You pick.

The next time, I wisely chose the mage. I waited patiently as my opponent agonized over which class to support their mage cards…


Then I pick.

I went with druid cards. I’m not even sure why. Now that I think about it, I don’t remember getting any.


Then you die!

I usually like to take paladin or priest cards to supplement whichever class I choose. RNG plays a significant part. It’s usually the player who can keep the most minions on the board. Since it’s random, you (or your opponent) will usually not have many removals at your disposal.

Have fun with it. Since you can pick any class, you can get all of the dailies done. Some will just be slower than others. Go get your free pack, and melt some faces. See you next week!

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2016 End of Season Rankings: Tight Ends

2016 was an interesting one for tight ends. The most dominant one (Gronkowski) was pretty much out all year battling injuries. Picking the right tight end is half art, and half luck. Let’s see if we can cut down on the luck a bit.

1. Rob Gronkowski, Patriots- It’s him, far above everyone else. Even when his health becomes a big issue. He’s just that good. He can consistently win you weeks. Trouble is, when he isn’t around for the playoffs, but he can get you there.

2. Greg Olsen, Panthers- Olsen and Cam Newton had up and down years. Greg was still solid, and should be considered the best at his position after Gronk. If you want to play it safe, he is the best choice. A solid pro who knows how to take care of himself and stay on the field (not that Gronk doesn’t- Gronkowski takes a beating like few others do).

3. Travis Kelce, Chiefs- Kelce has all the talent of any tight end, even Gronk. Only thing holding him back is his QB. He has shown he can be as dominant as any other player. He had some lean games, but he had some terrific ones as well. He lead all tight ends in points, but it was an off year for the position.

4. Jimmy Graham, Seahawks- Graham did a nice job coming back from injury. His biggest issue was building up a rapport with his QB Russell Wilson. I’m not sure he will ever get back to being the player he was in New Orleans, but it’s not for lack of effort.

5. Kyle Rudolph, Vikings- Rudolph maybe had his best year as a pro. He and QB Sam Bradford quickly formed chemistry. He had some lean games, but for the most part, was a consistent player at the position. I think Kyle’s game can even get better.

6. Cameron Brate, Buccaneers- Brate is going to be a good one. He showed flashes throughout the season, and had a real solid last 3 out of 4 games. His QB, Jameis Winston should take another step forward for the 2017 season.

7. Delanie Walker, Titans- Solid option for Marcus Mariota. His yards were down a little from last year, but touchdowns were up 1. At 32 years of age, his best football might be behind him. Still, as long as he is starting, he is a viable option.

8. Jordan Reed, Redskins- The only reason I am putting Reed this low is because of uncertainty at the QB position. If Cousins is back, Reed is a top 5 tight end. Health issues are becoming a small concern too.

9. Zach Ertz, Eagles- Tight end is usually a young QBs best friend. Carson Wentz should make strides going into year 2. Ertz could be a steal where he is likely to be drafted.

10. Hunter Henry, Chargers- The heir apparent to Antonio Gates–both players ended up with the exact same points. If you combined them, you would have had the #1 tight end in football for 2016. By a wide margin too. Henry is the future, and should be playable regardless of what Antonio does.

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