I’ve been crumbling

For years

I’ve been living off

My tears

I’ve been wasting all

My time

I’ve been living off

This lie

That it will get better

That it all works out

I’ve been crumbling

Like shale

I’ve been living life

So stale

I’ve been finding out

I’m wrong

I’ve been chasing ghosts

Far gone

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Your Forever


Funny how things work out in life

You can’t see it through the trees and clouds

Not every sunny day is as bright as it may seem

Not every starless night holds menace

I don’t know why I am here

Sometimes I wish I would

I just know when you are near

My heart does things I didn’t think it could

I don’t know why I do the things I do

I don’t know why I say the things I say

Trying to follow my heart

When my brain gets in the way

I hope it’s cool with you

If we just walk this path for a while

Nothing else matters right now

Especially when you smile

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You died alone


You died alone

No more will you torment me as I sleep

No more will I be ashamed to not have you in my life

You were never there for me

I can’t believe you never cared for me

Still it makes me a little sad now that you’re gone

I wanted to see you, maybe even forgive you for your sins

You landed one more shot with your demise

One more arrow into my side

Life goes on, alone

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Lonely Place


It’s a lonely place

If you let it be

It’s a lonely world

If you hide and keep

Everything you love

Locked away

Under ice and stone

Inside flesh and bones

Do you wander out

Amid the sea

The crush of life

And it’s mysteries

Or do you sit

In a darkened room

Do you let your house

Become your tomb?

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Smoke comes in through the windows

waltzing in from someone’s fire pit

They enjoy the warmth of the blaze

I’m left with the smoldering remains

So goes the parody of life

So glows the ember in the night

Not my light

Not my light

Pain comes in through many angles

Life bogs down from many tangles

This web I’m in, I think I’m choking

I can’t find my way out this time

Everything is so broken

The pieces, the pieces all around

I know I need change, I know I need something

I wish I was anywhere but here

I wish I was anyone but me

I wish I could hit the restart button

But I can’t, I know I can’t this time

I hate to feel so damn weakened

I hate to come to you on my knees

I don’t really even know how to say this

I’d rather say sorry than please

I hate to feel so damn cheated

I hate to say goodbye to it all

I don’t think I have the strength to do it

I don’t think I have the strength at all

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2021 Bears Schedule/Prediction

It’s finally here! It came out around 6:45pm central time, Wednesday night. We now know when every game will be played. So pull up a chair, grab a drink, and let’s go!

Week 1: At Rams- The Bears fly out to California to kick off the Sunday Night Football schedule. All eyes will be on them as they take on a playoff team. I don’t see how they win this game, but I will be rooting for a victory. I think LA just has too much talent. (Loss)

Week 2: vs Bengals- This is one of the two games I think the Bears will win. QB Joe Burrows is coming off a knee injury. Andy Dalton will probably be the QB for the Bears. It depends on if Allen Robinson either signs his franchise tag or gets an extension. If he’s not playing, the Bears shot of winning goes down dramatically. (Win)

Week 3: At Browns- I have this as a loss. Cleveland is just too tough. I’m not sure the Bears have the offense or defense to beat many playoff teams. (Loss)

Week4: vs Lions- There is probably a small chance the Bears take care of the Lions at home. Not sure how Jason Goff will be. He’s been very average. (Win)

Week 5: At Raiders- Raiders are a bit ahead of the Bears, and the last time the two teams played, the Raiders took care of business. I give Oakland the advantage at home. (Loss)

Week 6: Packers- The Bears are at home. This one comes down to who the QB is. If it’s Rodgers, it’s a loss. If it’s Love, it’s 50-50. (Loss)

Week 7: At Tampa Bay- I still don’t know how the Bears beat Brady last year. I don’t see how they beat them this year. Maybe if Fields is starting. Maybe. (Loss)

Week 8: vs 49ers- It’s at home, but San Fran will be a tough contest. Kind of depends who is at QB for the Bears. I’m giving the nod to the 9ers. (Loss)

Week 9: At Steelers- Pittsburgh had a bit of a down year in 2020, but I look for them to be back in the mix for the AFC North. This will be a tough game. The Bears could have a shot to surprise them if Dalton is playing well. (Loss)

Week 10: BYE

Week 11: vs Ravens- Baltimore is tough, and Jackson might be more than the Bears can Handle. It would be kind of epic if Fields was starting at this point. (Loss)

Week 12: At Lions- Detroit is always a tough matchup, especially at home on Thanksgiving. (Loss)

Week 13: Cardinals- Arizona comes calling. Another tough match for the beloved. (Loss)

Week 14: At Packers- Green Bay is always tough, especially up north. This depends on the QB. If Rodgers returns, it likely won’t go the Bears way. (Loss)

Week 15: vs Vikings- Will the Bears be able to take advantage of their home field advantage? I have my doubts. (Loss)

Week 16: at Seahawks- Seattle is always tough, especially with Russell Wilson. They have more firepower, do they have the defense? (Loss)

Week 17: vs Giants- Saquon Barkley will be fully healed from his knee injury. The only thing that would save the Bears is if they are headed to the playoffs, and want to rest him. I was originally thinking this might be a Bears win, but now I am not so sure. Will Fields be playing? Lots of factors to consider. I give the Giants a slight edge. (Win)

Week 18: at Vikings- Bears close out the season up in the frozen North. Of course the Vikings are in a dome, but they should be more than the Bears can handle. (Loss)

So there we have it. I have the Bears finishing the season with only 3 wins, and 14 losses. Now, this is as the team is constructed now, with Andy Dalton the starting QB. Things can change with Justin Fields starting, and if the Bears are able to bring back Robinson*, and Akiem Hicks.

*Allen Robinson has currently signed his franchise tender, but can negotiate an extension, or Bears can remove the tag/trade him. July 15th is the deadline to do work out a deal, or Robinson will play 2021 under the terms of the franchise tag.

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2021 Bears NFL Draft Recap

It’s all in the books, and despite having limited picks in the 2021 NFL Draft, I think Bears GM made the best of it. I have been one of Ryan Pace’s biggest critics, but I have to give him the credit he and the Bears deserve when he gets it right.

Round 1: There was a lot of chatter of the Bears moving up into the top ten in the 2021 draft to get one of the top QBs. This was my biggest fear actually, given his track record with QBs, and trading up. Well, he didn’t trade into the top ten, but he traded up with the Giant’s who were just outside, at 11. He managed to get a top QB, and possibly the best in the draft in Justin Fields, from the Ohio State University. Whether Fields works out as a pro, the move was a good one. Pace only gave up a 2022 1st and 4th, then swapped “ones” from this year, and a 5th from this year. In the past, and even this year, other teams have given up far more. If Fields works out, this will go down as a huge steal.

Round 2: Pace again traded up and selected OL Tevin Jenkins from Oklahoma State, who was listed by many as a first round prospect. Jenkins played mostly Right Tackle, but had some games on the left side as well. The Bears badly needed some help on the offensive line, and they seemed to get a really good one.

Round 3-4: Pace lost the 4th round in trade last year, and used their third to move up to get Jenkins.

Round 5: Bears had a long wait in between picks upon selecting OT Larry Borom from Missouri. At 6’5 and 332 lbs he looks like he could anchor the right side of the line for many years to come.

Round 6: The Bears drafted 3 players in the 6th round:

Kalil Herbert, RB: Virginia Tech- At 5’9, 204 lbs he seems to be agile and tough enough to run the ball in the NFL. He will add some depth to the Bears current RB corps of Montgomery and Williams. He can also make an impact in the punt and kick return game. He could also be used in the passing game.

Dazz Newsome, WR: North Carolina- Dazz is in the mold of Miller and Mooney as he is 5’10, 185 lbs. I do not know how fast he is, but he had a 1000 yard season in 2019. The Bears needed another WR to pair with Mooney and ARob, perhaps Newsome will be the guy.

Thomas Graham Jr., CB: Oregon- Graham adds depth to the Bears DB corps. They needed it since they lost Kyle Fuller and slot corner Buster Skrine. At 5’10, 195, Thomas should compete to be a slot/Nickel corner and play special teams

Round 7: Kyiris Tonga, DT: BYU- Tonga adds depth to the D-line. At 6’3, 326 looks to make immediate impact as a run stuffer.

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Fantasy Impact: 2021 NFL Mock Draft: 1-32

The 2021 NFL Draft is quickly approaching. It will be a little different as we make our way through the Pandemic. Grab a beverage and let’s see where it takes us! As usual, I am doing this through the perspective of what I feel would be best for the Fantasy aspect for each team, not where I think the players will go. Sometimes it lines up, but sometimes, not so much!

  1. Jaguars- Trevor Lawrence, QB: LSU– This is one of those instances where my pick and the consensus, line up. Lawrence has been thought of as the #1 QB by many and the Jags badly need a QB. Jacksonville also owns the 25th and 33rd picks in the draft, so they could move back up the draft if they choose, or stay put and collect talent.
  2. Jets- Zach Wilson, QB: BYU– Wilson has been rocket up boards. This could easily be any one of the remaining QBs. I think Wilson or Fields would be ideal.
  3. 49ers- Mac Jones, QB: Alabama– Again, this could be any one of the remaining top QBs.
  4. Falcons- Justin Fields, QB: OSU– Falcons need to reboot. Fields could turn out to be the best QB in this year’s draft.
  5. Bengals- Penei Sewell, OT: Oregon– Gotta protect their QB a little better than they did last year.
  6. Dolphins- Ja’Marr Chase, WR: LSU- They got their QB last year, now they need playmakers around him.
  7. Lions- Jaylen Waddle, WR: Alabama- They could probably use help on the offensive line, but Detroit is also thin at WR. Both make sense to me.
  8. Panthers- Reshawn Slater, OT: Northwestern- Panthers are in a good spot, but have many needs. I think they may be in a position for teams that want to move up and take a QB. If not, bolstering their Offensive line is not a bad way to go.
  9. Broncos- Patrick Surtain II, CB: Alabama- Fangio had a good on in Kyle Fuller in Chicago. Surtain certainly has the blood line. Should be a good fit for the Broncos.
  10. Cowboys- Kyle Pitts, TE: Florida- Could also take a WR here if there is one to their liking. Pitts would be interesting to pair with what they have now.
  11. Giants- DeVonta Smith, WR: LSU- They need a bigtime WR.
  12. Eagles- Jalen Phillips, DE: Miami- Eagles may be better served to move down because they need a lot of help. If they stay here DE is probably biggest need. RB or WR would not surprise me.
  13. Chargers- Christian Darrisaw, OT: Virginia Tech- The Chargers probably could use a nifty WR for second year QB I think the top 3 should be off the board. It’s always nice to get that rock at LT, so that makes sense to me.
  14. Vikings- Jaycee Horn, CB: South Carolina- Vikings have many needs and corner is one of them. Probably a good idea when you are in the division with Aaron Rodgers.
  15. Patriots- Trey Lance, QB: NDSU- They may have to trade up, but I think there will be one of the top QBs here. It would be on brand for the Bears to trade up into the top 10 and take the 5th best QB…just sayin’.
  16. Cardinals- Jamin Davis, LB: Kentucky- This could be a huge reach, but I think they go best player available.
  17. Raiders- Kwity Paye, Edge: Michigan- Could be any number of defensive players.
  18. Dolphins- Gregory Rousseau, Edge: Miami-
  19. Washington FT- Teven Jenkings, OT: Oklahoma State- Washington adds much needed help to their O-line.
  20. Bears- Greg Newsome II, CB: Northwestern- The Bears need a lot of help. Even if they make cap room to keep ARob, they need a #2 WR. They also need a CB to pair with Jaylon Johnson. I have seen the Bears trading up or drafting a QB at 20. I think both would be a mistake. The Bears will not likely be Fantasy relevant in 2021- both by talent and the opponents they play. Yeah, it’s sad. If one of the top tackles in the draft should fall, I think they might consider that first. They have done a horrible job protecting the QB since Pace has been the GM.
  21. Colts- Alijah Vera-Tucker, OL: USC- Solid pick for Indy
  22. Titans- Elijah Moore, WR: Ole Miss- Titans need more playmakers on offense.
  23. Jets- Terrance Marshal Jr., WR: LSU- Jets have many needs, and can go in several directions. Marshall would be great to pair with a young QB.
  24. Steelers- Najee Harris, RB: Alabama- I’d say OL might be the bigger need, but Harris might be too good to pass up. The Steelers have been great at drafting year in and year out, so who knows.
  25. Jaguars- Kadarius Toney, WR: Florida- Might be too high for a slot receiver but this dude has some serious moves. Maybe Jax trades down with a team moving up to get a lower tier QB.
  26. Browns- Caleb Farley, CB: Vitginia Tech- Browns shore up the defense. VT has a bit of a record of putting out solid corners.
  27. Ravens- Zaven Collins, LB: Tulsa- Ravens have a track record of drafting Linebackers. I see this trend continue.
  28. Saints- Kellen Mond, QB: Texas A&M- Saints get their future QB.
  29. Packers- Jerimiah Owusu-Koramoah, LB: Notre Dame- Green Bay does an excellent job restocking. I can see them taking an OL, CB, or another WR as well.
  30. Bills- Azeez Ojulari, Edge: Georgia- Need more production out of the DL.
  31. Chiefs- Liam Eichenberg, OT: Notre Dame-Chiefs need some O-lineman.
  32. Buccaneers- Jaysonn Oweh, Edge: Penn State- The Bucs could probably use another WR, but DL seems like a need too.

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Prettier Now

Prettier Now


The skinny girl with the curly hair

She’s so beautiful sitting there

She holds her cards

So close to herself

She cannot trust, she cannot help

The tall dark dude with all the tattoos

He’s nervous for no reason too

He’s got the looks, he’s got the charm

But he can’t escape his world of harm

There’s a place inside we all will run

It’s in our heads and it’s never fun

We’re all so much better

We’re all so damn flawed

Our frozen dreams never

Seem to thaw

Five pounds heavier

Five ponds to gain

Nickle and diming us

So damn insane

She’s prettier now

Than she’ll ever be

She might not see it


He’s prettier now

Inside and out

He won’t believe it

Head filled with doubt

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Don’t Waste Another Day

Don’t Waste Another Day


I must have been dreaming

I saw your face

You were just standing

I was running in place

You were smiling

I wish it was for me

You had somebody

I was still free

That’s how things go

That’s how things go

Time likes to keep moving

Time likes to flow

I’ve wasted more than my share

Building up hope

It springs eternal

It blocks out the sun

It kicks like a donkey

It hits like a gun

There’s one thing I hope you take away

Don’t lose it, don’t waste another day

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